Inside: Must-See bedroom door decor ideas that you’ll love.

If you are like me, you like to maximize the amount of love that you put into decorating your home. That means you don’t pull any stops, and every little nook and cranny has thought put into it. I find that this helps to make your home feel put together and comforting. But there is one space that I think most people forget about when they are decorating. Can you guess what it is?

It’s bedroom doors! They take up a big space, too big of a space to leave boring and plain if you ask me. So today, we are going to fix that. I have compiled some of the most unique and creative bedroom door decor ideas that are perfect.

These range from adding stickers to painting; I made sure to put options for bother homeowners and home renters. I’m currently renting, and I have quite a few on this list that I am planning on including. So what are we wasting time talking here for? Let’s just into this awesome list of bedroom door decor ideas!

Creative Bedroom Door Decor

Full Bedroom Door Decor Ideas

So to get started, I thought we could go big first. I know, that seems a little backward since you are only supposed to go big right before you go home, but hey… I live by an eat your dessert before dinner kind of philosophy, so this sounded good to me. Take a look through these and feel the inspiration wash over you!

1. Hexagon Wall/Door Decals – These are some of my favorite things to add to any surface that needs that extra flair. By adding them to your door, you are adding eye-catching geometrics as well as more light into your home. Mirrors are great that way.

2.  Photos and Sticker Ideas

3. Album Covers – This one requires some artistic abilities, or you could simply just tape the albums to your door in a similar fashion. I really love this concept, though, use your favorite bands, and you’re in business.

4. Cow Print Door – It cracks me up that cow print is in these days because it just feels so silly. But it honestly does add a lot to the space, and it shows personality.

5. Greenery Door Decor Idea

6. Mini Sticker Collage Idea – If you love stickers, then this is such a cute idea. It could take some time to collect them, but I think the end result is definitely worth the work.

7. Floral Simple Flower Door

8. Simple Real Flower Bouquet Door Idea – I think this one is too cute to pass up. Keep in mind some of these might not be photos of doors, but they are ideas that you add to your door.

9. Boho Sun Decor Idea

10. Geometric Painting Design – I am a big fan of any geometric design; it adds a pop of color and linework that is interesting for the eye.

Bedroom Door Name Ideas

I figured I’d have to include a section for cute ways to put your kid’s name on their bedroom doors since that is one of the most popular ways to go about decorating one. Each of these ideas is anything from boring, they all have their own personality and flair, and many of them are customizable! So take a look and see what would be best for your kiddos. This list speaks for itself.

11. Cute Star Name Sign

12. Big Capital First Letter Sign 

13. Wooden Circle Sign with White Letters

14. Macramé Name Signs

15. Clear Acrylic Name Signs

16. Personalized Door Sign

17. Cute Simple Cursive Name Sign

18. Cute Infant/Toddler Room Sign

19. Customizable T-Rex Sign

20. Clear Acrylic Square Sign

Unique Bedroom Door Decor Ideas

Unique Bedroom Door Decor Ideas

Now, these are lovely. This next list is full of some of the most unique bedroom door decor ideas that I have ever seen. Each one is full of its own little personality and ranges from large to small. I hope that you find something here that calls to you. That is the whole point, after all. Your bedroom is your safe space, so your door should scream ‘you’ as well.

21. Piano Key Door Idea – How crazy is this? It looks so clean and adds the perfect balance of black and white. If you have any die-hard piano lovers in your home, this is the way to go!

22. Hanging Hearts – These are simple but super cute. I cannot get over them. They’d be perfect for valentines day, or any day of the year, honestly.

23. Faux Vine Ivy Door Idea – I think this vine door is perfect for the plant people out there. Obviously, you couldn’t grow actual plants on your door, but this way, you get greenery!

24. Dripping Paint Door Idea – I have seen this one before, and I was sad that I didn’t get to do this as a teen. How cute and funky does this look?

25. Sun Painted Door – I love this sun-painted door because it’s perfect for Boho decor. That is my go-to style, and I may have to add this sun to MY door.

26. Full Door Polkadots – Simple and yet so effective. Who knew such little things could end up making this much of a difference?

27. Sun Themed Bead Hang – If you like the retro look, this sun bead art would be perfect for your doorway.

29. Detailed Floral Painted Door – This one requires skill or some nice floral decals. Either way, I love the elegant look!

30. Mushroom Idea – These mushrooms are just too cute, I had to add these to the list, or I’d be remiss. Hey, that rhymed!

Creative Bedroom Wreath Ideas

Creative Bedroom Wreath Ideas

And lastly, the list that started it all: Creative bedroom door ideas! Except these are all wreaths because, as you may know, if you’ve read some of my other stuff, I am pretty obsessed with the idea of year-round wreaths. Bedroom doors are the perfect canvas for them. So check out these ideas, I know you will love them.

31. Wooden Bead Wreath Idea

32. Boho Door Hang

33. Triangle Dream Catcher Idea

34. Name Wreath Idea

35. Green Pom Pom Idea

36. Simple Dried Floral Idea

37. Wheat Wreath Idea

38. Gold Hoop with Green Florals

39. Simple Triangle Door Hang

40. Cottage Core Wreath

41. Mini Fall Wreath

Bedroom Door Decor Ideas

I hope that these ideas are called to you the same way they did me. There are so many amazing things that you can do with a bedroom door that you may have never thought about but now you have. You can paint it, add decals, add plants, add beads…the list goes on, and I’d be here all day if I tried to list them all.

If you liked these ideas, then why not keep this creative ball rolling and check out some of our other awesome home improvement ideas and inspiration? I have plenty to share, so check it out!

I think the most important part about decorating your home is that you fall in love with the space you create. I don’t care how old or seemingly ugly your house may be; you can jazz it up with good decor and some TLC. It may not be your dream home, but it is your home, which is cool enough.

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