Inside: Coolest indie room ideas you need to see.

Recently I have been thinking about redecorating my bedroom. This has caused me to fall down a wormhole of different interior design styles and ideas, and since I don’t like to waste, I thought I would share with you what I have learned.

Since I have covered so many different types of room decor, I am only going to focus on one. Otherwise, it would get super confusing super fast. Today, we are focussing on indie room ideas! This is one of my favorite styles because it is unique and has such a cool vibe.

Coolest Indie Room Ideas

For those of you who don’t know, indie room decor is described as a room that is infused with personality. Instead of adhering to a specific style, the decorator instead tries to convey their personality into their room. How cool is this? Take a look at some of the examples below.

Indie Room Ideas

I am so excited to share this with you. There are so many different ways for you to achieve the indie room look. Because it is a very personal thing, there is no point in trying to recreate a certain room. You can look at these as a generalized idea of the way your room could look. Just fill it with YOUR things instead.

1. Cool Faux Vine Idea – Though each of these rooms is different, there is one thing that I see they all have in common…this faux green vine! I love it. It adds a lot of natural green to the space and makes it feel cozy.

2. Colorful Checkered Wall Decor – This checkered wall is super cool. I love the light purple!

3. Pastel Photo Collage and Room – These photo collages are such a great opportunity for you to put yourself into your decor. Only choose photos that mean something to you. Colors, phrases, people, you name it.

4. Cute Tarot Tapestry Idea – This person seems really cool! They have a tarot tapestry and lots of cool smaller decor ideas. So many of these are personal, yet it feels put together like it’s in a magazine.

5. Trippy Room Decor – This room decor is super trippy; I love it! There are so many colors and patterns; I just can’t get over it. Take a look and see it for yourself.

6. Plant Corner Idea – Plants are one of my favorite things to see in a person’s room because that alone tells you a lot about a person. It tells you they are responsible, love nature, and have a good internal clock. Cool, right?

7. Adorable Indie Desk – Indie people need desks too! They aren’t just listening to underground records all day long and being rude to Taylor Swift about it. Okay, that was a reference to “We Are Never Getting Back Together,” If you didn’t know.

8. Plant Vine Decor Idea – More plant vines, what did I tell you? These faux vines are everywhere! I love them, though, so I am not mad about it. Take a look.

9. Bed Corner Idea – These corner beds are the coolest because you just know they are the coziest.

10. Canopy Bed with Cool Posters – I take the last statement back, canopy beds are the coolest because they are the coziest! Just look at it.

Unique Room Ideas

Unique Room Ideas

I wanted to add some room ideas that were a little more out of the box. These are great to help you see how far you can go with your own room ideas. I think you will find these to be super helpful in terms of finding your own style. These people are such great decorators! I think this list speaks for itself.

11. Unique Cozy Corner Bed

12. Bedroom with Twin Bed and Wall Collage

13. Photo Collage Idea

14. Fleetwood Mac Decor

15. Simple and Classic Indie Room

16. Record Wall Decor Idea

17. Romantic Little Corner Idea

18. Shelving with Plants

19. Cozy Bed Corner with Twinkling Lights

20. Salt Lamp with Bed Corner

21. Cute Open Closet Idea

Coolest Indie Room Ideas

Coolest Indie Room Ideas

And lastly, buckle up because here I have some of the coolest indie rooms. Wait…if indie rooms reflect the person, wouldn’t that mean that these are the coolest people’s rooms too? This makes it much more interesting. Are indie rooms just psychological profiles of the people who live in them? Food for thought.

22. Boho Indie Room with Green – I feel like you just can’t have an indie room without the color green. It just doesn’t happen. Do you know what that means? Indie people love the color green!

23. Cute Musical Room Idea – If you play any instruments, consider decorating your room with them in one way or another. Check out this example to get some inspo!

24. Bohemian Room with Plants – I was not shocked when I found this room while looking for indie room ideas. The bohemian style is not far off from the one we were talking about today. There are lots of unique textures and designs that I think a lot of indie rooms take advantage of.

25. Sunny Room Idea –  I am obsessed with this sunny room idea. They got this photo at just the right time of day, Golden hour! But even if they didn’t take this cute photo, I think I would still love this simple cozy room.

26. Room with Orange Slices –  Orange slices are one of my favorite things to see people decorate their homes with. They’re easy to make, and they’re just so cute I cannot stand it!

27. Plant Room Green Idea – More plants, greener. You cannot argue with this logic. Take a look at this room to see if this is something you would like.

28. Hanging Mushroom Idea – I love these little hanging mushrooms. They add a cool, trippy aspect to whatever room they are in. I feel like I am walking into Alice in Wonderland.

29. Hanging Blanket Idea – To make your room feel more enclosed and cozy, try hanging a blanket on your room like this example did. It’s cute, simple, and a great way to transform a space.

30. Butterfly Poster with Cute Accents – Butterflies are one of the cutest things you can add to this style of a room.

31. Indie Bookshelf Idea – Bookshelves will also tell you a lot about a person. What do you think of this one?

Indie Room Ideas


I think that the more styles of decor we learn about, the more we are going to create. Think about it, when you know so many styles, you have the opportunity to mix and match. This way, you end up with a room that is similar to this, a room of personality. It’ll show what you do and don’t like.

At this rate, anyone random person could get to know you by spending 5 minutes in your room. I love the idea that you are being expressed through your walls and space.

If you loved these ideas, I think you should check out some of our other decorating ideas. I especially think you should take a look at these boho room ideas. These are like indie adjacent in terms of style!

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