Inside: Flip flop wreaths ideas that are perfect for summer.

The summer months are upon us, and that means one thing: It’s time for summertime decorations! One of my all-time favorite ways to decorate for the beautiful summer season is by hanging a flip flop wreath on my front door. I know, I know. It sounds funny, right?

But they are just the right amount of cute and hilarious; they’re the perfect decor piece!

Plus, they never really go wrong; you can use them year after year, and they won’t wilt or grow unusable. If you are still on the fence about flip flop wreaths, you will have to see these examples for yourself.

Coolest Flip Flop Wreaths Ideas To DIY Or Buy. Photo of rainbow flip flop spiral.

Below I have compiled a list of some of my all-time favorite flip flop wreaths ideas for you to take a look at. It’s all fun and games until you have to pick between a handful of them. Pretty soon, your house will be overrun! Let’s jump into it.

Flip Flip Wreaths Ideas

If you are feeling skeptical, know that you are not alone. When I first heard of this type of wreath, I thought it sounded dumb. There, I said it! But in my defense…flip flops aren’t the coolest shoe. I would have never expected sun a cringy piece of footwear to be a part of the super adorable decor! So check out these examples and see them for yourself.

1. Colorful Flip Flop Idea – This wreath uses super colorful flip flops to create the perfect decoration for your front door. The little flower add-ons are a wonderful touch. You literally could not walk up to this thing without smiling a little bit.

2. Mesh Wreath with Flip Flop Idea – I wanted to show you right off the bat that you don’t need to have real flip flops on your wreath in order for it to be a flip flop wreath. You can use a cute sign and some deco mesh and the job is just as good!

3. Welcome Flip Flop Decoration – I don’t think there is a more inviting shoe than a flip flop. If I were to walk up to someone’s house and they had this on their front door, I would trust them with my whole heart.

4. Mesh Wreath with Flip Flop Center – Mesh wreaths are my bread and butter. I can always count on them to be super cute and lovely! This mesh wreath has a flip flop center, which I think is just so cute!

5. Hello Summer Wreath Idea – What better way to welcome summer than with an actual sign that says, ‘Welcome Summer’…Okay, that one was a bit too much, even for me. Obviously, this would be a wonderful wreath to have for summertime.

6. Single Pair of Fliplops Door Decoration – If you are only here for the flip flops, then you should check out this awesome door hang. It is right up your alley.

7. Lime Green Bright Flip Flops – These crack me up because they are just so bright. Check out this example to see the boldest pair of flip-flops on this planet earth.

8. Flip Flop Sign with Mesh Wreath – I love this style of wreath for many reasons, but my favorite is just hour curly they are. How could you look at one of these and make me mad? They are just so light and bubbly!

9. Beach Hangout Wreath Idea – Where do you where flip-flops the most? The beach! Check out this wreath that has a sign that says, “Beach Hangout”.

10. Flip Flop Welcome Wreath – You know you are somewhere close to summer fun when a home has a flip flop wreath on it. Do you think they use the flip-flops or are they just for show?

Summertime wreath ideas with 3 bright wreath examples.

Summertime Wreath Ideas

Next up, I wanted to show you some more of my favorite wreath ideas. I am actually in the market for a new wreath this year, and I decided that I am going to finally get myself a flip flop wreath! So this list is as much for me as it is for you I hope that you enjoy this next section. Find something you like!

11. Green and Blue Flip Flop Idea

12. 5 Different Flip Flop Idea

13. Colorful FlipFlop Spiral

14. Multiple Color Shoe Spiral

15. Patterned Flip Flop Idea

16. Green Mesh Ribbon Idea

17. Life Is Better In Flip Flops

18. Flip Flop Beach Life

19. Flip Flop Sign with Decorations

20. 5 Flip Flops with Different Patterns

21. Rainbow Summer-Themed Idea

Coolest Flip Flop Wreaths Ideas To DIY Or Buy. 3 different photo ideas of summer wreaths.

Coolest Flip Flop Wreaths Ideas To DIY Or Buy

Next up, I have some of the coolest flip flop wreaths ideas for you to either DIY or buy. If you think you are crafty enough, you can use this list as inspiration for your next creation session. But if you want all the reward and none of the work(I feel you) then you can just buy the ideas below. Check them out!

22. Hello Summer – This is a wooden sign with the words Welcome summer. The cutest part is that the word summer is written inside of little flip flops. I love this one.

23. Light Blue and Purple – This color combo reminds me of Sully and Boo from monsters inc. I wonder if I will always correlate that movie with it!

24. Life Is Better with Flip Flops – Life really is better with flip flops because if you have to wear a pair…chances are you are somewhere nice and sunny. I love being out in the sun so much…even though the sun does not love me. I have red hair and super fair skin, so I can get like 10 minutes tops.

25. Burlap Wreath Idea with Flip Flops – Here, you will see one of my favorite wreaths on the list. I am not sure what to say other than I am a sucker for burlap.

26. Bright Blue Flip Flops – I feel like summer requires bright colors. So these bright blue flip flops are perfect for this occasion! Check out this adorable wreath idea.

27. Pineapple Wreath Idea with Flipflops – Pineapples are another one of those universal symbol for summertime, so why not add it to the mix?

28. The Pool Is Open – Some of my favorite childhood memories were from days spent by the pool. It was always such a blast. And, of course, I wore flip flops to and from the place. That is why I like this wreath so much, I think.

29. Flip Flop Decor Idea – This adorable wreath uses a bunch of different patterns for its flip flops. I love it!

30. Strawberry Wreath Idea – Okay, but how cute are these strawberry-themed flip flops?

31. Peace, Love, And Flip Flops – This is my new life motto. No one can take it away from me; I am too inspired.

flip flop wreaths ideas

I am honestly shocked all over again. This is the coolest list that I have ever created! Okay, maybe not the coolest…but it is up there. I hope I brought you over to the dark side of summertime decor. Flip Flop wreaths ideas…who would have thought?

If you are interested in finding more summertime wreaths, then I have plenty of ideas that I think you will like. Not only are these perfect for the summer season, but they would be cute all year long!

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