Inside: The cutest wire wreath pumpkin ideas for your fall decorations this year with 7 examples. Have fun with these fun and festive decoration ideas.

Every fall, when the weather starts to chill a little bit and the leaves start to change, we know that’s the signal to start switching the decor on our shelves, mantles, and doormats to something a little more fall-focused. It’s the time we take to make it a cozy home with all of our favorite autumn themes and icons.

What do you love more than a cute pumpkin when November hits? Or more than a precious Jack-O-Lantern to greet you when the calendar flips over to October? Nothing, if you ask me. Once we start making the change to the fall season, I’m ready for it all to be so cute and themed.

Nothing says fall more than the big orange pumpkins, so if you’re ready to take on those wire wreaths that we use all over our homes all year and decorate them with pumpkins, here are some of the cutest wire wreath pumpkin ideas for you!

Four wire wreath pumpkin ideas

Types Of Wire Wreaths

There are a couple different ways that you can understand and execute this project. If you’re searching it up online, you might already know which route you’re trying to go with it, but if you don’t and need to figure out how you want to create any of these wire wreath pumpkin ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re going to focus on two different options and styles of how you can create something cute and fun for this season.

If you love pumpkins, you’re going to love these ideas even more!

A pumpkin wreath on a regular wreath base

Wreath Base

The wreath base is the most standard version of this project. If you’re looking for more of a way to decorate a new standard wreath, this is the one for you. Taking a standard wire wreath hoop and decorating it with different materials like ribbon or straw is the perfect way to make that simple wreath and add something pumpkin to it to make it the perfect wire wreath to add to your fall decorations.

Starting with the basics gives you so many ideas and options to execute some of your most creative ideas, so if you get a stroke of great inspiration while you’re here, maybe this is the starting point for you!

The pumpkin frame

Metal Form

The pumpkin metal form is always growing in popularity. It’s such a fun piece to work with!

It’s a metal form of a pumpkin, including the lines indicating the indentations on the exterior, and it’s simply a piece that you can utilize however your heart desires. If you want to use something like a fabric to cover the frame or a different material that comes to mind, this is a cute and creative way to create the pumpkin wreath.

While it might feel a little limiting like there are only so many ways that you can use this kind of wreath, you’re actually in a really fun space to be able to start with the image that you want to end up with, and you can simply decorate it however you want. This is one of those really creative spots where you can go simple or get a little different with it, and either way you’re going to have fun with it.

Pick your materials and get decorating!

Different Ways To Decorate It

What are the different ways that you can decorate a wire wreath? Either kind, whether you went with a metal wreath base to start completely from scratch, or a pumpkin form, there are a few different things you can do with the different shapes that you can create to make the best wire wreath pumpkin ideas that you can come up with.

We all love a good colored ribbon wreath and how frilly and cute they look among all of your other decorations. Whether you use a single toned ribbon to go for a monochrome look or multiple shades of orange for some dimension, there are so many routes in between to decorate the way you want.

You can get creative with different colored straw that comes out in the craft stores around the autumn season, and bring in the pumpkin patch and hayride aesthetic indoors with the look.

For a cozier look, yarn is a cute and fun idea, whether you utilize the thinner or thicker yarn types, you can create a cozy and inviting look for your wire wreath pumpkin. This is a precious piece to have around your home for the different kinds of festivities you’re going to be hosting and having during the season that you will love having people over and love being surrounded by pumpkins.

You can always go for neutral tones and add in some pumpkin pieces like foil shapes or foam fake mini pumpkins. There’s always something new and interesting out there, so whatever you come across that’s pumpkin shaped is has potential to be the perfect add on to your wire wreath decorating.

Three different wreaths that look like pumpkins

The Cutest Wire Wreath Pumpkin Ideas

Now that I’ve given you some ideas for you to start and run with, here are some ideas from others around the internet and how they’ve executed the wire wreath pumpkin project!

Get inspired to find your favorite version and have the best time creating these pumpkins!

1. Fabric Covered
2. Filled With Leaves
3. Macrame
4. Pumpkin Add Ons
5. Halloween Mesh
6. Circle Pumpkin Wreath
7. Cozy Yarn

Getting festive is more than just getting ready for parties and holidays, it’s about how you set up the environment around you to create a fun environment around you.

Decorating my home for the season and the coming holidays is my favorite way to put myself in a party mood. Something about watching those halloween and fall-themed movies while being surrounded by pumpkins and fall colors that make it just that much better.

As you’re looking for ways to decorate your wire wreaths for the season, and you stumble across this post, I hope you’ve found the inspiration that you’re looking for to create all of the vibes that you want for your home during the fall season.

I love when the home decor is just made that much better by the little details that you have around. Not to mention when these details are some personal projects, it’s just the cherry on top.

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