Inside: Best sunflower wreath ideas that will bring you joy.

Flowers can bring light and life into your home. They are full of so many symbolisms that each bouquet brings its own kind of energy.

Think about it:

  • Roses make you feel love
  • Babies’ breath makes you feel light
  • And sunflowers bring you joy

Isn’t that so cool? Who would think such delicate things could hold so much power?

The only sad part about keeping flowers in your home is that they will eventually wither away and die. So if you are looking for a way to keep flowers in your home year-round, I have the solution for you: Wreaths!

Sunflower Wreath Ideas Brighten Your home

Today I have compiled the best and cutest sunflower wreath ideas for you to look at. Each one of these amazing wreaths will add such depth and color to your home and your life; you’ll be so happy to have decided to get one.

So take a look at these ideas and try not to buy too many, or who am I kidding…buy them all if you want. Whatever makes you happy!

Cutest Sunflower Wreath Ideas

First up, I thought I’d show you the cutest sunflower wreath ideas. I know they say you should never show your hand too early, but when it comes to these wreaths, they are all so cute and unique in their own ways that you aren’t missing out on anything. You will want to look through them all! So start with these, and fall in love.

1. Cute Sunflower with Wreath

2. Blue Grapevine Wreath with Sunflowers – Grapevine wreaths are a classic wreath that sits as a foundational bottom of the wreath pyramid. They have a very rustic feel and pair wonderfully with flowers. You have to see it to believe it, so take a look. It’s so cute, right?

3. Burlap Sunflower in Color

4. Mesh Burlap Wreath – I think that burlap and sunflowers were made for eachother. If I ever got a sunflower bouquet wrapped in burlap, I would just melt, so this combo really works well for wreaths as well. Check it out!

5. Sunflower with Black and White Plaid Ribbon – I think a good ribbon can make or break a wreath, see for yourself with this cute idea!

6. Farmhouse Sunflower Decor idea 

7. Rustic Fall Wreath with Autumnal Colors – If you are going to be hanging your wreath during the fall months, you really should take a look at this adorable rustic fall sunflower wreath idea. It’s too perfect to miss.

8. Floral Red and Orange Sunflower Decor

9. Big Sunflower with Realistic Center – I love the sunflower wreaths that are shaped like one big sunflower. They add a uniqueness that I just adore.

10. Grey and White Sunflower

11. Deco Mesh Sunflower Cuteness – Deco mesh is one of my favorite materials that are used to make wreaths. They are light, colorful, and have such a cool texture!

Sunflower Wreaths to Buy

Sunflower Wreaths to Buy

These are some of the cutest wreaths that you can buy. Most options on this list are ones that you can buy. I do this so that the people who don’t have the time or energy to DIY their own can still enjoy the brightness that these will bring into your home. Plus, these are all from Etsy, so you are also supporting a small business; how great is that?

12. Dyed and Dried Sunflowers

13. Customizable Wooden Door Hang – I love it when these shops give you a customizable option. It is going to go on your front door, after all; why not make it personalized to you? This business killed it with this one. See for yourself.

14. Big Curly Ribbon Wreath Idea

15. Maroon Sunflower Decor Idea  – If the regular golden yellow that comes with sunflowers doesn’t fit your style but you still want to add sunflowers to your home, there are plenty of other colors to choose from that still have similar joyful effects. Take this one, for example.

16. Teal and Orange Wreath Idea – Teal and orange are one of my all-time favorite color combos that you must see. I insist.

17. Burlap Flower Top Idea

18. Cute Grapevine Sunflower Decor Idea – If you like a more rustic, farmhouse style, then this is the wreath idea for you. Check it out and fall in love.

19. Beautiful Rustic Wreath Idea with Flowers

20. Farmhouse Style Wreath with Character

21. Solid Sunflower Design – This one uses a whole field of sunflowers. Okay, not really, but it feels like it, right? Check out this amazing option! It’s too cute not to.

Large format flower wreaths

Must See Floral Wreath Ideas

Lastly, I have compiled a list of the most must-see sunflower wreath ideas that you can’t leave this article without seeing. They are the cherry on top, so to speak. So check these out and tell me that you don’t want to buy at least 3 of them. I am telling you, I have the hardest time writing these without buying a whole fleet of them.

22. Fall Wreath Idea with Floral – Fall is the perfect time to start including sunflowers in your home because they fit well with the summer theme. They remind me of pumpkins and fall, which is funny because they mainly grow during the summer months.

23. Sunflower Burlap Ribbon Theme Door Hang

24. Fall-Themed Wreath with Striped Blue Ribbon – This blue striped ribbon adds such a unique touch to this wreath that I just had to include it.

25. Hello Wreath with Multi-Colored Sunflowers

26. Basket Shaped Wreath with Plant Bouquet – This one is basically a permanent flower bouquet, so you have to get this if you are tired of throwing out your old flowers.

27. Burlap Clean Style Wreath Idea

28. Welcome Home Sign with Flower

29. Lacy Burlap Bow Wreath Idea – I love the addition of the lace burlap bow because it makes it so much more feminine and light. Check it out.

30. Cursive Sunflower Hello Sign – I think it’s so cute when wreaths have little signs that are perfect for the front door. Like this one, it has a bright yellow hello sign, and it will greet every guest coming to your home with a warm smile.

31. Burnt Orange Wreath Idea

Sunflower Wreath

Sunflower Wreath Display Ideas

I hope you enjoyed looking through all of these amazing sunflower wreath ideas. I was so surprised to see that there were so many unique and colorful options. I love the creativity that was put into each and every one of these wreaths, and I just know that any of them would make a great addition to your home.

I may be a little biased since I write about wreaths a lot, but they truly are one of my all-time favorite ways to decorate my house. You can have them for any time of year, and they will always complement your space and your home.

If you want to look at some more floral wreath ideas, then I have you covered with that too. I have so many awesome ideas that I want to share with you; I wish I could get to them all today. But for now, you can look at some of my other articles; each one is full of some pretty amazing ideas!

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