Inside: DIY succulent wreath to add some life to your home with these beautiful desert plants.

Wreaths are some of the most classic home decor pieces to add to any door or wall that you desire. Right where you need something that looks alive, something green, is the perfect spot for a wreath.

And we’ve gotten a little wild and creative with them recently too– ribbon wreaths, straw wreaths, you name the craft supply, and there’s probably a wreath made out of it. Wild, right?

But now we’re moving back into exploring new ways to make greenery wreaths stay strong. And if you’ve been paying attention to any of the plant and home trends from the last several years, succulents have been some majorly popular houseplants to sprinkle around your home to add a little bit more green with a little less work than other plants.

So now we’re going to learn how to make a DIY succulent wreath and how you can decorate your home with it.

If DIY isn’t quite your thing and you want to know where to buy a succulent wreath, we’ll cover that too. Let’s look at it all.

Three living wreaths on a wall

Live Versus Fake Succulents

I don’t know about you, but I really do not create the best environments for plants to live in, let alone do I remember to ever water them or do anything to take care of them. So I tend to almost always opt for a fake plant, however, a succulent can potentially be the perfect middle ground. We will get into the care of your succulent wreath later, but if you’re looking to figure out which one is better between live or fake succulents for this project, there are only a few minor differences.

If you want a project that you can move around and place wherever you want and you want to just hang up and quite frankly, forget about it, then the succulent wreath is for you, but I might recommend using some fake succulents for it instead. While regular succulents don’t need too much care, they do require certain placement and some care.

I’m not the one to care for plants very much so I do tend to just leave them alone so I personally would use a fake succulent.

The downside to this however is knowing that they’re fake, and the faux ones usually look pretty fake anyway. It will be noticeable, so this is the tradeoff you get when you go the fake route, whereas the real ones are so stunning and so fresh looking that you almost have to commit to taking care of them for the look.

It really comes down to the looks. If you just want to make the wreath to have the wreath and want to be able to use it casually in any room, go for it with the fake ones, it still lends to the same beautiful aesthetic.

If you want a stunning wreath of cacti to place outdoors or in plenty of sunlight and want a really unique and interesting focal point for your home, you can’t do anything less than the real thing.

A blue and green succulent wreath

How Often Do You Water A Succulent Wreath?

Succulents are some of the easiest plants to care for, seeing as they’re cacti that know how to completely survive on their own if they have to. Their watering needs are very broad, whereas with other plants you have a specific watering schedule to stick to or they simply give up on you.

You kind of just have to feel it out with your succulent, and gauge when they need watering based on their soil. And the wreath version of them is no different. If the succulent or the wreath base looks and/or feels a little dry, you need to give it a good watering.

How to water them is another question, and you simply just have to remove the wreath from its hanging home and soak the base in water for about an hour.

Again, knowing when to do this will take observation and paying attention to how dry the soil base and the plants themselves are, and this will likely be anywhere from three to six weeks before you water.

How To Create A Succulent Wreath

Now onto the real reason we’re here: how to create this amazing succulent wreath.

Another word for this project is a “living wreath” and I think that that’s just beautiful.

Succulent clippings

What You Need

The secret to starting a creative project well is making sure you have everything you need before you actually want to get started working on it.

So obviously the first thing you need is a bunch of succulents. Curate your own arrangement of plants that work well together the way that you want them to. We’re going to be cutting these and taking pieces to arrange these around the wreath, so you don’t have to think too much about how the actual shapes of each of them are going to work together. Pick up enough to make your wreath feel full and lively.

Next you need the base. HGTV’s guide to making a living succulent wreath recommends a mesh-covered moss wreath base. This is where your succulents will be growing their new roots and when you have to soak the wreath to water the plants, you’ll be able to do so with this moss wreath.

You’ll also need plant clippers and floral pins to do the job.


Before you start, make sure your wreath base is soaking for two hours. It needs to soften up and be ready to insert the clippings and welcome them into their new home to plant roots in.

Clip up your succulents into different pieces to be ready to piece it all together in a beautifully curated succulent wreath. If you collected a different arrangement and assortment of colors for these, play around with how to spread out the different color clippings while your base is soaking.

Assembling a living wreath

Assemble Your DIY Succulent Wreath

Make holes in the moss to make way for the incoming clippings. Put the succulent pieces in the holes and start filling the whole base! Fill so that no moss is visible from where it’s to be hung and be ready to play with it and curate the most beautiful plant assortment you’ve created.

Let The Roots Grow

Now you let the plants take root and make their new home there in the moss wreath base. Now it’s time to hang.

When you’re hanging it, you should be making sure you’re easing the plants into their new home in the sunlight. Never leave them in a spot that receives consistent sunshine, these aren’t actual cacti. They require plenty of light but not too much direct sunshine.

Now you have an amazing living wreath! Enjoy and love this unique way to display some plants in your home.

Making a wreath that’s going to make your home just that much more alive feeling is a fun way to spice up some of your decor. And not to mention a succulent wreath is different from most of the other wreaths we see absolutely everywhere, so it’s a cool piece that will add some unique character to your place.

Whether you did it yourself or you bought it, there’s so many cute and cool ways to spice up your home with this wreath.

The DIY option is always fun because you can put your own spin on it and really make it your own piece, but not all of us have that same kind of patience, and that’s okay. Either way you end up going, you’ve got a great wreath on your hands. Enjoy the process and the project or enjoy the final product, but you’re going to love the succulent wreath regardless.

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