Inside: Adorable dollar tree bicycle wheel wreath ideas for affordable DIY summer fun!

I love to craft, but this should not come as a surprise to anyone because of how many DIYs that I write about. Crafting is such an amazing way to express yourself and your interests, it’s only natural that people love to do it. The only downside is the fact that it does cost quite a bit of money to keep up as a hobby.

But that is where the Dollar Tree comes in.

If you live in the united states, chances are you have heard of the Dollar Tree. Everything in this store is one dollar(okay, it’s a dollar and 25 cents now, darn inflation). And they have tons of different things that you can use to get crafts. So if you have the urge to create, then just head to the dollar store!

Creative Dollar Tree Bicycle Wheel Wreath Ideas. Photo of cute floral flower bike wheel.

Today I am going to be going over Dollar Tree bicycle wheel wreath ideas that you can use as inspiration for your next project. Each idea below is something that you can recreate yourself. Let’s jump in!

Dollar Tree Bicycle Wheel Wreath Ideas

First things first, I want to show you what a dollar tree bicycle wheel wreath is. On average, this craft will cost you about $10 or less to make. So this is totally doable for those of you who perhaps are a little tight on funds at the moment. I have been there, so I totally understand. Check out these ideas.

1. Bicycle Wheel Outline with Flowers – I feel like flowers are an absolute must when you are creating a wreath. It adds such a natural feel and can make your space feel more bright and happy.

2. Plant Filled Wreath with Cow Center – Next up, I have this bike wreath that has a little cow at the center of it. If you live in a farmhouse, then I think this would make a wonderful addition to your other decor.

3. Lavender Wreath Idea with Bow – I am such a big fan of lavender. I even have a tattoo of the stuff. So when I saw this wreath idea I just knew I had to save it to share with you all. How could I not? It is just so cute!

4. Bike Tire Style Wreath  – This wreath is in the style of a bike tire. Keep in mind that if you have an old bike tire that you don’t use anymore, that may be even CUTER than this idea is. Just make sure you are removing the rubber outside before decorating.

5. Home Sunflower Wreath Idea – I would be shocked if a sunflower wasn’t on this list. There are so many sunflower wreaths out there, but there is just something about the dollar tree bicycle wheel wreaths that just elevate them to the next level. This reminds me of going on a bike ride in the fall.

6. Twine Wrapped Wreath Idea – Next up, I have this adorable twine-wrapped bicycle wheel wreath idea. This is a great option if you are not a fan of just plain black or silver wheels. Check it out.

7. Simple Tire with Sunflowers – This is a super simple sunflower wreath idea that I thought you would get a kick out of. Sometimes I love simple wreaths, other times I hate them. Right now, I am loving this one!

8. Bike Tire with Wrapped Outside – This person actually wrapped the outside of their wreath with rope, and it looks so good! They also added a little sign, and some flowers for extra cuteness.

9. Hello Wreath Bike Tire Idea – Hello is one of my favorite things to see on a wreath. I know that sounds funny, but when I see that it says, ‘hello’, I automatically know that this is going on the front door. And I LOVE front door wreaths.

Cute bike wreaths. 3 different photo examples of bike wreaths.

Cute Bike Wreaths

Next up, I wanted to show you some more adorable bike wreath ideas that I thought you might enjoy. Each idea is unique in its own way, so I encourage you to look at as many ideas as you can. Otherwise, you may miss something that fuels your creative fire, and that is never good.

10. Wheel Wreath with Bow and Greens

11. Rope Wrapped Wreath Idea

12. Golden Wreath Idea

13. Wreath with Checkered Bow Idea

14. Wreath for Barn Door Idea

15. Delicate Wreath Idea with Purple Flowers

16. Smile Bike Tire Idea

17. Welcome To Our Wreath Idea

18. Thrift Store Wreath idea

Creative Dollar Tree Bicycle Wheel Wreath Ideas. 3 different bike wheel examples.

Creative Dollar Tree Bicycle Wheel Wreath Ideas

Lastly, I wanted to show you some creative dollar tree bicycle wheel wreath ideas. These are adorable and meant for many different occasions. So if you have a specific theme in mind, I bet there is something below that will fit what you are looking for. Take a look to find out.

19. Bike Wheel Fall Wreath – I wanted to include a bike wheel fall wreath because a lot of these wreaths remind me of bike rides in fall. I go on them every single year and it makes me so happy.

20. Sunflower Bike Themed Wreath Idea – Third time a charm, this is probably the cutest sunflower bike-themed wreath idea on this list, so I wanted to put it in the last section to act as a cherry on top.

21. Black Bike Tire Wreath Idea – If you like the color black then perhaps you will enjoy this black bike wreath.

22. Sweet Little Bike Decor Idea – You don’t need your wreath to be huge in order for it to be something that makes you smile. This wreath is small and it’s just as cute as its bigger comrades.

23. Wooden Bike Tire Idea – This person was able to make their bike tire out of wood. I think this is such a good example of where creativity can get you. She turned nothing into something, and I am so impressed.

24. Lemon Bike Tire Wreath Idea – I love lemon wreaths because they remind me of summer. This example is no exception to this rule!

25. Pink and Purple Wreath Idea – Pink and purple is such a lovely combination that I feel gets left out a lot. So here it is!

26. Welcome Spring Wreath Idea – Spring is one of my favorite wreath themes because they are always so sweet.

27. Patriotic Wreath Idea – And lastly, here we have a patriotic wreath for you to use during the fourth of July season. Or if you just love your country, all year!

dollar tree bicycle wheel wreath ideas

Alright, there you have it. Simple and Creative Dollar Tree Bicycle Wheel Wreath Ideas. I hope you loved looking through these as much as I enjoyed putting them together. The best part about all of this is how affordable your new craft is. But be careful, even the dollar tree can start to add up!

There are plenty more wreath ideas where this came from. If you are just learning about how handy the dollar tree can be when if comes to creative endeavors, then you may want to check out some more ideas.

Sometimes, the best crafts are the ones that we least expect. I mean it, I never saw the dollar tree crafts as anything other than cheap…but with the right skills, you have the opportunity to create real beauty!

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