Inside: Awesome graduation wreath ideas that will show them how proud you are.

Graduation is a time of celebration and accomplishment. It marks the end of one journey and the start of a new chapter in life. To honor this awesome achievement, many people choose to create or purchase a beautiful graduation wreath for their graduates to act as a sort of lasting memento of this milestone.

Whether it’s with paper money, filled with fresh blooms like roses or daisies, adorned with handcrafted origami decorations or just plain festive ribbons, there are countless ways to customize your own unique graduation wreath that elevates any home decor! These will open your eyes to the beauty of paper wreath crafts.

Show your favorite graduate just how proud you are of their achievements with a meaningful graduation wreath. Whether the graduate is transitioning to college, the workforce, or entering a new stage of life overall, there’s an amazing variety of ways to celebrate their accomplishment.

Graduation Wreath Ideas To Honor Their Achievement. Photo of red and black money wreath.

Below I have some examples of 2 of the best graduation wreaths out there: Money Graduation Wreaths and Italian Graduation Wreaths. Check them out!

Money Graduation Wreath Ideas

For those who may be looking forward to what’s ahead financially, surprise them with a money-themed wreath. You should build them a traditional one yourself if you’re feeling handy and have a bit of time to spare. I know this might be a stretch considering it’s graduation season. You probably have enough on your plate! But these are simple enough to create and they will be filled with joy when they see it.

1. Red and Black Wreath Idea – Think about your grad’s school colors, do you know what they are? Because this could be a wonderful thing to add to your wreath. As you can see, this person used a lot of red and black string throughout this wreath.

2. Simple Rolled Money Wreath – You don’t have to get wild with the decorations, especially with these money wreaths. The real star of the show is the men in green if you catch my drift.

3. Rolled Money Example – You can see how tightly these little dollars are rolled. It just makes the overall wreath feel so put together. I am obsessed with this look! I would hang one on my front door forever if it wasn’t like a large “steal from me” sign to the burglars.

4.  Fluffy Money Wreath Idea – This person actually used the paper money to create this fluffy effect. I really need to get into origami because this is seriously cool. If you like this, I think you’ll like these cross wreath ideas.

Money Grad Wreath Ideas. Photo of 3 different money wreaths.

5. Beautiful Floral Money Wreath – One thing that I love about this is how floral it is. I would have never thought that a person could make flowers out of money, but here we are. I think I really am going to buy one of those origami books because this is too cool.

6. Money Wreath Base – You can see from this example that is using money as a base can be a simple way to make a super special gift for your grad to be. Plus, what young person doesn’t love getting money? Even if they aren’t super young…chances are they could use a little cash if they are just getting out of school.

7. Congrats Grad Wreath Ribbon – This is a small example, for those of you who didn’t want to make a huge wreath to give away. This small ribbon is a great option! Plus it’s super cute.

8. Money Wreath with Bows – If you think that money might be a little bit too plain, you can spruce it up a bit by adding some bows! This person added some yellow and blue bows it looks like, but you can add whatever you like.

9. Graduation Money Wreath with Big Bills – If your wallet can stand it, you should use big bills along with the little ones. I know it would be hard to fill a whole wreath with big bills, but it’s important to throw at least some in there. Your grad is going to have to untie each one, it might feel like it’s not worth it if they realize it’s only $20.

10. Oval Money Wreath  – You don’t have to do a traditional circular wreath shape, either. You can pick any shape of wreath form that you want! That is why I love making wreaths.

Italian Graduation Wreath Ideas

If they are artistic and creative, why not craft them an Italian-style wreath? These are a laural-based form with red ribbons, but you can always add as many little embellishments as you like. I have some ideas for you to check out below!

11. Cute laurel Headband Wreath – I love that these wreaths are meant to be used as both a headband and as decoration. This is a seriously cute idea that I think your grad will love.

12. Simple Cute Head Wreath – This is an understated look that I think a grad who likes to keep things simple will appreciate. Who would have thought something could double as an accessory AND as decor?

13. Group of Grads – I wanted to show an example of a group of Italian grads.

Three different photos of laurel wreaths on grad's heads.

14. Laurel Leaf Crown Idea – I love the fact that laural leaves look so clean and crisp. It really brings the whole look up a notch!

15. Red and Green Wreath – I would have never thought about doing this for my graduation(probably because I am not Italian) but I wish I did because it’s so cute.

16. Blue Laurel Wreath Idea – Like I said, you don’t have to use the red ribbon, or any ribbon for that matter. But this person chose blue, and I am a fan!

17. Purple Ribbons on Laurel Wreath – Purple? Yeah, sign me up.

18. Laurel with Red Aspects – This wreath has little roses all throughout it along with a silky red ribbon. This is a yes from me.

19. Simple Laurel Headband – I think this one is cool because they only used the ribbon around the center of it.

Why You Should Give A Wreath

Show your favorite graduate just how proud you are of their achievements with a meaningful graduation wreath. Whether the graduate is transitioning to college, the workforce, or entering a new stage of life overall, there’s an amazing variety of ways to celebrate their accomplishment.

graduation wreath ideas

This is such a unique way to commemorate a graduation year. Whether you are crafting your own beautiful decoration using real cash or ordering an impressive, pre-made creation, this traditional gift is sure to capture the significance of the moment.

Wreaths are often decorated with items that represent the graduate’s scholastic accomplishments and interests—so each one is tailored to create an individualized expression of pride, love, and appreciation from family and friends. When my mom gave me one, she covered it with miniature books because I loved to write.

It may seem like a silly little thing, but in reality, it’s a heartfelt gesture that will act as both a memorable congratulations for the hardworking achiever and a lasting symbol of their special day for years to come. If you loved these, continue on the fun with these mesh wreath ideas!