Inside: Bright spring door decoration ideas to welcome the new season of fresh flowers and sun.

I absolutely love spring, from its flowers to its symbolism. After the cold winter and short nights, the slight temperature increase is a welcome sight, and the flowers in bloom don’t even get me started.

I am making it a point this year to decorate my house for every season in some fashion or another. Whether that be changing my duvet color from dark green to light yellow in spring or adding a festive wreath to my front door, my house will be a reflection of the seasons this year.

Spring door decorations ideas that pop! Cute cottage with spring wreath.

In the spirit of this, I have been on the hunt for a new spring wreath. I’ve spent a few good hours on the internet now, looking for different styles and ideas, and I have come up with quite a few. I wanted to share them with you, so they don’t go to waste. Can you guess which one I am choosing? Let’s jump in.

Spring Door Decoration Ideas

Flowers are the essence of spring, so you can guess how many floral wreaths are on this list. But that shouldn’t dismay you; if anything, you should be excited because these ideas are just so cute! Take your time as you look through them to find the exact style that fits you and your home. For this first list, I will walk you through the ideas.

1. Spring Umbrella Wreath – I don’t think anything says spring more than an umbrella full of flowers; what do you think? I am obsessed with this pink-on-pink wreath idea.

2. Tulip Basket Wreath – Tulips are such a pretty flower; I love how in this wreath, they made them front and center by making it a basket wreath! It’s like a bouquet of flowers for your door.

3. Daisy Wreath Idea – I love daisies so much! They are synonymous with my childhood at this point. I used to spend hours picking these flowers, and now I can hang them on my front door. Oh, how time does fly.

4. Sweet Flower Wreath – Here, I have one of the sweetest flower wreath ideas that I have seen. I wanted to add it early on in this list so that you knew what lay in store for you going forward.

5. Wreath with Berries and Flowers – I just love it when a wreath maker adds berries. The end result feels so full and abundant I am truly obsessed. What do you think?

6. Spring Flower Ideas – You can never have too many spring flowers. Honestly, people out there who don’t care about flowers cannot be trusted. This wreath is just so perfect; I am truly in love! Take a look to see how you feel about it.

7. Yellow Flower Umbrella Idea – If you loved the pink umbrella idea but wanted it in a different color, this yellow one is meant for you. Spring wreaths need to pop, and this one does just that.

8. Tulip Red Wreath Idea – I feel like spring is just the perfect time to invest in some tulips. Once I was actually in Amsterdam during peak tulip season, and they were everywhere. I could not have been happier. So check these out.

9. Purple Yellow Wreath Idea – This is a faux flower wreath that you can have for years. I love the little touches of lavender and the yellow flowers that are sprinkled throughout. I am going to go with a fresh wreath this year, but this was a close second to me.

10. Carrot Door Decoration – Obviously, easter in spring, so I wanted to show you some easter wreath ideas! I have plenty more where this came from, but for now, this will have to do. Cute, right?

Sweet wreath ideas for spring. 3 cute wreaths with pink.

Sweet Wreath Ideas for Spring

Next up, I have some super sweet wreath ideas for you. I especially love the boho-themed one(number 14) and the Lavender Wreath(number 16). So make sure you take a look at those! The important thing to keep in mind when choosing your spring wreath idea is that it makes you happy.

11. Grapevine Wreath Idea

12. Rabbit Butt Wreath

13. Multicolored Tulip Idea

14. Boho Wreath For Spring

15. Eucalyptus Wreath with Flowers

16. Lavender Wreath Idea with Flowers

17. Pure Tulip Ideas

18. Green Wreath with Florals

19. Spiral Spring Wreath

20. Green Tulip Idea

Classic Wreath Designs

You can’t beat the classics! This next section is full of some beautiful classic-styled wreath ideas that I just know you will fall in love with. If you haven’t found anything yet, this is going to be the list for you. If anything, you are just adding to your knowledge of different wreaths so it’s a win-win!

21. Grapevine Wreath with White Flowers

22. Grapevine Wreath with Little bunny Idea

23. Cute Spring Decoration Idea

24. Bird Decor with Babies Breathe

25. Light Blue Door Decoration for Spring

26. Bike Tire Flower Decor

27. Wooden Wreath with Yellow Flower

28. Sunflower Burlap Wreath

29. Simple Wreath with Oranges

30. Hydrangea Flower Wreath

colorful spring wreath idea with 3 different examples with bright green leaves.

Colorful Spring Wreath Ideas

I thought I should make a section that held some of the most colorful wreaths on this list, because many people love a good pop of color when they are decorating, especially for spring. The ones below are sure to uplift you after the harsh winter months. Take a look and see which ones you like.

31. Spring Wreath with Big Bow

32. Colorful Flower Wreath Idea

33. Red Rose Wreath Idea

34. Cute Moss Wreath with Flowers

35. Light Pink Flowers and Green Leaves

36. Delicate Little Flower Ideas

37. White Flowers with Big Bow

38. Dried Floral Wreath Idea

39. Lemon Wreath Idea with Bow

40. Floral Door Hang

Spring Door Decoration Ideas that POP!

Of course, I had to finish this list off with spring wreath ideas that pop! These are probably some of my all-time favorites that I have seen yet, so I hope you enjoy them. Make sure you check out number 42; that is the one that I ended up choosing! So check it out.

41. Double Wreath Idea

42. Peachy Pastel Tulips

43. Ladybug Door Decor

44. Hello Spring Idea

45. Yellow and Pink Flower Ideas

46. Cute Wreath with Little Mushrooms

47. Grand Door Decor with Ribbon

48. Welcome Spring Door Idea

49. Sweet Decor with Hanging Plants

50. Easter Wreath Idea

51. Decorated Archway Idea

spring door decoration

Springtime calls for its own decorations. After you’ve done your yearly deep clean, it’s officially time to start bringing some light and color back into your home(and your life). I know it can be easy to overlook, but it makes a world of difference in my mental health. These small things really do help in the long run.

So I hope you loved these spring wreath ideas as much as I did. Whether you are planning on buying one or making one, I think brainstorming with these will help. Whenever I am running out of my creative juices, I always like to come onto the internet for a bit, I never leave unsatisfied.

If you loved these ideas, I think you should carry on the fun with some of my other spring articles! I have so many other tips and tricks that I am just dying to share with you. So take a look at those here!

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