Inside: Adorable snowman wreath ideas that will thaw your heart all winter long.

I think we can all safely agree that snowmen are the symbol of Christmas. I am not discounting Santa and his reindeer of course, but when you think of snowmen, you don’t think of summertime. That’s all I am saying.

Snowmen are perfect decorations for the holiday season because the adorable and simple, and they bring out our inner child. After a long year of having to live in the stupid adult world, we all deserve to retreat into our own winter wonderlands, and snowmen help us do that. So today, I want to show you my all-time favorite snowman wreath ideas.

Cutest Snowman Wreath Ideas

If you are reading this, I am guessing that you are on the hunt for a new wreath. I am not exaggerating when I say that you will find one(or ten) down below that will be perfect for your home. But first, let’s quickly learn about snowmen!

When was the first snowman built?

According to an article, “No one knows when the first snowman was built. According to Bob Eckstein, who wrote The History of the Snowman, the earliest illustration of the beloved winter staple was found in 1380 in a prayer book called a book of hours in The Hague, a museum in the Netherlands.” How interesting is that? Who would have thought? Snowmen are old as heck!

So no one actually knows, but it seems that they have been being built for centuries. How funny is that to think; that we have been making the same snow sculptures for that long? It’s a cool way to be connected to the past, don’t you think?

Okay, enough of that. Now let’s get into the fun stuff! Dive into this list of the cutest snowmen wreath ideas that you will ever see. You will not be sorry.

Simple Snowman Wreath Ideas

I like to start things off simply; that way, you don’t get overwhelmed. Plus, this way, you can build up the amazing finale. I can’t give you the best at the very beginning, because I don’t know what you like. So instead, I walk you through these ideas so that you can slowly decide what you do and don’t like in your wreaths. Check this out!

1. Mesh Wreath with Snowman

2. Grapevine Snowman Design Idea

3. Snowman Face Door Wreath

4. Fluffy Yarn Wreath Idea

5. Simple Felt Snowman Decor Idea

6. Cute Large Grapevine Wreath

7. Snowman Shape Burlap Wreath

8.  Grapevine Wreath with Lights

9. Let It Snow Wreath

10. Grapevine Wreath with Cute Bow

Colorful Wreaths

If you like your home to have more of a pop of color, then I think this list is going to be your heaven. Not only are these super colorful…but they are drop-dead gorgeous. Imagine these on your mantle, your front door, on your decor wall…They’ll fit anywhere. Take a look and see which ones you like.

11. Pink and Blue Snowman Design

12. Snowman Doll Idea

13. Christmassy Wreath Idea with Big Snowman

14. Snowman Center with Big Ribbons

15. Multiple Striped Bow Wreath

16. Snowman Face in the Center of the Wreath

17. Checkered Ribbons with Snowman Photo

18. Cute Loud Style Wreath

19. Lots of Red, White, and Black

20. Cute Large Black, White, and Red Wreath

Cutest Snowman Wreath

Unique Snowman Wreaths

I figured that not everyone would be satisfied with a little color or simplicity, so I had to add a list of the most unique snowman wreaths that I could find. These are unlike anything that you have seen before! I mean, obviously, they have to be on theme so they are a little like something you’ve seen before, but they have that extra flair that you’ll love.

21. Flocked Wreath Idea with Cute Snowman

22. Cheetah Ribbons with Snowman

23. Snowman Family on Front Door

24. Burlap and Woodsy Wreath

25. Snowman with LollyPop

26. Snowman Styled Decor for Front Door

27. Snowman with Winter Hat

29. Lots of Snowmen

30. Cute Brown Snowmen Ribbons

31. White Burlap Snowman with Tophat

Snowman Wreath Ideas to Buy

If you aren’t up for making your own wreath, then perhaps you are looking to buy one. This list is the one for you. I understand more than most how hard it is to find the time and the energy during the holiday season to make all of the DIYs that you want, and wreaths really do take some time. So this will save you some and also give your home the cuteness it deserves.

32. Snowman Theme with White Mesh Thread

33. Cute Burlap Idea with Big Snowman

34. Wreath Christmas Snowman Idea

35. Red and White Candy Cane

36. White and Silver Wreath Idea with Gold Flakes

37. Snowman Polka-dotted Decor with Cute Color

38. Glitter Snowman Idea with Curled Ribbon

39. Wreath Made with Snowman and Bike Tire

40. Christmas Wreath Idea with Simple Grapevine

41. Snowman Face Made of Mesh Ribbon

Lovely Christmas Wreath

Lovely Christmas Wreaths

Next up, we have some of the most lovely Christmas wreaths that you will ever see. These have everything you could want in a wreath, from the signs to the decor; it’s just perfect. If you haven’t found a snowman wreath that you love yet, don’t stress. I know that in this list and the list below, you will find what you are looking for.

42. Flocked White Wreath with Snow Man

43. Light Pink Knitted Snowman

44. Red Ribboned Wreath with Cute Snowman

45. Cute Snowman Decor Wreath Idea

46. Rustic Snowman Decor Idea

47. Happy Little Snowman in the Center

48. Sparkly Wreath Idea with Lots of Detail

49. Frilly Snowman with Mittens

50. Sweet Snowman Door Hang

51. Holly Berry Snowman Ideas

Cutest Snowman Wreath Ideas

And last but certainly not least, we have the cutest snowman wreath ideas. This is the wreath list that this article was based on, so you know it has to be good. Remember, if you have a certain idea in your head of your perfect snowman wreath, you can always make it yourself. They take time, but wreaths are typically pretty simple to make. So you got this!

52. Full and Ribboned Snowman Idea

53. Snowman Face Peaking Out of Wreath

54. Let It Snow Green and Red Wreath

55. Tis the Season to be Jolly

56. Let It Snow Rustic Wreath

57. Perfect Snowman Flocked Wreath

58. Blue and White Wreath Idea

59. Snowman On One Side of Wreath

60. Snowman Ice Cone

61. Snowman Candy Cane Wreath

Snowman Wreath

So…how many did you fall in love with? Because I had to hold myself back from getting 10 of them. I find so many awesome wreath ideas every week that I just about need to have a whole storage space for how many I have. Don’t judge me okay? They’re amazing.

If you found this article fun and helpful, then I think you’d love some of my other ones as well. As I said, I come up with so many different wreath ideas that I have a hard time containing them. So check them out!

Remember this holiday season that you have to be an adult throughout the whole year. You deserve a little break, a respite from this tiring and boring world. So make your home that break. Make it cuter than you ever have before; little you is counting on you! These snowman wreath ideas are just a start.

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