Inside: Best garage storage ideas ikea has to offer to transform your space in a weekend.

As I get older, I realize how important storage utilities are. Honestly, if you had told me as a 16-year-old that I would spend hours looking for the best garage storage ideas, I would’ve laughed in your face. But this is my reality now.

If you’re like me and are obsessed with all things storage and organization, you clicked on the right article. I want to share with you all of the best garage storage ideas IKEA has to offer. We all love IKEA; it’s the one-stop shop for all things home and decor. If your garage needs some tender love and organization, check out the ideas below.

Garage Storage Ideas Ikea Offers

See which ideas would fit your home and your style because, yes, storage can be stylish. You just have to get creative! Lucky for us, IKEA has already done that. So take a look at these.

Garage Storage Ideas Ikea Offers

In this first list, I wanted to show you the many ways that you can organize your garage. You would be surprised by the number of options you have when looking into garage storage ideas. You can go old fashion with totes and shelves, or you can go with a more modern look by using pegboards. It’s up to you!

1. Peg Wall Idea – You are going to see a lot of ideas like this one on this list, but that is because there are so many different variations that will work better for different people.

2. Bergshult Shelf – Don’t you just love all of the crazy cool names that IKEA comes up with? This shelf is super handy when it comes to organizing your garage. Check it out!

3. Slated Wall Shelves – if the peg organization board look is not for you, why not try the slated wall shelves? They look smooth and natural, like regular paneling. Plus, they gave you the added benefit of wall organization. How cool is this?

4. Cute Peg Wall for Inspiration – When it comes to using peg wall organization, there are so many different ways that you can go about it. You can make it more stylish, more functional, or you can make it super cute like this idea.

5. Floating Tool Bench – I Love this floating tool bench idea; if you don’t like the bulky look that a regular tool bench comes with I think this is a great option for you.

6. Neat Organization Tool – Doesn’t this area just make you want to head out to your garage and craft? Honestly, I am inspired to revamp my garage solely based on this photo alone. Check it out.

7. Work Bench Idea –  I think that incorporating a workbench area not only helps you to improve your organizational habits but it also will inspire you to spend more time in your garage. Garages, in general, are sadly underused. Many people spend as little time in their garage as possible, a workbench will change that! What do you think?

8. Garden Supply Organizer –  I love to garden, and so I know that gardening comes with a bunch of little tools that require special storage. If you also love to garden, then take a look at this awesome idea. I am so doing this!

9. Pegboard Corner Idea –  I don’t know about you, but I love this new pegboard look. It’s quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to organize any room. Whether it be your garage, your craft room, or even your kid’s room, these pegboards are taking the world by storm.

10. Light Blue Peg Board –  If you love the way that these boards organize but don’t like the bland white look, then this might be the best option for you. This person painted their pegboard a light blue; it had such a cute texture to this garage!

11. Green Room with Shelves –  I am obsessed with this look! This is exactly what I meant when I said that you could make your organizational ideas stylish. Take a look at this example, where someone painted their garage walls bright green and then installed shelving afterward. They created an almost multi-dimensional look; it looks amazing!

12. External Shelves Idea  – If you were looking for storage ideas that had minimal effort, then this might be the idea for you. These don’t require any installation. You can just put them in your space and use them to help you organize.

Cool Garage Storage Ideas Ikea Offers

Cool Garage Storage Ideas Ikea Offers

Again, I’m not sure any of our teen selves could’ve ever foreshadowed what we as adults get excited about. But hey, here we are now, doing taxes, keeping ourselves fed, and appreciating any ounce of serotonin that we come across. These garage storage ideas IKEA offers give me that boost that I so desperately need. And I bet they will work for you too.

13. Pallet Yard Tool Organizer

14. Simple Organization Storage

15. Peg Yard Tool Holder

16. Unique Garage Storage Idea

17. Planter Storage Idea

18. Little Wooden Storage Idea

19. Storage Tote Idea

20. Small Storage Shelves

21. Small Ikea Peg Board Idea

22. Adorable Storage Idea

23. Floor-to-Ceiling Organization

24. Simple Green Peg Backing

DIY ideas for storage carport

More Garage Storage Ideas

This last list is full of ideas that I just had to include. Seriously, I felt like I had no choice; these are that good. I especially love the last few, seeing as I personally have a few bikes myself, and I know how hard they are to store. If you also deal with this, I recommend taking a look at those ideas.

25. Large Grey Peg Hole –  although the new pegboard storage ideas are very popular, they aren’t for everybody. If you prefer a different look, then why not check out this pegboard option? It’s unique and has wider offset holes that are super great for organization.

26. Cute Wooden Desk with Chalkboard – I love this wooden desk idea.

27. Garden Organization Area – Gardening requires extra organization; check out how you should go about it.

28. Potting Tools Storage Idea – If you love to plant, then you should check out these shelves.

29. Clean Storage Idea – I think these will help your garage feel clean and tidy in no time.

30. Shovels, Rakes, and Yard Tools – If you have simple needs, this is for you.

31. Peg Shelving Storage – More peg storage; what did I tell you?

32. Simple, Small Organization – If you aren’t looking for much, try this out.

33. Outside Garage Storage – Here is a great way to store things outside your garage.

34. Bike Storage Idea – This is the idea I was talking about above~

35. Moveable Shelving – Here is another simple option.

Garage Storage Ideas Ikea


I hope you loved these garage storage ideas IKEA offers. Honestly, as adults, I think we should just allow ourselves to get excited over the mundane and things like this. That way, we are able to find happiness every single day.

Not to get all motivational during an organization article, but it’s the truth. So I hope you enjoyed these ideas, because not only are they cool, but they will help you have a more organized life. And isn’t that the goal here? If you liked these tips, why not check out some of our other organizational articles? I know you will love them!

Organize your life one portion of your house at a time. Pretty soon, you will be living in an IKEA ad; that is life if you ask me. Nothing but good times and interest-worthy interior designs.

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