Inside: 47 Unique Bonus Room Ideas + Designs.

Extra space is a precious commodity for many of us!

The best bonus room ideas come from a desire to turn an unused space into something amazing and practical. Depending on its size, your bonus room could become a second living room, extra bedroom, playroom, game room, or even a home theater.

Decorating ideas are limitless when it comes to bonus room design.

As with every room in your home, deciding the bonus room’s primary purpose is the first step in organizing your thoughts.

You must also take into consideration the needs of the people who will be using the room most frequently.

As you look through these bonus room ideas, take note of which design features make you smile and use them as inspiration for creating your own perfect spot.

Unique Home Decor Ideas

Popular Bonus Room Ideas

Bonus Room Play Room Ideas

A bonus room playroom is ideal for any family with children. Bonus room ideas for playrooms must first consider safety, then include all the touches needed to make the area your home’s designated fun zone. The space can grow right along with your children, evolving according to their ages, interests, and needs. Younger kids often enjoy having a small stage for their impromptu performances. Older kids will likely request an area to play video games with their friends.

1. Comfy Kids Hang Out and Play Room

2. Bright and Fun Kids Playroom Idea

3. Fun Playroom with Tons of Organization

4. Art Wall for Kids in Bonus Playroom

5. Bonus Room with Climbing Wall

Bonus Media Room or Theatre

Invest in one or two comfy couches that recline, or purchase reclining theater seats that can be set up in rows. Frame and display some of your favorite movie posters, but keep the overall décor minimal so as to not distract attention away from the screen. Dark walls are helpful when watching a movie during the daytime, but don’t be afraid to run with a lighter color scheme in your home theater if it suits you better.

6. Cozy Movie Room with Lots of Seating

7. Bonus Media Room

8. Themed Bonus Movie Room

9. Bonus Theatre Room with a Bar

10. Comfy Movie Bonus Room

Bonus Room over Garage Ideas

Decked Out Game Room

Using a bonus room for games, pool, or ping-pong is an idea that goes back for decades. In fact, creating a game or hobby room remains one of the most popular bonus room ideas, especially when the space also incorporates room for lounging. Including a TV and gaming system in the lounge zone makes it a well-rounded game room for all ages.

11. Classic Decor for  Game Room

12. Game Room Decor

13. Cozy and Simple Bonus Game Room Idea

14. Cool Hangout Game Room

15. Video Gaming Bonus Room

Bonus Bar

An inviting bar can be the primary reason behind creating a bonus room, or it may simply be a nice accessory to a room dedicated to gaming or lounging.

16. Small Stocked Bar

17. Cool Bonus Basement Bar

18. Home Bar Design Idea

19. Little Bar for Small Bonus Room

20. Built-In Bar in Bonus Room

Extra Bedroom Space

If your family has grown beyond your home’s original footprint, turning a bonus room into a bedroom can give you the extra sleeping zone you need. A bedroom bonus room is also great for families who need a guest room for visiting family and friends.

This is even a great idea if you have an older kid(s) that want some of their own extra space.

21. Bonus Room Guest Beds

22. Tucked In Guest Space

23. Bunk Bed Built-Ins

24. Coolest Teen Space in Bonus Room

25. Cute Bonus Bedroom Idea

Unique Bonus Room Ideas

Creative Crafting/Art Space

If your home is filled with creative energy, then an artsy bonus room might be the perfect choice for your family. You can dedicate the space to a fun crafting night, music sessions, an art studio, or even a pottery area. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to creating an inspiring space.

26. Bonus Craft Room

27. Built-in Desks and Workspace

28. Cool Bonus Room Over Garage Workspace

29. Organized Crafting Area

30. Bright and Open Creative Space

Small Bonus Room Ideas

Small Bonus Room  Ideas

Even a small bonus room may quickly become your home’s favorite hangout spot. In fact, you may be surprised at how well you can turn a relatively small room into a combination living, working, and playing area. Some decor ideas may not work if you have a small bonus room, but you can also do a lot to maximize the extra space you’ve found.

31. Hangout Bonus Room with Lots of Seating

32. Simple Multi-Functional Space

33. Small Colorful Bonus Office

34. Share Bonus Room Space

35. Small Bonus Room Hangout

School Room or Office Space

If you home school, work from home, or just need a space to get a few things done, turning your bonus room into a working office is a great idea.

36. Built-In Kids Desk Idea

37. Bonus Room Office Idea

38. Bonus Room Turned Into an Office

39. Bright and Fun Home Office in Bonus Room

40. Built-In Desks

Cool Bonus Room Decor Ideas

There are a few VERY important piercing of decor and furniture that are needed when planning a bonus room. From comfy lounging areas, large tables for games, and even some cool mood-setting lights, check out our favorite decor ideas for your bonus room area.

Cool Bonus Room Decor

41. Bar and Counter Leather Stool Set

42. Cozy Sectional

43. Colorful Shag Upholstered Ottoman

44. Monopoly Theme Wall Art

45. Cool Modern Media Cabinet

46. Unique and Fun Lighting Idea 

47. Tall Popcorn Machine with Cart

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Bonus Room Ideas

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