Inside: 47 Fun Toddler Room Ideas + Designs

Decorating the nursery is a rite of passage for parents, but the transition to toddler rooms is an adventure your little one can enjoy right alongside you.

The best toddler room ideas include style, function, and of course…fun! From smart storage to chic decor, and theme ideas to tricks for maximizing a small space, we’ve rounded up a list of adorable inspirations for your little guy or girl’s special spot.

Check out our favorite 47 fun toddler room ideas and design inspiration!

Toddler Room Themes

Tips for Decorating a Toddlers Room

Check out a few of our favorite tips and tricks for creating the best toddler room design for your space.

Keep It Simple: When it comes to kids’ rooms, less is usually more. By keeping the decor simple and furnishings to a minimum, you’ll create more space to play and provide a neutral canvas that can be easily updated as your child grows.

Optimize Space: Whether you’re working with a small room or a big imagination, making the most of your child’s space is an absolute necessity.

Double Up on Storage: From their toys, games, and books to their ever-changing wardrobes in multiple sizes, kids come with a lot of stuff. To help your kids stay organized, keep things at their height. Closet storage, benches, and coat racks will all be used more often if kids can get to them easily. Try adding a few bins to conceal their toys and other items.

Make Everything Temporary: What I mean by this is, instead of painting large flowers on the wall, or detailed stripes, use removable wall decals or removable wallpaper. This is great because as kids get older their style changes quickly, so to prevent the ever-changing room headache, invest in a temporary option.

Best Toddler Room Design Ideas

Check out a few of our favorite Toddler Room Themes and decor ideas. The best part about creating a space for a young child is their desire for fun, color, and creativity. Check out a few fun design themes that will spark your design creativity.

1. Wall Full of Daisies Mural

2. Soft Colored Neutrals

3. Colorful Jungle Theme

4. Mixed Patterns + Bold Wallpaper

5. Shared Boy and Girl Toddler Room

6. Under the Sea Theme

7. Modern Rainbow Decor

8. Emerald Green Walls and Woodsy Theme

9. Colorful and Eclectic Decor

10. Bunk Beds with Moody Color Theme

Best Toddler Room Design Ideas

Toddler Boy Room Ideas

11. Black and White Jungle Theme

12. Super Simple  with Pops of Color

13. Preppy Boys Room with Pops of Green

14. Black and White Dino Theme

15. Colorful Dino Theme Decor

Toddler Girl Room Ideas

16. Girly Natural Colors with Large Wall Painting

17. Peachy Colored Decor

18. Girly Double Bed with Fun Colors

19. Pink and Orange Decor with Polka Dot Wallpaper

20. Pink and Daisys Decor

Toddler Room Decor Ideas

21. Sherpa Swivel Chair 

22. Mid Century Modern Toy Chest 

23. Cactus Bookcase 

24. Knit Poof  

25. Kids Bed 

26. Fringe Basket 

27. Gold Accent Dresser 

28. Kids Woven Chair

29. Black Geometric Rug 

3o. Jute Rug with Pink Border 

Toddler + Baby Room

These toddler and baby sharing room ideas are great for a smaller home that doesn’t allow everyone to have their own room. Growing up my sister and I always shared a room and it is one of our favorite things about growing up.

So if you have babies close in age, but a toddler who is ready for their ‘big kid’ bed, here are a few fun ways to incorporate both kids in one space.

31. Simple Toddler + Baby Room Combo

32. All White with Pops of Color

33. Boy and Girl Shared Room Decor

34. Small Shared Toddler and Baby Room

Toddler and Baby Room Combo Ideas

35. Patterned Wallpaper with Colorful Accents

36. Mixed Patterns and Textures for Shared Room

37. Girly Shared Kids Room

38. Colorful and Modern Room Design

Parents + Toddler Room

Sharing a space with your toddler can prove to be challenging. You want a good mix of calm, fun, and maturity for the parents. Take a look at a few of our favorite ideas for sharing your space with your little one.

39. Shared Room with Curtain Separator

40. Parents and Toddler Shared Space

41. Soft and Simple Single Mom Sharing Room with Toddler Idea

42. Natural Theme Decor

43. Bright White Toddler and Parent Room

Shared Kids and Parents Room Decor

45. Mixed Childlike and Mature Jungle Themed Room

46. Shared Space with Toddler and Parent

47. Natural Theme Decor for Shared Room

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Toddler Room Ideas

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