When it comes to Christmas bedroom decor ideas, you might be coming up blank. But really, you can add all of the design elements that you use throughout your entire home! Whether you prefer simple minimalistic styles or a bright and cheery Christmas-themed bedroom, we have a ton of ideas that you can draw from.

These are 55 creative and fun Christmas bedroom decor ideas that you can use to keep the holiday spirit going all the way until New Years!

Rustic Bedroom Christmas Ideas

  1. Woodland Animals:  Woodland creatures are popular characters for your wintertime decor.
  2. Soft Backlight:  Add lights behind your headboard for a softer glow than the usual bright Christmas lights.
  3. Plaids: Plaid patterns are a staple this time of year.
  4. Forest Greens:  Add forest greens and other natural colors to your bedroom for a splash of color.
  5. Bare Trees:  Skip the ornaments, tinsel, and stars for your rustic-themed bedroom tree.
  6. Bringing Outdoors, Indoors:  This simple garland adds a light touch of nature to your room.
  7. Distressed Wood:  Add this style to your bedroom decor with small signs and knick-knacks.
  8. Pinecones:  Scented pinecones are a great way to add natural holiday vibes to your space and fill your room with a lovely holiday scent.
  9. Garlands:  Keep your garland natural, plain, and simple.
  10. Flowers:  Dried flowers are a great addition to your Christmas bedroom decor, and look particularly welcoming on your bedside table.

Silver and Gold Christmas Bedroom Decor

  1. Bright Bedspread: Add silver, gold, or other metallic colors to your bedspread.
  2. Tinsel:  Tinsel can go anywhere! Wrap around your headboard, window sill, or bedroom door.
  3. Snow-Dusted:  Use wreaths or garlands with a snow-dusted finish to add a chic white tone to otherwise dull decor.
  4. Go Big With Ornaments:  Go big or go home with huge ornaments on your tree.
  5. Big Trees:  Who needs a small bedside tree when you could have a full-blown Christmas tree in your bedroom?
  6. Champagne: Rose gold, forever in style, will meld beautifully with your silver and gold Christmas bedroom decor.
  7. Bells:  Jingle bells are a great way to add some whimsical holiday fun into your room!
  8. Tassels:  Sleek, silvery tassel curtains will catch light in the most beautiful way.
  9. Snowflakes:  Snowflakes are great, versatile options because they can go anywhere!
  10. Chandelier:  To go really big with yourChristmas bedroom decor, consider a chandelier or other bright centerpiece.

Christmas bedroom decorating ideas

Classic Christmas Themed Bedroom

  1. Presents Under The Tree:  Wrapped gifts with big red ribbons will add some class holiday cheer to your bedroom tree.
  2. Stockings: Personalized stockings are a great throwback to add to your Christmas bedroom decor.
  3. Reds and Whites: Your classic Christmas room is likely to be full of reds and whites.
  4. Big Bows:  Get some red ribbon and go to town with the holiday cheer in your Christmas-themed bedroom.
  5. Snowmen:  These guys will make great classic companions in your Christmas bedroom decor.
  6. Nativity Scene: If you’re more in touch with the religious side of the holiday, add a nativity scene to your dresser or window sill.
  7. Mistletoe: Hang some mistletoe in your doorway or over your mirror for a cute, sassy decoration.
  8. Bright Lights:  Don’t skip the string lights! Colored or warm-white lights are as classic as it gets.
  9. Advent Calendar: Advent calendars are great ways to get yourself in the Christmas spirit. These fun hanging stockings could be hung anywhere.
  10. Poinsettias:  Poinsettias are gorgeous and great in any DIY craft! Check out this poinsettia wreath for inspiration.

Festive Farmhouse Holiday Decorations

  1. Buffalo Check:  Bold plaids and comforting burgundy is common in a farmhouse theme.
  2. Chunky Blankets:  Nothing is better than snuggling with a warm, soft blanket on a cold winter night. Either learn a new skill by trying to crochet your own chunky blanket or grab this great blanket from Amazon!
  3. Ladders:  Your Christmas-themed ladder can be propped up anywhere in your bedroom.
  4. Trucks:  You can find this cute pattern on your throw pillows, curtains, blankets… everywhere!
  5. Chalkboards:  Write cute holiday phrases or have your own countdown to Christmas with a chalkboard.
  6. Boots:  Give this quirky trend a festive twist by getting Santa or elf boots for your bedroom.
  7. Cowbells: Cowbells are a fun farmhouse take on the classic jingle bells.
  8. Lanterns:  Lanterns can give a soft, natural glow to your Christmas bedroom.
  9. Edison Bulbs:  Edison bulbs are a constant in farmhouse decor, and they happen to fit in with the holiday season perfectly.
  10. Brick Backsplash:  This one takes a bit more effort. If you really want to give your room a farmhouse feel, consider peel and stick brick backsplashes.

Pretty room decor ideas

Neutral-Toned Christmas Bedroom Decor

  1. Wooden Trees:  Instead of a traditional bedroom tree, try smaller, wooden trees.
  2. Burlap Bows:  Burlap bows are a neutral alternative to flashy red ribbon.
  3. Cloth Wreath:  Opt for a plain, cloth wreath that can be hung anywhere in your room.
  4. Books:  You can put your holiday books on display for a cozy, academic look.
  5. Fluffy Blankets:  Grab an extra throw blanket or two, or purchase a fluffy white bedspread.
  6. Baskets:  Woven baskets can calm down any bright red or green blankets, pillows, or other decor.
  7. Paper-Wrapped Gifts:  Newspaper or brown paper-wrapped gifts under your bedroom tree are super cute and cost effective.
  8. Candles:  Candles can give a welcoming atmosphere to your Christmas bedroom decorations.
  9. Minimalistic Tree:  Try this minimalistic approach that can still add a Christmas vibe to your room’s decor.
  10. Felt-Ball Garlands:  The felt-ball garland trend is perfect for this theme.

Christmas Themed Bedroom Ideas For Kids

  1. Elf on the Shelf:  Move your child’s Elf on the Shelf around their bedroom throughout the holiday season!
  2. Gnomes:  Get your child their own cuddly Christmas gnome for their bedroom!
  3. Countdown to Christmas:  Have fun every morning with a countdown to Christmas.
  4. Christmas Story Corner:  Spruce up your child’s reading corner with lights and plenty of Christmas stories to enjoy up until the big day.
  5. Holiday Cheer:  Keep things fun, bright, and festive with tinsel, stockings, and ornaments.

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