Inside: Best cubicle decor ideas that will change the way you work.

When it comes to decor, there is one place that is constantly overlooked, your cubicle! Look, I get it. You already spend so much time there, why invest any of your hard-earned money in it? Well, I have quite the argument for you.

You are in your cubicle for 40 hours a WEEK, if not more. You deserve to show up to work and enter a space that feels uniquely you. Sadly, most cubicles feel monotoned and almost clinical, but you can change this with a little TLC. After this, you are going to feel excited when you get to your cubicle.

Cubicle Decor ideas that will elevate your office. Colorful office idea.

I have found some of my all-time favorite cubicle ideas for you to look at. These styles vary widely; that way, there is something for every cubicle goer out there. So take a look and see how you can improve your work life!

Cubicle Decor Ideas

While you are looking through these, make sure to take a moment to really imagine what they would look like in your cubicle. Not only what it would look like, but how you would feel walking into a space that looks like it.

1. Colorful Cubicle Decor – Most offices are known for being pretty grey and gloomy. So I think adding some color into your daily work life with your decor is an absolute must. Take a look at these ideas to get a good understanding of how you can do this.

2. Soft Colored Cubicle Idea – I LOVE pastel colors. I think they make you feel so calm and relaxed, so I love that this person used only soft colors to decorate their office space. You can really choose any kind of decor you want, as long as the colors go together.

3. Cute Backsplash Idea – This is an idea that I would have never thought of myself, but thankfully the internet is here to give us all the inspiration we could ever need! There are so many ways that you can create a backsplash in your cubicle, but removable vinyl is the way to go.

4. Cool Shelf Ideas – You can add shelving in your cubicle in a few ways: Magnetic shelves for those of you who have metal separators and stackable shelves for those that have enough space on your desk. Either one is cute, so do what you think is best!

5. Paper Photo String – I think this is a unique way to add something to your space. Instead of just pinning up your photos, you can use string and clips and then hang them in the corner of your cubicle.

6. Polaroid Office Decor Ideas  – Polaroids are one of my favorite ways to print my photos because they are just so much more aesthetically pleasing! I am obsessed.

7. Light String Office Decor – Just because your office is always lit up doesn’t mean that you can’t add more to your own personal space. I would never have thought about it, but the end result is SO CUTE.

8. Adorable Cubicle Office Idea – This person put in tiny little curtains, I mean, how much cuter can you get? It’s ridiculous! They also brought in their own cube organizer. I am a fan.

9. Simple Decor Ideas – If you are looking for some super simple decor that requires minimal effort but maximum payout, then this is the idea for you. Get matching organizational decor!

10. Boho Cubicle Decor – If you love the bohemian style of decor, then I think this office space will make you scream. Take a look to see what I mean.

Simple Ideas That You'll Love

Simple Ideas That You’ll Love

These are some simple things that will elevate your space. If you feel a little overwhelmed, try to take it slow. Change one thing at a time, pretty soon you’ll have a whole new space!

11. Cute Pin Board Idea

12. Wicker Box Organizer Idea

13. Magnetic Shelf Idea

14. Per My Last Email

15. Clean Light Pink Themed Decor

16. Cubicle Full of Photos

17. Do It Now Idea

18. Oh No, Did I Just Say That Out Loud?

Cubicle Decor Ideas that will elevate your office. 3 different photo examples.

Cubicle Decor Ideas That Will Elevate Your Office

Last but not least, I have some amazing cubicle decor ideas that will elevate your office. You can find almost every single decor piece online, so take your time. Write down all of the things that you really loved and find them!

19. Butterfly Poster with Fake Plants  – This is a very trendy themed office for those of you who are obsessed with the current style. It’s more of an indie look, but I think it would make anyone happy to walk into their space.

20. Modern Light Decor Idea – Many people like to go with the modern decor style for their office because they look super chic. If you love this style, then I have a whole list of ideas for you to look through.

21. Cute Corner Shelves – These corner shelves give you extra space for organization and decor while taking up limited desk space at the same time. If you love the way shelves look in cubicles, I think this is for you.

22. Bright Pink Photo with Statue – I sometimes wonder how people live without the color pink. Obviously, here at pink pop design, we are all a bunch of pink lovers; if you are too, you need to look at this little way to add some pink to your space.

23. Cubicle Sweet Cubicle – I love it when cubicle decor is ironic and funny. This sign says cubicle sweet cubicle; it would make me smile every day when I got to my space. What about you?

24. Cute Light Pink Decor – If bright pink is not ideal for you, then I picked this office out with you in mind. It has that soft pastel pink that even the biggest pink haters tolerate. I think this is just too cute to pass up.

25. Light Decor with Computer – If you are going for a monochrome look, then I added this idea to help give you some extra inspiration for your own desk. Notice how each decor item is different, but they still use the same colors, making them match perfectly.

26. Moss Photo Idea – I love cottagecore because it brings nature indoors. Many styles that align with this will use things that are boughten from a thrift store. They’re sustainable and cute, it doesn’t get much better than that.

27. Pumpkin Spice Lovers Cubicle – For those pumpkin spice lovers out there, decorate your cubicle top match your favorite drink and leave it up all year round. You have the power!

Cubicle Decor Ideas

I really hope that these cubicle decor ideas have inspired you to upgrade your workspace. I know how tiring work can be, and imagining putting in any more effort than you already have can feel impossible, but it is so worth it.

This small action tips the first domino in a long line of beneficial side effects. I know how funny that sounds, but it’s the truth. You tell me that you don’t feel more excited walking into a room when it has cute decorations than one that is plain and cold. It’s these little decisions that make a brighter tomorrow.

If you loved these ideas, check out some of the other cubicle ideas that I know will make your work life better. I have so many great things to share with you, so start here!

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