Inside: Some cozy ideas to make an Ikea hack window seat. We all need a good nook, use your Ikea furniture to make it happen.

One thing I always wished my childhood home had growing up was a window seat. If I had known how simple it would be to DIY this kind of home feature out of Ikea furniture, I would have begged my parents to make it happen in my room for a fun little reading nook.

Well now I’m not in that house anymore but this is a hack that I will be keeping in my back pocket for my future home.

If you’re looking for the best way to create a cozy little window seat for a new seating area in your home, there are a couple different Ikea pieces that you can work with to make this happen. It really is pretty simple, and I’m going to give you a step-by-step in this post to make the coziest little nook in your home right out of Ikea furniture.

Two different styles of window seats

Which Ikea Pieces Work For This Project?

There are a couple of different Ikea furniture pieces that work to create this window seat illusion. Even if it’s not the created intent for these pieces, this world (and this blog) is full of Ikea hacks, so there’s always something new and fun to do with a simple and basic piece of Ikea furniture. Getting creative with them allows you to do something elevated with something so straightforward, and that’s a good feeling at the end of the day if you’re a big DIY lover.

There’s nothing better than getting crafty and turning a piece into something totally different.

Three different Ikea shelves

Some of the best Ikea pieces to hack for your window seat are:

Nordli – Clean and simple look.
Besta – Modern.
Kallax – For a more rustic look.

There are probably plenty of pieces from Ikea that can double and work like a window seat bench, but these are some that I have seen from multiple creators work with. Any shelving that holds up and matches the aesthetic of the way you’re decorating and detailing the room is perfect for the window seat hack.

Take your pick and get started.

A window seat in a kids room

How To Create A Window Seat

I’m going to link you to each of the creators that have best made these shelves into window seating. Their guides are so easy I feel like anyone could follow along with them!

If you’re using the Nordli, I love this guide from Hydrangea Treehouse. If Besta is the one for you, Olivegrey Avenue made an amazing set for you to check out. The DIY Mommy rocked it with the Kallax shelves.

To get a good overview of all of them, something else you might need to do to help you decide on which set of shelves is measuring the space and seeing which shelving set that Ikea offers the best sizing for your space. This is obviously a big step to take.

Then, determine how many of the Ikea furniture sets you need. And assemble. This is the easy part. The rest is how you fill the space between the sets and make it sturdy for seating. Each one is different based on how easily they lay flush up against each other and how much you need to elevate them off of the ground, but each of these sets work wonderfully to be used as window seats.

Not everyone that uses these at a little window sitting nook adds cushions to them, it really depends on your space if that’s how you want it to be finished off– some require a little more warmth and coziness, and some are perfect with the finished look and color.

However you decide to tie it all together is going to be stunning. This hack as a whole is a wonderful way to bring some extra seating and something unique and charming to your living space.

Not to mention the storage!

Since all of these are made out of either shelves or drawers, there’s plenty of storage that’s coming your way with these too. They’re so easy to install and utilize, you’re going to love the way that they look and love how functional and practical they are in your space.

A minimalist window seat

Elevate The Space

So we touched on cushions or just anything that might count as a final touch for your Ikea hack window seat. If you really want to make this feel like a totally new addition to the home but like it was meant to be there, but in an elevated way, there’s plenty of things you can do to achieve this.


Wood bench or cushioned seat, both are great and classic options you can pull in to make this work for your space. Every living room is different, every home style is different, but yours is totally up to you and how you want to bring it all together.

The best way to keep it simple and subtle is to use a dark neutral colored cushion that won’t share wear and discoloration as much, and then add the fun and personality with some throw pillows. And why not add a throw blanket too for those colder months cuddled up by the window?

A Can Of Paint

We all know that if you’re looking to DIY or update anything, the first place our minds go is to a can of paint. A fresh color changes everything and these shelves turned window seats are no different. If you have dark wood or any accent colors that would be a cool bench color, I say go for it! Unless the space really calls for all white paint, a splash of color really elevates a room.

Sunshine coming in through a window

And now you have the best window seat in town! The best part too is that you didn’t even have to do any construction– just constructing Ikea furniture. How easy was that?!

Making your home dreams come to life by thinking outside the box can really transform your house but also the way that you enjoy the experience of being in the home you’re in right now. I’m always thinking of features I’m going to want in the next house, but if I let myself get creative and somehow make it happen where I am now, I’m going to have a little bit of an easier time making this feel like home until the time comes along for the “next house.”

And besides, getting creative with it is a really fun way to make it yours through and through. Putting your own touch on something allows you to have more vision in your home design, so get outside of the box!

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