Inside: Coolest teacher door decorating ideas that will be loved by teachers and students alike

Teachers are probably one of the most under-appreciated professions out there. They put so much of themselves into their work, into caring for and nurturing our youth, that it’s a shame they are not treated better.

Most teachers are paid next to nothing when you think about the amount of work they are really doing. They are not only planning lessons, taking care of children, and helping their brains flourish, but they also do small things like decorating their classroom and planning fun days.

Top teacher door decorating ideas student love. Photo of door with flowers.

I went on this whole rant to say, thank you to our teachers out there. We appreciate you. I wanted to make your life just a little bit easier today, so I found the top list of teacher door-decorating ideas that you and your students will love. Check it out!

Teacher Door Decorating Ideas

I have made if you lose like this before, but they all were tied to very specific themes. But the teacher’s door deserves to be decorated all year! It doesn’t matter what holiday it is or lack thereof; when a student gets to their classroom and see an adorably decorated door, they are bound to have a wonderful day. Take a look at these for inspiration!

1. Cute Floral Door Quote –  I don’t think that you can ever really get enough of flowers. Whether that be in person, poetry, or even on the teacher’s door. The cuteness is unmatched! Take a look.

2. Summer Is Almost There –  if you are closer to the back end of the year, it’s always a wonderful idea to do a summertime countdown! You may not be able to do the countdown on your door, but you can remind your kids that summer is almost here.

3. The Sky Is the Limit – I think that as a teacher, it is important to make use of your space in the best way possible. That means sneaking inspiration into the most unlikely of places, like for example your door!

4. Young Minds Bloom In This Room –  I love the door because it inspires me, and I am not even a part of this classroom. I think if I were to have had this store as a child going to school, I would’ve been feeling so very special every time I walked up.

5. Rainbow Butterfly Door Idea – If you are heading into the spring season, having a door with butterflies and rainbows is a wonderful way to help your kids understand the difference in seasons.

6. Please Excuse the Mess – I think this idea is just downright hilarious. What do you think? I love it because it’s honest and cute, and it shows the kids that it’s okay to be messy when you are learning; you don’t have to be perfect.

7. Lucky Charms Idea – I love lucky charms, so when I saw this door, I just had to include it. Do you see what I mean by our teachers going above and beyond?

Unique door ideas. 3 different door ideas.

Unique Door Ideas

If you are looking for a unique door idea, then this is the list for you. Take a list to see if any of these make the cut this year! Remember, you can always bookmark this article and come back to it for more ideas later.

8. Help Us Bloom Idea – I love this because it is just so sweet. If you are a teacher and you are reading this, you are seriously making these children bloom. Take a moment to soak that in. You are awesome!

9. Funny Taco Door Idea – If you have a very humor-based connection with your kids, I think it is safe to assume that you are going to go with something like this door. It’s too funny not to!

10. Sun with Floral Idea – I think adding anything with the sun is cool, but that may just be because I am a Leo. Take a look at this idea to see if it’s something you would enjoy putting together.

11. Artroom Idea Door – I LOVED art class as a child; it was like a break period to me. We got to come up with such unique and awesome stuff in there; I always got so excited when I opened that door.

12. You Are So Very Loved – This one is sweet because you never really know what a kid is going through at home. As a teacher, all you can do is maintain a stable environment for the child to experience every time they come to school.

13. April Showers Bring May Flower – This one is obviously for spring. There are so many ways that you can represent spring on a classroom door, but this is my favorite.

14. Shoot for the Moon – Since when did these doors get so cool? The teacher that made this must be pretty talented. I am obsessed! I may just have to decorate my front door like this.

Top teacher door decorating ideas students love. 3 different photo idea.

TOP Teacher Door Decorating Ideas Students Love

Lastly, here are the top teacher door-decorating ideas that students will love. I know that all of these ideas can feel overwhelming but they so aren’t when you remember that you can always come back and pick another when you are done with this door.

15. Thank You For Helping Us Bloom – This is a really sweet one that I think you will love to put together with your students. If you are a teacher’s aid and you are reading this, then definitely surprise your teacher with this project. I bet they will cry!

16. Ready for a Sweet Year – This is perfect for the beginning of the school year. This is a time that is full of possibilities.

17. In This Class We Stick Together – I love this door because it teaches the power of friendship and camaraderie in the classroom. Take a look at this to see what I mean.

18. Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today – I think instilling kindness in children at a young age is so important. You are their mentor, someone they look up to, and you have the power to make a real difference in their life.

19. Dive Into Reading – If you are an English class, having this door will help your kids associate your room with English work. They will enter ready to learn(hopefully), so be prepared!

20. The Most Wonderful Thing In This Classroom – You shut up; I am not crying. Okay, yes, I am crying, but that is because this is so sweet. That is not my fault!

21. Butterfly Book Idea – Lastly, this butterfly book idea is a wonderful way to get the kids to want to read without telling them to. I am so in love with it.

Teachers are truly our nation’s underdogs, the heroes that go unnoticed. Well, I am here, telling you that I see you and I appreciate you. I hope you loved these teacher door decorating ideas and that this list lightened your workload if only a bit.

If you are interested in more door decorating ideas, I have lots more where this one came from! So take a look and see which ones will be gracing your door and your classroom this year.

When picking your door, remember that you can choose something that excites you as well, not just the kids. You are going to have to put it together, after all.

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