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I love Valentine’s Day. I have since I was a little kid. Slowly the way I spend Valentine’s Day has changed, but the affection I hold for this holiday has stayed the same.

I remember being so excited to get to school on Valentine’s day morning because every year, our teacher would put together the coolest themed door. It’s like the fun started before I even walked into the classroom. As an adult, these door decorations are few and far between. So for old-time’s sake, I wanted to put together a list of the cutest door decorations for Valentines Day.

Cute Door Decorations for Valentines Day

These are some of my favorite decorations that I have come across so far. If you have any better ideas, I will be surprised. That is how confident I am in this list. What are we waiting for?

Door Decorations for Valentines Day

I am so excited to share these ideas with you. Finding these was like taking a walk down memory lane. Nothing against my teacher, but these are so much cooler than I remember. Maybe that’s because they are more geared toward this generation. Regardless, I know you will love these ideas. Check them out.

1. We Are A Bunch of Sweet Hearts – Everyone knows the classic Valentines Day candy is, and always will be, candy hearts. You know the ones with the little messages written on them.

2. Don’t Go Bacon My Heart – You can never go wrong with a good pun on Valentines Day. I mean heck, half of the little V-Day Cards are filled with them. This pun is pretty funny!

3. Bee Mine Valentine!

4. Candy Heart Themed Door

5. Love is in the Air – Lots of angsty teens would make a joke about needing disinfectant spray if this was the case. But since we are all past this phase, this is a cute option.

6. Simple Heart Pink Door

7. Love Door with Purple

8. Olaf Door Idea – Depending on your age demographic, perhaps you would do well by choosing this Olaf door idea. Sometimes you have to go with the most popular cartoon character to get those brownie points, and that is okay.

9. How Many Kisses Tall Are You?

10. Heart Wreath Ideas

11. Reel Love Idea – This is a pun about fishing. This is even funnier when you consider to classic phrase, “There is plenty of fish in the sea.”

12. Recipe For a Happy Heart – I love this idea because it’s super unique. I don’t think I have ever seen a theme like this, and I am not sure if I will again. This is too cute.

13. Love is in the Air

14. All You Need is Love – Now all that is left is an adorable drawing of the Beatles and your door will be complete.

15. Our Little Love Bugs

Sweet Door Ideas

Sweet Door Ideas

Next up, I have some of the sweetest door ideas that you will ever see. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, the sweeter the idea the better. It is literally the candy holiday, after all. So check out these ideas and see if any of them make your heart happy. I bet you at least 3 of them will.

16. We Choose to Send Out Love and Kindness

17. All You Need Is Love Door Idea

18. Big Decorated Front Door – If you are looking at this list in hopes of finding some cute ideas for your front door, why not take a look at this idea? It’s perfect!

19. Classroom Valentines Idea

20. Happy Love Day  – I love this idea, because this is what I call it. Take all that Valentine’s stuff out of it, strip it back and you are left with love day. Isn’t that just the best?

21. Love is in the Air Balloon – This is a play on the love is in the air door; this time, they included an air balloon. To make matters even cuter, the balloons are shaped like hearts. I am not kidding!

22. Be My Valentine

23. Pink Hand Print Heart Idea – This a fun way to get your student to take part in the decorating. You just simply paint their hands and put it on the door art! You can put their names by it and everything.

24. Love Heart Door Idea

25. Hershey Kiss Door

26. Love Bird Idea – Love birds are a classic Valentine’s trope that is timeless. This person actually made little birds and included them on their door. How cool is this?

27. Love Bot Idea

28. Minnie and Mickey Mouse – Those Disney themes are always winners, so why not make one yourself? I have found choosing a Mickey and Minnie Theme is guaranteed to make students smile.

29. My Heart Pops for You

30. Love Is In The Air mailbox – I included this idea to show you just how many different ways you can use one concept. You can take it and run with it!

Sweet Door Ideas

Cute Door Decorations for Valentines Day

And lastly, I have these cute door decorations for Valentines Day. Of this entire list, I think that these are my favorites. They are all so cute and unique in their own way. Whatever theme you are going for, there is an idea below that will be perfect for it. Don’t believe me? Look at these door ideas to find out.

31. Love Note Idea

32. Snoopy and Bird Door – Charlie Brown and Snoopy are a staple in Valentine’s Day celebrations. There aren’t many forms of themed entertainment for this holiday besides cheesy romances, so Charlie Brown is a big deal.

33. Cute Yoda Drawing

34. Lovely Lady Bugs – This idea is great if you have a younger audience. You can even have them help you make the lady bugs!

35. You Make Me Smile

36. Cute Silhouette Idea

37. Classroom Door with Box of Chocolates – I think this has to be one of the cutest ideas on this list. This teacher turned her class into a box of chocolates. It’s on theme and it’s on point!

38. Light Pink Door Idea

39. Candy Heart Art Idea

40. Hogs and Kisses Idea – Here we have another cheese pun, I am in love!

41. You Stole a Pizza My Heart – I had to finish this off with more puns because how else would this list end? I had to go with the strong finish.

42. You Are So Very Loved

43. Stop In the Name of Love – Everybody sing out the song.

Door Decorations for Valentines Day


I love Valentine’s Day with all of my heart. Now that I don’t have a classroom door to decorate, I had to scratch that itch another way. This did a pretty good job if you ask me.

This is just the tip of the Valentine’s Day Ice burg. I have so many other awesome ideas that I think would benefit you to look at. Whether it be gift ideas or date ideas, we cover it all. So keep the idea train rolling; you will not be sorry.

Valentine’s Day is not just about going on dates and having a Valentine; it’s about spreading love in all of its forms. Whether that be giving chocolates to your kids or decorating your classroom door(if you are a teacher or work in an office). Love is all around, and you can play your own part in helping it along.

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