Inside: Cutest Ikea small kitchen ideas that you will fall in love with.

My kitchen is my favorite area in my entire home. Honestly, kitchens are my favorite spaces in basically anyone’s home. I love to cook, it brings people together. Creating recipes is the closest thing I get to creating little spells like when I was a child and I live for it.

I have recently decided that it was about time that I redo my kitchen. I’ve been putting it off for a while now, but I know that I crave a cooking space that fills my heart as much as my stomach.

So I set to work, scouring the internet for as many ideas as I could. You see, I am working with a small kitchen space so my options are a little limited…or so I thought.

Ikea Small Kitchen Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind. Cute kitchen with plant.

I stumbled down a rabbit hole of ikea small kitchen ideas and they absolutely blew my mind. Not only are they classy, but they are under my budget. So I added all of those ideas to a list for you to look at to get some inspiration!

Small Kitchen Inspiration

I think we have all heard about the infamous Ikea mini kitchen cupboards but for some reason our interest in Ikea kitchen creations kind of stopped there. I don’t know why we ever doubted them. I mean, how could we when their kitchen is responsible for those delicious Swedish meatballs? Check out these ideas to see what I mean.

1. Small Kitchen Area Idea – I love the way they use the simple white tile backsplash and paired it with the warm-toned wooden counters. It feels very clean and cozy.

2. Simple Sleek Small Kitchen – This is a very minimalistic kitchen that I think people who enjoy the simple things in life would enjoy.

3. Narrow Small Area Idea – White kitchen countertops are going to be the death of me. It’s like I want them, but I don’t…but I do. I go around in circles. This kitchen is Modern and chic, so check it out.

4. Cute Tiny Room Idea – I love the fridge in this example. This just goes to show that there are so many different ways for you to add personality to your kitchen.

5. Ikea Cabinet Ideas – This is a small idea that you can include if you are super limited on space. This person added a small little shelf for their tea and drinks. Too cute!

6. Cute Colorful Kitchen – The light green cabinets here are making me scream. They are so cute! Especially when they are combined with warm wood countertops. This is a serious win.

7. Kitchen Shelf Idea – This is the perfect view of what a tiny kitchen has the potential to be. Sure, it’s small but there is still so much potential for it to be adorable.

8. Small Corner of Kitchen – Here is an example of a super small kitchen corner. Honestly, this is either a kitchenette in Europe or in a van.

9. Ikea Organization Ideas – Marble Countertops are so beautiful, and there are so many ways that you can achieve the look with a cheaper budget. So if you think you are not going to be able to afford it, just get creative.

10. Bright Lit Kitchen Ideas – This is a super cute and warm kitchen. I love the natural lighting.

Ikea Small Kitchen Ideas on a budget. 3 Light pale kitchens.

Ikea Small Kitchen Ideas On A Budget

I know what it’s like to try and create a cute space on a budget. I’ve been there, done that. I even set up shop there. So believe me when I say that these Ikea small kitchen ideas are truly beautiful on a budget. You need to see some of these amazing ideas for yourself.

11. Small Kitchen Must Haves

12. White Kitchen Idea

13. Simple Floating Ikea Shelves

14. Small Kitchen Decor

15. Beautiful Light Kitchen

16. Small Angle Kitchen

17. Unique Small Space

18. Ikea Plate Shelf Idea

19. Contemporary Small Kitchen

Ikea Small Kitchen Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind. 3 unique styled kitchen

Ikea Small Kitchen Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

I saved the best for last. What can I say? I am a great storyteller. This list is full of some seriously amazing ideas. Never sell yourself short, there is always a more affordable way to get something done. If you are determined enough, you can do anything that you set your mind to. I know you got this!

20. Simple Shelf Idea – Personally, I am a bit of a maximalist so I think this style of shelves with the organized clutter looks so cozy and cute. We live in a beautiful old farm house that I have filled with all sorts of dried herb jars from our garden, so this just feels like home to me.

21. Small Ikea Hutch – Here is an example of how you can add a little hutch to create more counter space and storage. Sure, even if it’s just a little bit. I think this is totally worth it.

22. Cute Ikea Cabinet Idea – Small little kitchens with gaslit stoves are just so cozy to me. I love the little ikea cabinets that they included in the space for organization.

23. Simple Kitchen with Fruit Bowl – Brown countertops are actually a lot cuter than I every thought possible. Check this out.

24. Organization Container Ideas – I included this example because I wanted to show you all of the ways that you can add storage into your small kitchen.

25. Small Sleek Kitchen – Here is a cute kitchen this is super minimalistic and cute. I love the color of the butcher block countertops. I would have never thought that this color would be something I would like so much!

26. Hexagon Kitchen Tile – Okay, I really think that this might be the kitchen backsplash for me. I love hexagons, and I am seriously starting to fall in love with this tile. If only it was green.

27. Simple White Backsplash – I wanted to bring it back to the basics for the end of this list.

28. Simple Floating Shelves – You really cannot go wrong with floating shelves. They are sleek, simple, and super helpful.

29. Vibrant Kitchen idea – Finishing us out strong with this adorable kitchen that has vibrant green backsplash tiles and dark countertops. What do you think?

And there you have it, some of the coolest ikea small kitchen ideas that I know blew your mind. Sometimes the hardest part about starting a project is just that: starting. Once you get that ball rolling though, it’s the momentum that carries you through. Get ready for take out for the next could weeks! But hey, after that you get to create in a kitchen that speaks to your soul.

Food really is so special to me. So naturally, my kitchen means a lot to me too. I know I am not alone on this. If you are someone who has always wanted to renovate their kitchen, take this as your sign to just go for it. You miss all the chances you don’t take.

In this case, you are missing out on the chance to have your dream kitchen. If you loved these Ikea home improvement ideas, you have so check out some of my other ones. Ikea is seriously becoming one of my newest obsessions.

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