Inside: Cutest cat wreath ideas that cat owners will go crazy for.


Everyone knows that cat lover’s are elite. Not that dogs aren’t amazing, because don’t get me wrong they absolutely are. It’s just…cat people are a different breed. Most of the time, they don’t harp on other animals just because they have a preference for cats.

They are just better.

I am speaking as a cat person, of course. In fact, I have three cats. Which means I am one away from achieving the status of a crazy cat lady. But hey, once you open the floodgates…it’s hard to shut them.

Adorable Cat Wreath ideas for cat lovers only. Cute photo of cat sitting on moon.

So obviously, I love cats, but another one of my passions is interior decorating. My latest obsession has been wreaths. There are so many different wreaths for any season, holiday, or occasion. You may have guessed where this was going…Today I am going to show you some of my favorite cat wreath ideas for CAT LOVERS ONLY.

This is the moment that I have been waiting for.

Black Cat Wreath Ideas

I wanted to give this first list to the underdogs of the cat world (under cats? I am not sure how this terminology works when it’s applied to cats), the black cat. These cats are notoriously associated with bad luck, and because of that they are often the last to get adopted and the first to be abused. They are NOT BAD LUCK. So this first list is for them.

1. Cute Cat Moon Idea

2. 2 Toned Black Cat Decor

3. Welcome Home Cat Sign

4. Simple Cute Cat Idea

5. Moon Wreath with Flowers

6. Sweet Animal Home Wreath

7. Adorable Floral Wreath Idea

8. Black Cat Playing

9. Welcome Black Cat Idea

3 different spooky black cats wreaths.

Halloween Cat Wreath

Many cats are also associated with Halloween. They make great decorations for during this time of year. I always try to make sure I represent mine when I am looking for new decor, so if you relate to that then I think you are going to love this list. Check it out.

10. Crescent Moon Cat Idea

11. Dark Cat Door Decor Idea

12. Sparkly Black Cat Idea

13. Candy Corn Cat Idea

14. Light Halloween Themed Wreath

15. Pumpkin and Black Cat

16. Ribbon Burlap Wreath

17. Cat Mesh Ribbon Idea

18. Halloween Wheat Wreath

Adorable Cat Wreath Ideas For Cat Lovers ONLY

Lastly, have some versatile cat wreath ideas that you can use for many occasions. I like to have one that I can leave up all year long, and this list is full of options that you can use for something like that. Take a look to see what I mean.

19. Wreath with 4 Cats

20. Sweet Wreath with Burlap

21. Unique Patterned Wreath Idea

22. Dark Cat Door Decor

23. Easter Themed Cat Idea

24. Fluffy Wreath Idea

25. Window Wreath Idea

26. Lucky Black Cat Decor

27. Cat Shaped Idea

Dollar Tree Cat Wreath DIY

If you looked at these wreaths and thought to yourself, “Oh, I could make that.” Then I think we should be friends. I have a problem with that, which is why my craft room is so full. The wreath we are going to be making today is super simple but super cute. So buckle up; let’s get to it.


For your supplies, you can pick whatever colors you like. I have a black cat so today I am going to work with that color. But keep in mind that this is not the only way to make a cat wreath. As you saw above there are tons of different ways that you can go about this, it’s up to you.

  • Circle Wreath Form
  • Small Circle Wreath Form
  • Black Pipe Cleaners
  • Black Ribbon
  • Hot Glue
  • Extra Decorations of Choice

Step one: Gather your supplies. Photo of cat outline.

Step One: Gather Your Supplies

This is one of my favorite parts because I love going to Dollar Tree. There are just so many awesome things there, you never know what new stuff you are going to find. Anyways, go to your local Dollar Tree and get everything on the list.

These are going to be your supplies for this crafting session. You can always grab more items to help decorate it if you wish, but for the purpose of this tutorial, I am going to show you how to create an adorable base wreath that you can personalize and build off of.

Step Two: Create a Shape

So the shape that we are going for here is a simple cat made out of two different-sized wreaths. You’ll use pipe cleaners for the ears and the tail.

First things first, the body. Take your two wreath forms and stack them on top of each other. The bottom will be the base, and the top will be the head. Once you have them placed, you are going to want to take your pipe cleaners or ties and secure them together. Add as many as you need to make sure that they are stable and secured well.

If you want to make sure that they are extra safe, add some hot glue in between them.

Step Three: Add the Ears and Tail

Next up, this is the fun part. You get to add the ears and a tail! Take your pipe cleaners and bend 2 of them to create an open triangle. Then you will use them to tightly wound the bases around the top of the smaller wreath form(the head). Secure them well on either side, and you have little ears.

After this, you are going to want to create a tail using the same material. You can make your tail as short or long as you want. You really get artistic freedom with this process. By black cat, link has a short tail from an accident that happened to him while he was in the shelter, so I added a shorter pipe cleaner.

Step Four: Add More Decorations

This last step is all for you. I am guessing that you already know that you are going to do to spruce up this adorable decor piece even further. I added a little purple collar and a bow around the neck. My end result was so cute! Link(my cat) would be proud. Actually, he’d probably just look at it and be neutral. Everyone knows that cats are not bothered by anything.

Once you are done with your decorations, you are officially finished!

cat wreath

I hope you loved this list of cat wreath ideas. This article was for Cat Lovers only, so if you are not a cat lover and you’ve made it this far…how dare you.

Cat wreaths are not the only theme that I have discovered…far from it, actually. If you want to continue the fun, then you should check out some of my other ideas. I have so many to share; it would be a waste if you didn’t at least check them out.

My cats bring me joy and happiness every single day, so why wouldn’t my decor reflect that? I am so happy that I invested in a cat wreath because it makes my home feel a little more personalized. I hope your new addition makes you feel the same!

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