Inside: Sweet paw print dog wreath ideas that dog owners need to see.

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with dogs. Well, I was actually obsessed with all animals, but dogs were especially high up on my list. My entire room was filled with as many dog decorations as I could possibly fit. Included in this collection was my favorite paw print dog wreath.

Now that I am an adult, I had decided to find one that is similar to the one I had when I was a child…because now I have a dog! Honestly, being a dog mom (as the kids call it) has changed my life in so many amazing ways… why would I not want to fill my home with doggo decor?

Precious Paw print dog wreath ideas. Photo of black paw print.

So if you are like me, then you are going to get a kick out of this list. I have found some of the most precious paw print dogs wreath ideas that will bring more joy into your home and your heart. Ready? Take a look!

Dog Wreath Ideas for Your Front Door

I think one of my favorite places to see a dog wreath is the front door. Then I know what kind of person I am hanging out with before they even welcome me in. If someone loves dogs so much that they have a themed wreath where they welcome people into their home, you know they have to be sweet.

1. Dog Paw with Bow and Greens – Dog paw wreaths are really simple for the most part, but they really know how to pack a punch. My house is mainly green, so I wanted a wreath that had green accents to work with. This one is absolutely perfect.

2. Fuzzy Dog Paw Idea – I love how this person used chunky yarn to make this dog paw look like it had fur with it. You can customize this(if you are crafting and making your own) with whatever fur color your dog has.

3. Beige Paw Idea – My dog is a tan color like this, so you know I was super excited when this idea popped up. Looking at all of these wreaths makes it a little hard to choose, but when you do, at least you know you are getting exactly what you want.

4. Dog Paw with Bone Sign – I love this idea because they also include a sign that is in the shape of a bone. It doesn’t get much more ‘dog’ than that, now, does it? Plus, it has a sweet little message on it.

5. Welcome Dog Paw Idea – This idea would be absolutely perfect for your front door. It has a welcome sign on it, and it’s super adorable. I think my friends would love to see this at my house as well. Ugh, this is going to be so hard to choose.

6. Wreath with Dog Names Idea – If you have more than one dog, then your wreath should reflect that. Here this person has 3 different dogs and their names are represented on their decor.

7. Cute Ribbon Wreath Idea – You can never go wrong with a ribbon wreath. Not every dog wreath on this list will be a paw, but all of them will encompass that sweet energy that dogs have.

8. Beware of Dog Kisses – This will only make me beware LEAVING your house. How cute is this take on the classic ‘beware of dog’ sign? Dogs are only as mean as their owners…just saying.

9. Beautiful Wreath Idea – I love this wreath idea because it is made of grapevine, but it also includes some greenery and a bow. It seriously does not get very much cuter than this.

Lovely Paw Print Wreaths. 3 different wreath ideas.

Lovely Paw Print Wreaths

Next up, I have some seriously awesome paw print wreaths that I think you are going to love. These have a special place in my heart, and by the end of this list, I think they will be taking up residency in yours as well.

10. Please Wipe Your Paws

11. Moss Weiner Dog Ideas

12. Dog Bone Idea

13. Grass Dog Wreath idea

14. Clothes Pin Dog Decor

15. Simple Wreath Idea with Dog Outlines

16. Dogs Welcome, People Tolerated

17. Cute Ribbon and Boxwood Wreath

paw print wreath ideas.

Precious Paw Print Dog Wreath Ideas

Dog paws are probably the cutest thing on this earth. Yes, I include babies and kittens on that list as well. Don’t believe me? Then you are going to have to look at the list below to get a good understanding of why I feel the way that I do. You are not going to regret this; check it out.

18. Cute Dog Bone Treat Idea – Everyone knows that dogs love their little milk bone treats. This wreath is literally MADE of them. This one is less for people to see and more for your dog to see…or smell.

19. Sign with I Love Dogs Idea – I also love dogs, so this wreath really does speak to me. If you want something simple and straightforward, then I think this is a great wreath option for you.

20. Home Is Where the Dog Is – This one makes my heart happy. It is so true. As much as I love vacations, my biggest issue is that I am just missing my dog the entire time that I am gone.

21. Sweet Dog Sign Idea – You can also go with a simple dog sign that will make your home seem a little happier.

22. Sweet Christmas Idea – If you are looking for a dog wreath for Christmas time, then I think that this idea should make you pretty happy. Check it out.

23. Dog Bone Burlap Wreath  – Burlap is one of my favorite materials to see used on a wreath. I love rustic, boho decor so it is right up my alley!

24. Ribbon Wreath with Dog Paw – Ribbons are another great material for wreaths because they are so easy to curl. If you want a full and frilly wreath, this is the way to go.

25. Grapevine Wreath Paw – Grapevine wreaths are very chic and rustic looking, not to mention natural. So if you are trying to add some nature back into your home…this is it.

26. Woof Dog Themed Wreath Idea – How cute is this woof dog themed wreath idea? I am truly obsessed!

27. Dogs Are Like Potato Chips, You Can’t Have Just One – I feel this one.

dog wreath

There you have it, the most precious paw print dog wreath ideas that will make your home feel more inviting. Everyone knows that dog people are the sweetest. This is especially true when the person loves their dog so much that they get DECOR themed because of them.

If this list gives you a taste of decor cuteness and you want more, there are many other kinds of wreaths that you can add to your home. As someone who loves wreaths(perhaps a little too much), you may not be shocked to learn that this is not my only wreath ideas article.

You can check out some of my other ones if you like. Whatever the occasion, there is a wreath that can make it a little cuter. You have to see these.

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