Inside: 73 Dog Room Ideas

Have you ever considered making a dog room for your pup?

A dog playroom can provide much-needed mental and physical stimulation to keep your pup entertained and out of trouble, even when you can’t be there.

The key is to make the dog room mentally exciting while also giving him plenty of places to play, get his heart rate up for a little exercise, and then relax.

Here are some ideas for creating a fun, relaxing, and safe area for your favorite pooch.

Space for Pet in House

What will you need to get started?

You don’t have to go overboard to create a beautiful, functional space for your dog. There are a few basic items you’ll need to get started. They are:

  • a great-looking, cozy bed with good support
  • possibly a stylish crate if you’re crate-training/house training a puppy or dog
  • beautiful dog bowls made from a healthy material
  • stylish food bowl mats or trays to keep your floors clean and complete the look of that area
  • a great toy box or bin to consolidate the many toys your baby will have and keep the space neat
  • a few adorable toys to get started

Types of Spaces for Dogs

Dogs Own Room

If you’re dedicating an entire room, I would choose a snug place away from the window, maybe in a corner, for the bed or crate. Dogs like to feel safe and secure and if they’re used to sleeping away from you (our four don’t fall into that category), having their own room to escape to when they need to rest, relax, sleep or even play, could be ideal.

If your dog is crate-trained or crate-training, here are some great things to include in the crate to make your pup feel really comfortable:

  • a cozy bed or blanket
  • its water bowl for overnight
  • some favorite toys to occupy them if, like me, it takes them a little while to wind down and fall asleep
  • a wee wee pad for puppies in training, just in case

Shared Room

If you’re dedicating a portion of a room, your bedroom or a family room, perhaps, the crate or bed is the central item. Make it within eye’s sight of you if your dog sleeps in the bedroom, otherwise, choose a quiet spot away from traffic that’s not near any air conditioning or heating vent or window, if possible, no place on which drafts or heat can blow. And, I’d also keep it out of direct sunlight, where the crate or bed can heat up and be uncomfortable for the dog.

You can get creative here, too and, depending on the type of space you’re working with, do everything from create a Murphy bed for your dog to appropriate a corner of the room or the inside of a night table for a bed, to using a vintage tv cabinet to creating a little bedroom within a bedroom.

Cute Dog Room Ideas

1. The Cutest Doggy Decorated Area

2. Black and White Dog Decor

3. Decorated Dog Wall

4. Cozy Under the Stairs Room for Dog

5. Small Dog Room Area

6. Custom Dog Beds

7. Gated Doggy Play Space

8. Under the Stairs Dog Area

9. Pink Themed Dog Room

10. Stylish Dog Corner

Dog Room Decor Ideas

11. His, Hers, and the Dogs

12. DIY Stylish Dog Bed

13. Dog Bowl Corner

14. Washing Area for Dogs

15. Easy Stylish Dog Bed

Dog Room Decor

16. Decked Out Doggy Room

17. Under the Bed  Area for Dogs

18. Stylish DIY Dog Crate Idea

19. Custom Dog Beds

20. Gated Doggy Play Space

Dog Closet Room Ideas

21. Small Dog Crafts in Hall Closet

22. Converted Closet for Dog

23. Gated Closet for Pup

24. Spacious Walk-In Closet Room for Dog

25. Under the Stair Closet Dog Room

26. Simple Closet Converted for Dog

27. Coat Closet Space Made for Dog

28. Split Door Closet Room

29. Double Decker Dog Cages in Closet

30. Gated Closet Dog Space

Mudroom + Puppy Room Ideas

31. Elevated Dog Bath in Mudroom

32. Laundry Room Dog Bath Area

33.  Doggy Bathtub in Laundry Room

34. Built-in Dog Bath Area

Mudroom Puppy Ideas

35. Rinse-Off Station for Dogs

36. Stylish Dog Corner Idea

37. His, Hers, and the Dogs

38. DIY Stylish Dog Bed

39. Dog Bowl Corner

40. Washing Area for Dogs

DIY Dog Room Ideas

41. Small Under the Stair Dog Bed

42. Black and White Dog Decor

43. Decorated Dog Wall

44. Cozy Under the Stairs Room for Dog

45. Small Dog Room Area

46. Custom Dog Beds

47. Gated Doggy Play Space

48. Under the Stairs Dog Area

49. Pink Themed Dog Room

50. Stylish Dog Corner

51. Custom Dog Beds

Indoor Dog Room Ideas

52. Dog Room Under The Stairs

53. Designated Doggy Space

54. Decked Out Girly Dog Room

55. Little Area for Dogs in Hallway

56. Indoor Dog Crate Cover

57. Dog Room Under The Stairs

Indoor Dog Room Ideas

58. Designated Doggy Space

59. Decked Out Girly Dog Room

60. Little Area for Dogs in Hallway

61. Indoor Dog Crate Cover

62. Gated Doggy Play Space

Kennel Room Ideas

63. Built-in Dog Kennels in Cabinets

64. The Cutest Doggy Decorated Area

65. Black and White Dog Decor

66. Decorated Dog Wall

67. Cozy Under the Stairs Room for Dog

68. Small Dog Room Area

69. Custom Dog Beds

70. Gated Doggy Play Space

71. Under the Stairs Dog Area

72. Pink Themed Dog Room

73. Stylish Dog Corner

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Dog Room Ideas

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