Inside: Creative clothespin wreath ideas for every holiday.

I have a bit of a wreath obsession. There are just so many different kinds that you can create and collect…how could I not be? This week, I discovered one of my new favorite kinds: A Clothespin wreath.

What is a clothespin wreath? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like it is! It’s a wreath that is made entirely out of clothespins. Don’t worry; it is a lot cuter than it sounds. I wanted to share the awesomeness of this decor piece with you, so I created a list of over 60 of the most creative clothespin wreath ideas for every holiday or occasion that you can think of.

Creative clothespin wreath Ideas for every occasion

I also cover how to create your own at the end of this article, so make sure you stick around for that if you want to get your craft on! What are you still doing here? Jump in.

Small Clothespin Wreath Ideas

First up, I wanted to show you some clothespin crafts that could be used for any holiday or occasion. After this, I will get into some more specific ones that you might like. Get ready for cuteness!

1. 2 Tone Yellow and White

2. Blue Polka Dotted Wreath

3. Yellow and Brown Wreath

4. Red and Black Spotted Wreath

5. Patriotic Clothes Pin Idea

6. 2 Tone Blue Idea

7. Beach Themed Wreath Idea

8. Pastel Easter Themed Wreath

9. Sunshine Themed Wreath Idea

10. 3 Blue Pins Idea

11. Red and Orange Wreath

12. Cute Black History Wreath

13. Grey Pin Wreath Idea

14. Cute Simple Floral Wreath

15. Nautical Wreath Idea

Fall Wreath Ideas. 3 Adorable Wreaths, All Fall Themed.

Fall Wreath Ideas

Next up, we have my personal favorite season on this list. I am such a fall girl. Every year I look forward to it, it’s just so cozy with its pumpkin treats and warm drinks. Now it’s gonna be even cozier when you add this adorable wreath to your home for you to see every single day!

16. Sunflower Themed Wreath for Fall

17. Yellow and Brown Fall Leaves

18. Yellow and Orange Fall Wreath

19. Happy Fall Yall

20. Cute Pumpkin Wreath Idea

21. Scarecrow-Themed Wreath Idea

22. Clothespin Decor with Little Owl

23. Turkey-Themed Wreath Idea

24. Welcome In Sunflower Wreath

25. Red, Orange and Brown Wreath

26. Cute Pig Wreath Idea

27. Burlap Bow Wreath Idea

28. Wreath with Leaves and Acorns

29. Welcome Sign with Chicken Wire

30. Wreath with Letter On It

Christmas Wreath Ideas

I remember there was a time when I used to think that wreaths were only meant to be hung up around Christmas time. You can imagine how excited I was when I learned this is not the case. There are wreaths for every season, and clothespin wreaths are not an exception to this rule.

31. Green and Red Wreath with Truck

32. Striped Candy Cane Clothespins

33. Clothespins in Colorful Wreath

35. Painted Clothespin with Gnome

36. Santa’s Belly Idea

37. Merry Christmas Dark Wreath

38. Let It Snow Wreath Idea

39. White and Red Wreath

40. Cute Patterened Wreath Idea

41. Cute Ornamental Wreath Idea

42. Clothes Pin Decor with Candy Canes

43. Sparkly Wreath Idea

44. Poinsettia Wreath Idea

45. Green Wreath with Red Bow

Halloween Clothespin Wreath Ideas

Lastly, I wanted to show you some amazing Halloween Clothespin wreath ideas that I think you are going to lose your head over. Get it? Lose your head? It’s a Halloween joke. Okay, that is enough cringy comedy for me today…sorry I had to put you through that. Check these out!

46. Witch Themed Wreath Idea

47. Orange Wreath with Black Spiders

48. Boo Wreath Idea

49. Black Cat Wreath Idea

50. Sweet Little Wreath Idea

51. Enter If You Dare

52. Cute Ghost Idea

53. Jack O Lantern Wreath Idea

54. Cute Skull Themed Wreath

55. Boo Purple Wreath Idea

56. 2 Layered Colorful Wreath Idea

57. Candy Corn Themed Wreath Idea

58. Cute Solid Pumpkin Wreath

59. Trick or Treat Wreath

60. Cute Ghost Wreath with Sign

61. Black and Orange Wreath

How to Make a Dollar Tree Clothespin Wreath. Photo of blue wreath

How to Make a Dollar Tree Clothespin Wreath

How do you make a wreath out of clothespins? How many clothespins does it take to make a clothespin wreath? I bet the crafters out there are feeling very curious about these questions. Well, you are in luck because I am going to answer them in detail! I love to craft, so this was the only logical next section of this article. First, let’s discuss supplies.


  • Bag of at least 60 clothespins
  • A Wire Wreath Form(with multiple wires)
  • Paint
  • Decorations

Now, this is going to be a super personal wreath…because I cannot tell you how to decorate it. You need to decide that for yourself and then pick some decorations that will fit your theme. I recommend painting your clothespins because it makes it look a lot more put together and interesting.

Also, make sure you are adding more decorations like bows your little flowers to help it feel extra cute. Okay, let’s do this.

Step One: Paint Your Pins

The first two steps in this process are probably the most time-consuming, so I like to recommend putting on an audiobook or podcast to help it feel less monotonous.

After you have come up with your theme, roughly estimate how many clothespins you are going to need by laying out a few around your wreath form. Once you have a broad idea, you can start painting. Your wreath will need anywhere from 25 to 60 clothespins to be fully covered.

If you have a specific painting pattern in mind, make sure you are carefully planning where they will go. This is a simple activity, but you do need to be very mindful of what you are doing to be successful.

Step Two: It’s Pinning Time

I love this kind of wreath because it is just so simple! All you really have to do is clip your clothespins all around the wreath form until your wreath is complete. I like to do two different rows to help bring some dimension to this piece.

That is really all there is to it, but if you want to make sure that your pins are extra secure, you can put some hot glue onto them before you clip.

Step Three: Decorate

Lastly, you get to add more decorations(if this is something you were planning on doing). I like to add a simple bow because it pulls the whole thing together.

That’s it…you have created your very own clothespin wreath…how amazing is that! The sky is the limit. There are so many other kinds of wreaths you can make now.

dollar tree clothespin wreath

My hope is that by the end of this article, you have either purchased a clothespin wreath or you are planning on making one yourself. This decor item is just too cute not to!

Admittedly, I did both. But there is no shame in that! I really think you are going to enjoy your new wreath. Every time I see mine, I can’t help but smile. And isn’t that the point of decorating our homes? To bring us happiness?

If you want to check out some more unique wreath ideas, then you are in the right place. Like I said in the beginning…I am kind of wreath obsessed. So naturally, this is not the only wreath-themed article I have created. Honestly, I have lost count of how many I have made! But you can begin with this one.

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