Inside: Paper wreath crafts for some affordable crafting fun.

Crafting is one of my favorite hobbies. Notice how I classified crafting as a whole hobby instead of a singular craft. That is because my crafting interests are not singular; I like to try my hand at many different kinds of crafts. From embroidery to wreath making…I enjoy it all.

My most recent obsession happens to be a really cool one: making paper wreath crafts!

I think these are extra cool because you only really need a few supplies to get started, and the end result is amazing.

Perfect Paper Wreath Crafts for Any Occasion

I understand how expensive trying out new crafts can be. So if you are hoping to try creating something on a budget, this is the craft for you! Today I am going to show you all of the different kinds of paper wreaths that you can make. If you aren’t much of a crafter, that is okay. Every one of these is purchasable! So let’s get into this craft inspiration.

Cute Paper Decor Designs

Starting out strong with a list of cute paper wreath ideas. Most of this list contains paper wreaths made out of book pages, so these are perfect for any book lovers out there! I think these are so classy and perfect for any occasion; I hope you love them. Check these out!

1. Paper Book Looped Wreath – I am obsessed with the way these wreaths look when you use paper from books, though it does hurt my heart to imagine having to rip them out.

2. Book Floral Flower Wreath Idea – These flowers are next level. This took some serious talent to make! Check this out to see what I mean.

3. Coiled Paper Flat Wreath – I love this style of the wreath. To make those spirals, you have to have thin strips of paper that you tightly wind up until you have a whole spiral, then you glue the end so it doesn’t undo itself. Cool right?

4. Curly Thick Wreath with Book Pages – This wreath is super thick and full-looking, so if you like that style better than others, then this is the one for you.

5. Japanese Paper Wreath Deco – This is a beautiful form of paper origami, they turned it into a wreath. You have to see this.

6. Flower-Fanned Wreath Made with Paper – Are you a book lover? You are going to love this flower-fanned wreath. I really love this.

7. Dyed Floral Pages with Wreath – Take a look at this colored book page wreath. They shredded the book pages and dyed them to create this unique look.

8. Rolled Pages Full Floral Wreath – I like this because it’s pretty simple, but it looks very complex.

9. Cute Green and White Paper Designs – I am obsessed with the color green, so this just made my heart happy to see. Take a look and see what you think.

10. Simple Flower Wreath with Long Petals – If you like projects that are simpler than complex, then this is the craft for you. Although it looks complex, it is simple as well.

Cool Colorful paper leaf ideas

Cool & Colorful Paper Wreath Ideas

Next up, I thought after those predominately black and white ideas; you might want to add some color to your life. This list is perfect for that. I have compiled some of the coolest paper wreath craft ideas that have a pop of color. Take a look to see which ones you like.

11. Blue, Yellow, and White Small Ribbon – I love the addition of the ribbon to this wreath; I think it adds a cool texture to the simple paper that is used.

12. Orange Wreath with Cute Stem – If it is near fall time when you are reading this, then you have to either make or buy this wreath. It’s a PUMPKIN.

13. Tri-Colored Paper Flowers – I loved this one because it uses 3 of my favorite colors. Check it out.

14. Simple Book Page Wreath – I don’t think a craft has to be hard to be good. Actually, I think that the simple ones are sometimes better because they are less stressful to make.

15. Clean Coiled Jane Austin Book Wreath – This wreath is made up entirely of Jane Austin novels. I think this is perfect for you classic book readers.

16. Cute and Colorful Wreath with Flowers – I think that wreaths that include some form of the floral pattern are winners. Just take this wreath, for example; I may just have to buy it.

17. Simple Pastel Book Paper with Cute Style – Pastel colors are best if used for spring decor, but I feel like this wreath can be hung up any time of the year.

18. Ruffled Page Wreath with Pom Pom Look – Okay…you cannot look at this wreath and not instantly fall in love. This pom-pom look makes my brain happy.

19. Simple Coiled Flowers made of Paper – Making paper flowers can be as simple as wrapping them around themselves, but these flowers require some finesse.

20. Autumnal Flower Wreath Made with Paper – Okay, I have never seen a paper wreath craft more meant for your fall decor wall than this one. Seriously, you need to see this.

21. Little Vintage Rolled Page Wreath – Lastly, I wanted to include this little vintage paper wreath. You can find vintage books and pages at your local thrift store, though you may want to pick the ones that are already damaged. No use in hurting a good book.

Succulent wreaths made with paper

Perfect Paper Wreath Crafts

And lastly, we have some of the perfect paper wreath crafts you will ever see. These are a little more unique than the ones above, so I think you’ll love these. Take your time as you go through these to really notice which ones you could imagine on your wall and which ones you could not. This list speaks for itself. Look and see!

22. Cute Green Photo Leaves

23. Cute Map Themed Wreath

24. Cute Simple Flowers with Words

25. Paper Blue Flowers Made Into Wreath

26. Pink and Orange Patterned Paper Sun

27. Paper Scrapbook Wreath with Color

28. Red and Green Wreath for Christmas

29. Green Leafed Wreath

30. Heart Spiraled Wreath with Red Ribbon

31. DIY Paper Christmas Wreath

32. Adorable Fan Wreath Idea

33. Colorful Pink Wreath

Paper wreath crafts

So what did you think of these ideas? I hope they have fueled your creative inspiration! If you decide to buy one for yourself, that is amazing. Your house will be all the cuter because of it.

The beauty of paper crafts is that you can figure out how to do them on your own. All you will need is some glue, some paper, and a wreath form. You can create your very own paper wreath craft and make it just how you want it. Honestly, sometimes I wonder if my love of crafts comes from the desire to have my decor exactly how I want it—no shame in my game.

If you are thinking about making your own wreath DIY, we have tons of tutorials to help you out. We also have lots of different wreath ideas that will help feed your creative ideas. Check them out!

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