Inside : 31 Inviting Campsite Decorating Ideas for Your Next Trip 

There’s nothing better than escaping to the great outdoors! You don’t need to sacrifice style and comfort for a nature getaway. Take your campsite to the next level with some of these great campsite decorating ideas that will make your campsite feel just as comfortable as your own home.

We put together some of our favorite campsite decorating ideas that are not only fashionable- they’re practical as well. Outdoor furniture, lighting, decor… There are so many little changes you can make to your camp space to make it more welcoming and inviting! Whether you camp regularly as a hobby or going for the first time, there are certainly a few campsite decorating ideas on this list that you can use.

Keep on reading for 31 inviting campsite decorating ideas for your next trip!

campsite decorating ideas

Creative and Practical Campsite Design Ideas

Consider the when and where of your camping trip, as well as who you are traveling with when trying out these campsite decorating ideas.

  1. Choosing The Right Tent:  The key to a comfortable trip is choosing the right tent. How many people are with you? Is it hot or cold? What is the size of your campsite? Keep all of this in mind when choosing your tent!
  2. Comfortable Chairs:  Comfortable chairs are a must! These chairs have cup holders, and these are heated. Choose a chair that you love and suits your needs the best.
  3. Lawn Games:  Some portable lawn games will make your campsite look, feel, and be more fun! Cornhole and horseshoes are two great options, and this Pong lawn game is perfect for families.
  4. Dining Canopy:  Bring along an extra canopy to get a break from the sun while dining. Invest in one that is easy to set up and disassemble so that you can pack it away during windy days.
  5. Solar Power Lighting:  Fairy lights, stake lights, and lanterns are all possible campsite decor ideas even if you don’t have access to electricity with these solar options!
  6. Cute Drink Dispenser:  Snag stylish drink dispensers for both hot and cold beverages. Be picky with these and find one that suits your style!
  7. Fire Pit:  This fashionable fire pit is decorated with stars and moons, and will look great in any camp.
  8. Pen For Pets:  Bringing your furry friends along? A fence will make them easier to manage, give them space to play, and also help to define your space.
  9. Folding Tables:  Collapsible tables will allow for easy snacking and storage, and make your campsite feel like an inviting space.

Genius RV Campsite Decorating Ideas

Glamping with an RV? Then check out these great RV campsite decorating ideas!

  1. Weather-Resistant Decor:  Be sure that you’re investing in weatherproof decor for your outdoor living space. End tables made for the outdoors and wall-hangings made to withstand the weather will hold up and make great additions to your space.
  2. Awning Mats:  A stylish awning mat will really glam up your campsite and turn your space into a cohesive outdoor living room.
  3. Shoe Organizer:  Keep your indoor and outdoor shoes separate (and your floors clean!) with these shoe organizers.
  4. Doormat:  Nothing says home sweet home like a doormat. It has the added bonus of keeping your shoes clean, too!
  5. RV Patio Lighting:  One of the huge advantages to using an RV is your access to electricity. Take advantage of this, and go all out with your lighting!
  6. Spruce Up Windows:  Cute curtains and lights will make your RV inviting from the inside out!
  7. Movie Projector:  With a movie projector and screen, you can have your very own theater wherever you go! Take advantage of your RV’s electricity for a nice movie night. With some outdoor bean bag chairs, your space will be complete!

Cozy ways to decorate a tent

Seasonal Campsite Decorating Ideas

Winter, spring, summer, fall: we have campsite decorating ideas for them all!

  1. Holiday Decor:  There are so many campsite decorating ideas for the holidays! From festive garden flags to wrapping garlands around your canopies and tents, you can add seasonal flair to every corner of your space. Solar lights are great in this case as well!
  2. Screened Canopy:  When you’re dealing with the heat and bugs in the summer, a good screened canopy will make all the difference!
  3. Flameless Candles:  Flameless candles are perfect for adding light and atmosphere without the danger of real fire.
  4. Space Heater:  This adorable space heater comes in four colors and will keep you toasty warm on even winter days!
  5. Drying Rack:  For summer trips to and from the lake or beach, a drying rack for towels and swimsuits will be a lifesaver. A clothesline is a more portable option, though it requires more setup.
  6. Citronella Candles:  Mosquitos will be no problem with a few citronella candles. However, they’re just too cute to have only a few!
  7. Lawn Ornaments:  A few lawn ornaments will really level up your campsite. These wind spinners, moons, and butterflies are just a few examples.
  8. Pennants:  Pennants are awesome and versatile. Just pick your favorite colors, colors that go with the seasons, or classic camp designs!

Campsite Decor Ideas That Are Comfy and Cozy

Finally, take a look at a few more campsite decorating ideas that will make your space oh so comfy and cozy!

  1. Outdoor Rug:  An outdoor rug for all terrain will tie your campsite together and be welcoming for tired feet.
  2. Garden Flags:  Even when it isn’t the holidays, some garden flags around your camp will really make your campsite feel like your own.
  3. Throw Blankets:  Throw blankets for chilly mornings and evenings will keep you cozy at all times!
  4. Throw Pillows:  You’ll be happy to have a few good camp pillows around after a long hike!
  5. Hammock:  Hanging hammocks between trees certainly makes your campsite more comfortable. Plus, they can add bright colors to the space!
  6. Table Cloths And Covers:  Weather-proof tablecloths will help turn gross picnic tables into attractive dining spaces.
  7. Fashionable Camp Stoves:  Go with both cute and efficient with an adorable camp stove.

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