Inside: Pennywise wreath ideas to spook your whole neighborhood.

With the spooky season coming up fast, it’s time to start thinking about ways to spice up our decorations. We have to do better than last year.

One of the best ways to add some decoration to the front of your home is with a wreath.

Yes, you read that right… wreaths aren’t just reserved for Christmas.

What is the best scary wreath on the market…you may be wondering. Well, have you ever heard of a Pennywise-themed wreath? Because they should be the talk of the town. They are cute and scary and can last years if you care for them properly.

Pennywise Wreath Ideas

So to make your life easier, I created a list of the best Pennywise wreaths on the internet to get you started. What are you waiting for? Take a look!

Unique Pennywise Wreaths

To kick us off, I created a list of some of the most unique pennywise wreaths I could find. These all range in terms of scary levels. So before you decide what you are going for, look through these.

You may be surprised by how realistic they can be. Don’t scare your neighbors…or do. It’s up to you.

1. Mask Mesh Wreath – This is a great way to kick off this list. It’s large, spooky, and the ultimate Halloween front door decor you will ever see. They used mesh for the wreath and a costume mask for the center. If you are thinking of making one of these, this one should be your inspo.

2.Large Mesh Wreath – This one is similar to the one above but with a different color scheme. Depending on your goal, you can make his hair bright orange or dark and dirty. It is the spooky season, so I say go all out!

3. Creepy Red, White, and Blue – This crazy wreath includes Red, White, and Blue. If this fits your color scheme better than the classic colors, I say this is the one for you.

4. Classic Pennywise – In the last few years, they have revamped the IT movies, so Pennywise underwent an upgrade in terms of his look. But if you are a Tim Curry’s IT fan, this is the wreath for you! It’s a simple cartoon center. It’s scary, but it won’t make the kids cry…hopefully.

5.Pennywise Mask with Balloon – The “We all float down here” balloon is iconic and must be included. This wreath did a wonderful just incorporating it. Take notes, people!

6. Painted Clothing Pin Wreath – Clothing pin wreaths are one of my favorite kinds when it comes to at-home DIYs. There simple and super cute! You simply paint a bunch of clothing pins with certain colors and pin/glue them around your circular base!

7. Realistic Rubber Mask – The more realistic the mask, the scarier your wreath will be. If you want a mild wreath, go for a cartoon version. This one is pretty scary, so it’s not for the faint of heart.

Spooky Wreath Ideas For Halloween

Spooky Pennywise Wreath Ideas

This may sound a little redundant; a list of spooky Pennywise wreaths…but I promise you. I separated the scariest ones and put them here. If you have any babies or folk with clown phobias living in your household…these may not be the best idea for you to add to your front door.

But if not, then the sky is the limit. See how scary you want it.

8. Realistic Tim Curry Wreath – Many of us got our first nightmares due to Tim Curry’s rendition of pennywise…so it may feel more nostalgic than the new version(though he is super scary as well). So I have to add him to every list, of course! We must do this legend justice.

9. Black Clown Wreath – Here is the new guy…he does a pretty killer job as well. Pun definitely intended. The black mesh outside brings a layer of darkness to this one, and I am here for it!

10. Pennywise Photo Mesh Wreath – This one uses an actual photo cut out of Tim Curry’s it. That mixed with the strategically placed tule makes for a super scary wreath. You won’t know if it’s real when you walk up to knock!

11. Super Realistic Mask – If you have an extra Pennywise mask hanging around from Halloween, do I have the craft for you! Use your rubber bask as the center of your own wreath.

12. LED Clown Wreath – This one is a little less scary because it incorporates lights…but I think it’s the perfect mix of cute and terrifying. Take a look for yourself and see what I mean.

13. Realistic Pennywise with Clothes – If you want to take it a step further, use your mesh to create his hair and then use white ribbon to create his clown outfit. Bonus points if you get it a little dirty, so it looks weathered and creepy.

14. Georgie’s Boat – Georgie’s boat is yet another iconic part of this movie that you can include. This wreath even made it look like he was holding it in his hand. That is craftsmanship!

It Wreaths

Pennywise Wreaths to Buy

As a busy woman, I know that it can sometimes be extremely hard to find the energy or the time to build your own decorations from scratch.

So, do not feel bad if you want to buy an already made pennywise wreath. It’s totally understandable! Take a look at this list and buy yourself some time.

15.  Burnt Orange Mesh Wreath – This is similar to so many listed above. So if you saw those and fell in love but didn’t feel like making them yourself, this bad boy is your saving grace!

16. Pennywise with Wig – This one is borderline funny, but it is also so dang cool! I love that they added a wig to it instead of making it with mesh.

17. Bloody IT Wreath – This one is rated PG 1…it is so scary! They incorporated fake blood, fake body parts, and a “You’ll Float Too” sign. If I went here for trick or treating, I would turn right around.

18. Realistic Mask Wreath – This one made my stomach do a little flip. The eyes look so real! If you are going for the scariest house on the block, this is definitely the one for you.

19. Affordable Clown Wreath – Some of these wreaths can be pretty spendy, so I thought I’d include an affordable one. This one is super cool, and it won’t hurt your wallet.

20. Cracking IT Mask – I think I found the creepiest IT mask in this article. The cracks make it look so weathered and scary!

21. YOU’LL FLOAT TOO – I thought this would be a good ending to this list because it is EPIC. They incorporated Pennywise’s scary hands reaching out at you.

Pennywise Wreath

There you have it! I hope you loved every Pennywise wreath on this list. There are so many awesome ideas that you can run with here.

If you didn’t find something you like, you can just pull aspects from the ones you did and create your own.

Scared you won’t know what you’re doing? Well, save the fear for your tricker-treaters. We have plenty of advice and tutorials to make it easy for you. 

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