Inside: Burlap Christmas Wreath Ideas to help make your home festive

Christmas is coming! It is time to start bringing out our decorations and assessing what we have and what we don’t. If you have had the same dusty old Christmas wreath for years now…I think it is time you upgraded.

Today I have found some of the cutest burlap Christmas wreath ideas for you to look through. Not only are they adorable beyond measure, but they will last you for the years to come.

Festive Burlap Christmas Wreath Ideas + DIY

So take a look at these ideas, and if you don’t see anything that quite fits your vision, stick around to the end. I have a simple DIY for you that you can do alone or with your family. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get into it.

Simple Burlap Christmas Wreath Ideas

First up, we have some super simple burlap Christmas wreath ideas for you to look through. These are super cute, even with their simplicity. Take a look.

1. Green Burlap Wreath

2. Brown Burlap with Red Plaid Bow

3. Curly Burlap with Ever Green

4. Black and White Bow with Ever Green

5. Polka Dot Bow with Burlap

6. Burlap Red Santa Wreath

7. Cute Green Accented Wreath

8. Pine Cone Ribbon Wreath

9. Bright Red Burlap Wreath

10. Farmhouse Grapevine Wreath

11. Black and Red Wreath

12. Santa with Classic Burlap

13. Green Tree Ribbon

14. Burlap Flower in Red

15. White Burlap Wreath

16. Simple Christmas Theme with Burlap

17. Red with Burlap and Black

18. Three Rows of Color

Pinecone Burlap Wreath Ideas

Next up, these are some of the cutest pinecone wreaths that I have ever seen. Some of them don’t have burlap, but you can always add that yourself when you are making it.

19. 3 Toned Pinecone Wreath

20. Pinecone with Yellow Ribbon

21. Cute Themed Wreath

22. Pinecone Simple Wreath

23. Mustard Yellow Pine Cones

24. Red Pinecones with Black

25. White, Green, and Red Wreath

26. Frosted Tipped Pinecone Wreath

27. Tri Colored Pinecone

28. Pinecones and Nuts

29. Pinecones with Cranberries

30. Ever Green Wreath with Pine Cones

31. Frosty Pinecones with Red Ribbon

32. Cute Christmas Pinecone

33. Pinecones with Burlap Bow

34. Pine Tree Wreath

35. Pine Cone Grapevine Wreath

36. Red Pinecone Mash Up

37. Adorable Pinecone Wreath

38. Cute Painted Pinecone

Whimsical ribbon Christmas Wreaths

Whimsicle Burlap Christmas Wreath Ideas

Here are some of the most whimsical Christmas wreaths that I have ever seen. Take a look through these and add one or more of them to your cart if you want to add some magic to your life.

39. Wreath with Snowy Decoration

40. Cute Decorative Wreath

41. Brightly Colored Burlap Wreath

42. Burlap Wreath with Black Ribbon

43. Burlap Polka Dot Burlap

44. Bright Red Burlap

45. Snowflake Decorated Wreath

46. Tree-Shaped Burlap

47. Burlap Ribbon Wreath

48. Burlap with Red and Green

49. Multiple Ribboned Wreath

50. Red Burlap Center

51. Red and Black Plaid Wreath

52. Tri-Colored Burlap

53. Red and Burlap Wreath

54. Red Burlap with Cute Bow

55. Burlap with Red Plaid

56. Christmas Red Wreath

57. Cute Tree Wreath

Best Christmas Wreath Designs

Next up to bat, we have some of the coolest Christmas wreath designs that you will ever see. I put this smack dab in the middle so you had something to look forward to.

58. Burlap Wreath with Christmas Colored

59. Multiple Plaid Wreath

60. Cute Red Burlap with Lights

61. Burlap with Bells

62. Cute Spiralled Burlap

63. Peppermint Burlap Wreath

64. Simple Curly Burlap Wreath

65. Snowman Burlap Wreath

66. Maroon Burlap Wreath

67. Let It Snow Top Hat

68. Burlap Wreath with Nutcracker

69. Square Burlap Wreath

70. Burlap Front Door Wreath

71. Cute Christmas Truck

72. Green and Red Plaid

73. Curly Ribboned Christmas Bulb

74. S for Santa

75. Red Bulb Decoration

76. White and Gold Burlap

White Burlap Christmas Wreath Ideas

If a white Burlap Christmas wreath is more your aesthetic, then this is the list for you. I like my decor to be lighter as well, so I know that these ideas are awesome. Take a look to see which ones you like, and remember that you can always make your own!

77. Snowman-Shaped Wreath

78. White Feather Wreath

79. Beige and White Wreath

80. White and Light Blue Burlap

81. White Curly Wreath

82. White Grapevine Wreath

83. Winter White Wreath

84. White Burlap Wreath with Brown Bow

85. White Burlap with Rose Detail

86. Christmas White Wreath with Bow

87. Winter Wonderland

88. White Mesh Wreath

89. White and Brown Wreath

90. White Snow Flocked Wreath

91. Off White Simple Wreath

92. Burlap Curls with Silver Ribbon

93. Rose Gold and White

94. White Silver Ribbons

Festive DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas

Festive Burlap Christmas Wreath Ideas

And lastly, we have a list of festive burlap Christmas wreath ideas for you to look through. Honestly, I would be shocked if you haven’t found something you like yet, what with there being over 100 options and all. But If you haven’t yet, then you will after looking through this list. I especially love the candy cane-shaped wreath(which is why I put it first).

95. Burlap Candy Cane

96. Red and Black Plaid

97. Simple Wreath with Smooth Design

98. Burlap with Plaid

99. Burlap Wreath with Pinecones

100. Merry Christmas Festive

101. Fresh Baked Cookies

102. Red Burlap Santa Belt

103. Burlap String with Bow

104. Dark Blue Ribbon with Burlap

105. Cute Red Burlap with Ribbons

106. Green and Red with Ribbons

107. Front Door Plaid Wreath

108. Perfect Winter Design

109. Yoda Star Wars Themed

110. White, Green, Burlap

111. Red and White Canes

112. Brown and White Wreath

113. Christmas Blue Wreaths

Now that this list is made, we can learn how to make our own Christmas wreath. I hope you have been taking notes on what ideas you like best because that will be very useful when putting your own wreath together. Let’s get into this DIY!

DIY Burlap Christmas Wreath

For this DIY, you will need:

I am obsessed with this simple kit because it has everything that we will need for our DIY. Plus it is so affordable! Once you have all of your supplies, we can get started.

Step One

First, you will want to lay out all of your supplies. Then you will take your burlap and superglue/pin one end of it to the form wreath form. Then you will slowly and neatly wrap it around the wreath form. Do this as many times as you want until you have your desired thickness.

Step Two

Next up, you get to add your little decorations. You can glue or tie your pinecones into the desired area. Next place the little berries all around your wreath in all of the places you want.

Step Three

Pick your finished wreath up and give it a little light shake. This is to make sure that everything is securely placed. If anything needs to be secured better, go ahead and do that. And there you have it…you’re very own simple burlap Christmas wreath!

Burlap Christmas Wreath Ideas

I hope that you loved looking through these burlap Christmas wreath ideas and that you are inspired to make your own. If you want to save time, you can always purchase any of the ideas on this list. They are all from Etsy, and you will be supporting a small business.

Christmas time is the best time of year, you get to spend time with your loved ones, bundle up in a cozy sweater, and best of all you get to surround yourself with cute decorations like these wreaths.

If you love these ideas but want to continue the fun, check these out.

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