Inside: Adorable pill bottle wreath ideas to celebrate our medical heroes.

When it comes to medical facilities, there aren’t THAT many cool Christmas decorations that are on theme. Sure there are the basic ones…but doesn’t such an honorable place deserve the cutest of decor? Que a pill bottle wreath!

Yes, you read that correctly. You can make a wreath out of empty pill bottles… and it’s adorable.

So adorable, I compiled a list of some of the best pill bottle wreath ideas out there so that you could get some inspiration to create your own.

Pill Bottle Wreaths

Not sure how to even go about doing that? Well, I have that covered as well. Keep reading until the end, and I’ve included a simple DIY tutorial on achieving your own pill bottle wreath. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Simple Pill Bottle Wreath Ideas

My first list is full of simple pill bottle wreaths. I figured we’d start off with the basics and work out a way up. If you plan to make this yourself, keep your eye out for any style or ideas you like. You can incorporate anything you want into your wreath; the sky is really the limit. So get a pen and paper to write down the ideas that jump out to you.

1. Pill Bottles with Green Bow – I figured this wreath would be perfect for kicking things off. Its made entirely of glued-together pill bottles forming a perfect circle. To cap it off(pun intended), they added a pretty green bow to make it festive. How cool!

2. Orange Wreath – This one is perfect if you have plenty of prescription bottles lying around or if you work in a pharmacy! This pharmacy was decorated by creating this adorable wreath made with recycled pill bottles. They are each the same solid orange color, so it goes together nicely.

3. Fluffy Pill Wreath – They used a mesh base for this beauty and then glued syrup bottles in a circle around the form. Then they offset pill bottles in between them. I love this! It’s perfect for any nurse’s home.

4. Orange Snowflake Wreath – This one is simple but so cute! They glued together orange pill bottles(the most classic color) in a shape similar to a snowflake and then finished it off by adding some sparkly snowflakes to the front.

5. Classic Christmas Wreath – If you are a fan of the classic evergreen wreath that you see everywhere during Christmas, this is the wreath idea for you! They took a simple evergreen wreath form and glued the pill bottles in a circle.

6. Cap Wreath – This adorable wreath is one of the best examples of recycling the old and making it new. They strictly used the white caps from different pill bottles to create their base and added a big bow and a red Merry Christmas sign. Too cute!

7. Pop Of Color Wreath – If you’ve gotten this far and wondered by no one has used any extra medication for a pop of color, you are not alone. Que this beauty! They not only used the pill bottles to surround the wreath, but they used pills as cute holly berries.

8. Pharmacy Wreath – This pharmacy used white pill bottles and arranged their caps inward to create a beautiful circle that they decorated with a large bow.

3 Pill bottle wreath examples

Medical Themed Pill Bottle Wreath Ideas

Now that we have seen the wreaths that incorporated pill bottles alone, we can take it up a notch. This list is full of medical-themed wreaths, which incorporate everything that has to do with working in the medical field. You’ll see things like gloves, gauze, syringes, bandaids, etc.

It really makes you appreciate the medical staffs we have around the world!

9. Flocked Wreath – If you are a fan of the flocked look when it comes to Christmas decor, then this is the wreath that is meant to be in your home. They use a white base with green pill bottles and a red mesh weaving through it…it screams Christmas!

10. Clear Bottled Wreath – These wreaths really blow my mind…I would have never thought about using leftover bottles to make a wreath. This one tied little bows around the top of each to put its cuteness over the top.

11. Pill Door Hanger – Here, we have a 3 layer wreath with green and red mesh intertwined into it. They even added 3 little snowflakes to hang from the bottom for added Christmas spirit!

12. Syringe and Pill Bottle Wreath – Medical hospitals have many ways to create themed decorations. This example used plastic syringes and pill bottles to create the perfect wreath for the office!

13. Simple Wreath – If you are thinking about keeping it simple, then you have to check out this example. They used a form and pipe cleaners to fasten the pill bottles to the wreath form. Then they wrapped a red ribbon around it, topping it off with a bow.

14.Hospital Bow – They really didn’t hold back while making this wreath. They added all the staple items you’d associate with the hospital. Things like gloves, bandaids, pill bottles, pens…etc. They added it all!

15. Creative Wreath – This one is probably my favorite on the list so far. They used blue medical gauze as the ribbon to wrap around all the pill bottles. Plus, they glued a bunch of colorful pills to the bow to add to the theme.

16. Jar Wreath– This may be funny for those who work in the medical field. It’s completely made of pee jars! Too much? I don’t think anything is too much for someone who works in a hospital.

17. Medical Supply Wreath – They created this wreath entirely out of medical supplies, down to the bow made out of gauze! Brilliant.

Happy nurses day wreath

DIY Pill Bottle Wreath

If you are interested in making your own pill wreath, this article is your one-stop shop! Here I will go over a quick tutorial on how to make one, and I’ve also included a list of supplies. Let’s start with that.


Step One: Collect Pill Bottles

You are obviously going to need some pill bottles for this project, so find as many as you can. Depending on the size of the wreath form you bought, you may need as many as 20-30. Once you have those, we can get started.

Step Two: Visualize

When creating something like this, you will want to lay out all your pill bottles on the wreath form. Arrange these to your liking, and once you know what you want…you can move on to step three.

Step Three: Secure Your Bottles

For this third and final step, you can begin to use the thin wires to fasten your pill bottles to the wreath form tightly. Do this until they are all secure. You can now add other decorations of your choosing. I have only included the basic decorations for this in order to leave you with your creative freedom. You got this!

Pill Bottle Wreath

So, quite the idea, right? Who would have ever thought to use empty pill bottles for anything other than space in your recycling bin? Not me! Recycling is so important, and it is quite fun.

If this DIY has left you wanting more wreath ideas, we got you covered. You will be surprised by how many varying kinds of wreaths there are. And you can make them all!

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