Inside: Awesome golf wreath ideas to fill your home with your hobbies

I think filling your home with the things you are passionate about is extremely important. You spend most of your time there and want to surround yourself with the things you love!

Many people are passionate about sports, but developing new ways to incorporate them into your decor can be challenging without leaning on the basics. This is where wreaths come in.

You can make a wreath with whatever theme you want. To give you some idea of what I am talking about, I will cover sports wreaths today. Since there are too many to fit into this one post, we will narrow our vision to one sport at a time, and today we are focusing on golf!

I made a list of the best golf wreath ideas for a hole-in-one. So take a look below to get inspired and maybe even add one to your cart.

Cute Golf Wreath Ideas

There are many ways to incorporate the game of golf into a wreath. More ways than I’m sure you can think of! So for this first list, I created the perfect mixture of styles and ideas to get the whole picture. Whether buying one or making it yourself, this list will help you narrow down your likes and dislikes.

1. Burlap Golf Ball Wreath – This simple wreath makes excellent use of burlap and real golf balls to create an adorable understated wreath that will work in any home.

2. Golf Cart Wreath – Every golf player has spent their fair share of time on the infamous golf carts at every golf course. So naturally, you’d want to include this in your wreath.

3. Golf Tee Wreath – There are quite a few staples for golf; the ball tee is one of them. This wreath includes them throughout the mesh base and even a ball sitting in them. Too cool!

4. Crazy Golf Wreath – If you believe that bigger is better, this wreath is certainly one of the best. It’s huge! Not to mention it has all the bells and whistles. Love it.

5. Green Burlap Wreath – This is probably the cutest. Putting green has that unmistakable brightness reserved for golf and golf alone. So find yourself some burlap of the same color to use as your base!

6. Simple Green Wreath – I think having a fake grass background is brilliant when creating a golf wreath.

7. Red, White, and Blue Wreath – For an added patriotic touch, paint your golf balls red, white, and blue and arrange them to look like the flag.

8. Simple Ribbon Wrap Wreath – Say that 3 times fast. Try something like this if you are thinking about going in a simpler direction regarding your wreath.

9. Evergreen Wreath – Evergreen is a classic base for wreaths, so if you want to go the more traditional route, then take a look at this one!

10. Solid Golf Ball Wreath – Though the gluing portion of this may seem a bit tedious, the end results are so worth it. Don’t you think?

11. Blue Golf Ball Wreath – The cool thing about golf balls is that they can be painted any color you like. So choose whatever your favorite is.

How to make a wreath with golf balls

Golf Wreath Ideas with Quotes

Many people prefer wreaths that include some form of a quote, so I created this whole section for you guys. Below is a collection of the cutest golf wreaths that include a quote. Take a look and see which ones make your heart happy.

Remember, if there is a quote you like on a wreath you don’t, just write it down and put it on your own!

12. Anytime is Tee Time – You can never have enough puns when golfing. You’ll find this out by the end of this next section. So much golf, so little time!

13. Gone Golfing – This beauty includes a chalkboard, so you can write whatever quote you want. This person went with the classic, “gone golfing.”

14. Born to Golf, Forced to Work – Aren’t we all? This has a placard in the center to hold the quote. Super cute.

15.  It’s always Tee Time Somewhere – This is similar to the quote above, but it’s in a different wreath style. Check it out.

16. If we are not home, check the golf course – Probably my favorite quote so far. It’s helpful!

17. Golfing is Life – This one is for you for those who are die-hard golfers.

18. Welcome – Sometimes, the best signs are the simplest ones. This welcome sign included in the wreath is too cute, but it matches the color theme. You can’t go wrong.

19. Welcome to our Home – If you plan to put your wreath on your front door, this is the perfect sign for you. It’s such a comforting sight after a long day.

20 Funny Quote – This one was too long to put in the title, but it’s about choosing your club wisely. It’s pretty funny!

21. Golf – Keep it simple with the word “Golf.” It’s straightforward and gets the point across; you can’t go wrong.

Wreath gift for golfers

Golf Wreaths to Buy

Not everyone possesses craftsmanship skills or the time to hone them. This is normal! So for those of you who relate to that, this next section is for you. I found the cutest handmade golf wreaths the internet had to offer. You are sure to find one you like on this list.

22. Wooden Wreath – I thought I’d start it off simple with this adorable(and customizable) wooden door hanger. You can add your own name or the name of the person you are making it for to add an extra touch of personality.

23. Plaid Wreath – Plaid is another one of those well-known staples. Those hilarious golf pants are normally covered in the stuff! So check out this wreath that features it.

24. Golf Photo Wreath – This iconic photo says, “that’s what I do, I golf, I drink beer, and I know things.” Sounds like a father’s day gift to me.

25. Check the Golf Course – If you loved this quote in the examples above but wanted to buy one, not make it, then this one is for you.

26. Christmas Golf Wreath – I love how they used the tees as snowflakes. Too cute!

27. Classic Golfer Outfit – This hilarious wreath features a stuffed representation of the most classic golf outfit out there. You cannot ignore this.

28. Wooden Golf Wreath – This is a chic sign that you can hang on your front door. It’s perfect for modern homes that prefer a more minimalistic decor style.

29. I’d Rather Be Golfing Wreath – This wreath is super colorful! They used blue ribbon and a photo center, so it’s super adorable.

30. Crescent Golf Wreath – I love this style of wreath. They take grapevine for the base and then decorate only the crescent of it, leaving a bit of the form exposed.

31. The 19th Hole! – This is a classic burlap style wreath, and it would be perfect for any front door!

golf wreath

Did you find one that you absolutely loved? Remember that if you didn’t quite find the one that fits your style, you could always make it yourself. We have tutorials that walk you through this process, so it’ll be minimum stress and maximum fun!

I hope you loved looking through these and gained some inspiration for how you want to decorate your home to reflect your hobbies and passions. Golf truly is such an awesome sport!

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