41 Bold Peacock Wreath Ideas To Design & DIY

Inside: Bold peacock wreath ideas you’ll be excited to try out for pretty front door decor.

Peacocks are one of the prettiest birds on the planet. Not only are they vibrant in color, but the patterns on their feathers resemble eyes, it’s so cool to see!

Because of this, peacock feathers are a popular decoration for many things. From stickers to clothing, to even wreaths.

Yes…you heard me right. Peacock wreaths! That is actually what we are to be focussing on today.

Peacock Wreath Ideas

Peacock wreaths are such a great way to add some colorful decoration to your home, and they don’t even need a reason!

I mean that you don’t need a holiday or a special occasion. You can just have them to have them! That’s part of the beauty of this theme of wreaths, you can have them up all year long.

If you are someone who adores Peacocks or just simply love the way their feathers look, then you may be on the hunt for a peacock wreath of your own. Well, you’re in luck because I’ve made the ultimate list of peacock wreaths you can buy online. Before we get into the lists below, let’s talk about some of the cool symbols that come along with the amazing bird that is the Peacock.

Peacock Symbolism

Peacocks are a bird ripe with symbolism. In many cultures, they represent rejuvenation, growth, abundance, honor, and truth. They are also known to be the symbol of beauty lust and love. This is because the male peacock (the one with the pretty feathers) is adorned with those intricate designs to attract a mate.

In Buddhism, this bird was actually highly respected and held in the same regard as deities. How cool is that?

So if you are someone who is inspired by these qualities and want to attract more of them into your life, then a peacock wreath is defiantly something you will have in your future!

Classic Peacock Wreath

I thought for the first list I would gather a good little mix of many different styles of a peacock wreath. By looking through these you will gain a better sense of your style and what kind of wreath you are after.

The good news with these is that once you buy them, you can have them for years. With proper care, they are very durable so you can absolutely get your money’s worth!

1. Simple Wreath with Peacock Feather

2. Full Grapevine Wreath with Turquoise Bow.

3. Winter Wreath with Huge Ribbon

4.Eucalyptus with Peacock Feathers

5. Peacock Mesh Wreath

6. Emerald and Blue Spring Deco Mesh

7. Elegant Peacock Themed Wreath

8. Christmas Wreath

9. Adorable Christmas Peacock Wreath

10. Big Peacock Wreath with Sparkly Ribbons

11. Wreath with Peacock Tail

12. Wreath Shaped Like a Peacock

13. Peacock Wreath with Greens

14. Spiral Peacock Ring

15. Crescent Moon Shaped Wreath

Adorable Peacock Wreaths with Deco Mesh

Adorable Peacock Wreaths

This next list is some of the most adorable peacock wreaths I could find on the internet.

The amount of creativity that goes into these is truly inspiring and is so appreciated by the people who get to take these home.

Take a look and see if any of these make your heart happy to its core… though that may seem like a dramatic statement I think that these have the power to achieve it!

16.Vivid Wreath for Front Door

17. White Mesh Wreath

18. Peacock Feathers with Evergreen

19. Colored Wreath with Peacock Photo

20. Blue Rose Wreath

21. Poofy Peacock Wreath

22. Symmetrical Peacock Wreath

23. Beautiful Wreath with Metal Peacock

24. Mesh Purple Wreath with Feather Center

25. Simple Green Wreath

26. Peacock Wreath with Grapevine Form

27. Wheat Wreath with Peacock

28. Intricate Wreath with Sparkly Faux Feather

29. Peacock Mantel Decor

30. Golden White Wreath

Deco Mesh Teal Feather Wreath

Peacock Wreath for the Front Door

Putting a wreath on your front door is like sending a message to the world. It’s an expression of the self, even if just a little bit. Peacocks have such beautiful symbolisms and are amazing creatures in general.

They are the perfect animal to display proudly to your neighborhood and all who see them!

31. Summer Peacock Grapevine Wreath

32. Wreath with White Magnolias Embellished with Feathers

33. Coiled Ribbon with Peacock Feathers

34. Peacock Welcome Sign

35. Beaded Wood Wreath with Felt Flowers

36. Peacock Moon Wreath

37. Skull Wreath

38. Teal Sunflower Wreath

39. Whimsical Door Wreath

40. Welcome Wreath

41. Large Wreath in Teal and Green

DIY Peacock Wreath Instructions

DIY Peacock Wreath

Creating your own wreath is as easy as it is fun. The hardest part is going out to get the supplies, and even that can be considered fun. I mean that’s if you love shopping, like me. Let’s get into the supplies:


  • Wreath form: You can pick whichever you like. I prefer a grapevine wreath form because it’s sturdy and easy to attach other decorations too. They are also very durable and can last years!
  • Flowers – This one is up to you in terms of what kind of flowers you want to include if any. I like to stick with the color scheme of the peacock so greens, purples, and blues.
  • Peacock Feathers – I mean, this one is pretty obvious.
  • Ribbons – These are also up to you to choose what you would like. For mine, I’m thinking I’m gonna go with a burlap bow!
  • Twine – Twine is great to tie down your decorations in a way that still looks cute.
  • Hot glue – Having hot glue on hand is helpful to keep things sturdy and in place.

Step One:

Before you start super gluing and securing your decorations to the wreath, I recommend laying them all out in the way that you picture your end result. This way you can see if there are any rearrangements that must be made or not without wasting time or supplies.

Step Two:

After you have a good idea of what you are going for, then you can start securing your decorations! There is no right or wrong way to do this, just try and make them as tightly secured as possible to help avoid them breaking.

It’s that simple! Now you have an adorable Peacock wreath that you were able to make in less than three steps. Isn’t that crazy. We are so much more capable than we realize. Next thing you know you’re gonna be making 10 of these a day just because you can. Isn’t crafting just the best?

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