Inside: When updating the lower level of the house you need to find the best basement rug ideas to handle the humidity, dirt and all the fun you’ll have downstairs.

The basement is one of the least appreciated rooms in the house. This could be due to the fact that they’re known to be cold, and dark, and there isn’t much traffic.

You are less likely to spend time in your basement than any other room in your house. But I think with a little TLC, this could do a full 180.

Basement Rug Ideas to hide dirt

Your basement has the potential to become the fun hangout hub that you never knew you needed.

Next thing you know, your place will be the spot that all of your friends gravitate to. Because there is nothing sadder than wasted space, and that is exactly what an unloved basement is. It may seem like a lot of work, but it is absolutely worth it!

To start, most basements have that cold cement flooring. This can make the overall atmosphere feel off and uninviting. We have to fix this!

To do this, we need to add some carpeting or rugs. Lucky for you, I’ve compiled a list of 37 of the absolute best rugs that were made for basement floors.

But before we get into that, I want to explain some of the must-haves when choosing a rug for your basement.

Basement Rug Must-Haves

Your basement is a little different than the rest of your house in terms of the way it’s used. Many basements are where you go to do your laundry or work on projects.

The humidity is also different in your basement, which can affect your rug in the long term.

For these reasons, there are a few characteristics that you should be looking for when choosing a rug.

  • Durability – You want your rug to last a long time, so choosing a higher quality one ensures that it will be durable in the long term. Though this isn’t a high-traffic area, other factors make it important to include this when choosing a carpet.
  • Stain Resistance – The higher humidity can contribute to moister in the air. This can end up pooling during hotter parts of the day, so it is important to get a rug that is stain-resistant. This can also be helpful for everyday mishaps!
  • Water Resistance – For reasons similar to what I explained above, having a rug that is water resistant can be very a very helpful characteristic.
  • Length – The length of your carpet fibers has quite the impact. Longer shag carpets are nice. They are softer, yes, but it also means that they are at risk of getting dirtier, while also stubbornly holding onto dirt
  • Padding – Getting water-resistant padding can help add to the comfort of the rug. So if you are someone who plans on standing a lot down there then I suggest choosing a rug with some more padding.

Basement Rug Ideas

Basement Area Rugs

These basement rug ideas will cover an entire area and are some of the cutest rugs we found. Choosing a rug can be one of the most fun parts of decorating a room because it has the ability to really pull the whole thing together.

Being a durable rug with many of the qualities that it takes to be a long-term part of your basement is important of course, but so is style. You truly have the opportunity to put some personality into this place.

Making your space your own has been proven to have benefits on your mental health and overall energy levels. Worth a shot right?

1. Black and Grey Ombre Rug

2. Ombre Grey Area Rug

3. Vibrant Colored Bohemian Rug

4. Non-Slip Navy Blue Rug

5. White Boho Distressed Carpet

6. Spartan Area Rug

7. Simple Carpet with Diamond Shaped Design

8. Boho Jute Card

9. Non-Shedding Rug

10. Distressed Adorable Rug

Best Basement Rugs To Handle humidity

Best Basement Rugs To Hide Dirt

This next list is a good mix of style and usefulness. I made sure to incorporate styles from simple contemporary designs to colorful floral patterns.

There is truly something for everyone here! Take a look at these adorable rugs that would make for the perfect addition to your underground hangout.

11. White Contemporary Rug with Gray Lines

12. Cute Green Area Rug

13. Charcol Grey Flat Rug

14. Cute Checkered Area Rug

15. Runner with Rubber Back

17. Tribal Designs in Black And White

18. Box Design in Black & Grey

19. Floral Colorful Rug

20. Waikiki Rug Collection

21. Medallion Carpet

22. Geometric Zig Zag Rug

23. Vintage Style Cute Rug

24. Distressed Colorful Mandala Rug

25. Colorful Area Rug

26. Intracate Boho Chic Rug

27. Light Blue and White Contemporary Rug

28. Natural Fiber Rug

29. Diamond Design with Grey Background

30. 4 Color Triangle Rug

Durable Rugs For lower level

Durable Carpets For Downstairs

This last section of basement rug ideas is going to be encouragement to go ahead and look into carpets is for those of you with a troubled basement. We’ve all seen it, trouble with leaks, keeping mold at bay, fighting with the moisture in the air. It can be tiring no doubt!

Having a rug that poses to be more of a problem than a fun addition can be such a drag. So take a look at these super durable carpets that will make your job just that much easier.

31. Cute Striped Rug

32. Distressed White and Grey

33. Light Green and Cream Mandala

34. Adorable Boho Geometric Rug

35. Tommy Bahama Area Rug

36. Simple but Adorable Classic Rug

37. Rust Colored Antique Style Rug

And there you have it our fave basement rug ideas. I hope you found something that you like, as well as learned some of the more important qualities that a good basement rug will have. Now get out there and make that space your own!

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