Inside: Best DIY cubicle decor ideas to lighten up your office space with just a little money and time.

I don’t know about you, but nothing inspires me to get to work more than when my office space is all set up. If I walked into an empty cubicle with nothing warm or inviting, the only thing I would be inspired to do was turn around and walk right out.

I recently updated my workspace, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I actually look forwards to sitting down and getting to work; isn’t that crazy? The power of good decor, let me tell you. So today, I wanted to show you some of my all-time favorite DIY cubicle decor ideas to help inspire you to revamp your space…on a budget!

Cutest DIY Cubicle Decor Ideas

Most of these ideas can be done with supplies you can get at the dollar store, so there are no excuses as to why your cubicle is not decorated. Take a look at these ideas and bust out your craft scissors!

DIY Cubicle Decor

First things first, I wanted to give you a general idea of the different things that you can(and should) be making for your office space. Below are some great ideas that are going to blow your mind. Take a look and see if any of these would brighten up your day at the office!

1. DIY Simple Plant Hanger

2. Terricota Small Vases – You can use these vases for pens, flowers, anything you want. They are super simple to make and even cuter when they are done.

3. Cute Dehydrated Flowers – If you want to enjoy the look of flowers but don’t want to stress about spilling their water or watching them wilt, then you should reach for DEHYDRATED flowers instead. They are just as cute and you will love them.

4. Handing Dry Flower Decor

5. DIY Photo Board

6. Mini Hanging Propagation – For this one, you may need to get yourself a small growing light and clip it above them, but bringing in some greenery is worth it. These are cute, fun to watch, and they will clean your air!

7. Peg Board Organization Idea

8. Macrame Dollar Tree Hanger – Macrame is much easier than any of us may think. This video shows us how to do it step by step with supplies from the dollar tree! Too cool.

9. Boho Wall Hanging

10. Dollar Tree Side Table – If you want to add a little side table to your space to keep your water bottle on, then I think that this is a perfect Idea.

11. Simple Cute Book Stand

12. Jute Coffee Coasters

13. DIY Shelf Idea

14. DIY Cute Tray Idea – These cute trays can be used for pens, paper clips, and basically all of the work essentials.

15. Geometric Photo Decor

Cubicle Collage Idea

Cubicle Collage Idea

One of my favorite DIY cubicle decor ideas has to be photo collages. If you don’t want to stare at a blank wall all day, why not make your own vision board? Below are some awesome ideas that will help you get started.

16. Personalized Photo Board – Instead of using photos from the internet, you can use photos from your life for that added personal touch. There are so many ways you can incorporate them, but this is one of my favorites.

17. No Bad Days Idea

18. Big Board Idea – This is the prime example of the more time you put into a project, the better it looks. These all fit together so well. There are so gaps, the entire board is covered, and it looks amazing.

19. Cool Collage Idea

20. Adorable Photo Collage

21. Starfish Decor – If your heart is in the ocean, you need to add some themed decor like this.

22. Pastel Map Office Decor

23. Salt Lamp Office Decor

24. Fashion Inspiration Idea – Whether fashion is what you do for a living or if you simply love it, this is a wonderful board to have in your office.

25. Artsy Photo Collage

26. DIY Frame Pin Board – These frame pinboards are just too cute. What do you think?

27. Unique Photo Collage

28. Colorful Collage Idea

29. Calendar Board Idea with Clock – Some of us don’t like the reminder of a time when at work because we risk watching it drag on. But if you like it, you’ll need a cute clock like this.

30. Functional Photo Collage

31. Favorite Anime Board – Filling your collage board with all of the things that you love is the quickest way to create a space that feels like you.

DIY Cubicle Decor

Cool DIY Ideas

Here I have some of the coolest DIY cubicle ideas for you to try out. These are all very in terms of functionality, but they all have their aesthetics in common, so you know you are getting something good. Take a look and decide which one you would like to see five days a week at the office.

32. DIY Abstract Face Art

33. Cool Floral Face Art – This floral face art is some of my favorite forms of creative expression. It celebrates women in their femininity and power.

34. Dried Orange Garland

35. Cool Storage Basket – You are going to need storage if you are working in a small space like this. Take a look at this idea.

36. Boho DIY Mirror

37. Clean Flower Photo Decor – I love this flower decor. It is so pristine and clean looking.

38. Eucalyptus Art Idea

39. Floral Art Idea – I think adding flowers to your space is the cutest way to spice up your cubicle.

40. DIY Pencil Holder

41. Pringles Can Revamp – This is one of my favorites because it is so accessible to people. You can even make something as simple as a pringles can into a cute decor item.

42. Jute Cord Little Carrier

43. Lavender Glass Art – If you love the simple beauty of a lavender plant, press a dried one into a picture frame for a cool decor look.

44. Cute Wood Puzzle

45. Rainbow Noodle Idea

Cubicle Inspiration Ideas

Cubicle Inspiration Ideas

And lastly, I wanted to show you some cubicles that were already put together with some DIY decor ideas. This way you can get a bigger picture feel for what your decor will do for your space. You will be shocked by some of these transformations. Check this out!

46. Light Pink Cubicle

47.  Computer Monitor Set Up

48. Light Green Monitor

49. Cute Cubicle Idea

50. Hanging Photo Idea

51. Functional Cubicle Idea

52. Lifted Phone Idea

53. Cute Organizer Idea

54. Weekday Goals Idea

55. Little Gold Cart

56. Pink Office Idea

57. Acrylic To-Do List

58. DIY Photo Garland

59. Easy Bulletin Board

60. Simple Board Idea

61. Simple and Clean

DIY Cubicle Decor: Conclusion

There you have it. I hope you are truly inspired to sit down and revamp your workspace. Whether it be your cubicle at the office or perhaps your homework space, I think these ideas are great additions.

You will be surprised by how much easier it is to get work done when you feel you are in an environment that is cute and put together. It helps your work and motivation flow better than a lackluster space. If you love these ideas, then you should continue on the fun and check out some of our other DIY articles!

There are so many different decor ideas out there, and if you didn’t find one you love on this list(which would be surprising), then remember you can always create one from scratch. Whatever you have in your mind’s eye, you can make. You hold power!

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