Inside: Adorable DIY spooky black wreath ideas that are perfect for Halloween.

Now that I can finally store away my shorts and flip-flop wreaths and replace them with boots and a cozy sweatshirt… it’s time to do the same with my house!

That’s right, it’s cozy season now. Which means I get to take out all of my normal decor and replace it with something a little more spooky, spectacular, and festive. The first thing on my list has to be my front door and these DIY spooky black wreath ideas are such a fun welcome statement for all the fall coming ahead.

Feather Wreath idea in black

I have created the PERFECT black wreath that will bring an effortless spooky and fun vibe in your home, which is just in time for Halloween. I go over everything you need, from inspiration to the tutorial itself. Let’s do this!

DIY Spooky Black Wreath Ideas

It’s kind of hard to create something when you have no inspiration to draw from, so I wanted to fill your creative juices for you with these DIY spooky black wreath ideas. Remember, you can take these ideas and make them your own!

1. Grapevine Wreath with Dark Florals

Black wreath with roses

Dark Florals By lalypete

2. Black Feathers Wreath

3. Black and White Pom Pom Wreath

Simple feather wreath with spots

Cute Wreath By mitliebeundblumen

4. Pure Black Design

5. Black Decor Idea

Dark grapevine wreath idea

Black Wreath with Florals By velvetribbonboutique

6. Black Fern Wreath

7. Crow Themed Wreath idea

Dark ornament wreath

Christmas Black Wreath By huisvansaar

8. Black Leaf and Rose Wreath

9. Welcome Foolish Mortals

crow wreath idea

Crow Wreath Idea By jessicamakeswreaths

10. Black Snake Wreath

11. Multi Shades of Grey

3 different black wreaths

DIY Spooky Black Wreath Ideas

Today, I’m thrilled to share my step-by-step guide to creating a wonderfully spooky black wreath. This eerie decoration will give your home a chilling and haunting vibe, perfect for the spookiest time of the year. So, let’s jump into this DIY project together!

What Is A DIY Spooky Black Wreath?

A spooky black wreath is a decorative wreath typically associated with Halloween and other eerie, Gothic, or macabre themes.

It is characterized by its dark and mysterious appearance, often featuring elements that evoke a sense of spookiness and the supernatural. Here are some common elements and features you might find in a spooky black wreath:

dark roses wreath idea

Rose Wreath By shopkrizialeah

  • Black Color Scheme: The wreath is primarily black in color, symbolizing darkness and mystery. This can be achieved using a black wreath base or black decorations.
  • Artificial Black Flowers: Black roses, black dahlias, or other dark and sinister-looking flowers are often used to create a gloomy and unsettling atmosphere.
  • Feathers: Black feathers, particularly raven or crow feathers, are commonly incorporated to enhance the eerie vibe.
  • Creepy Critters: Small plastic spiders, bats, or even miniature skeletons can be added for a touch of horror.
  • Black Ribbon or Bow: A black ribbon or bow is often used for hanging the wreath and adding a finishing touch.

How do you make a Halloween wreath at home?

To make a Halloween wreath at home, you need to gather your supplies and begin building from the base up. It can be a little overwhelming if you have never done it before but that’s why I am here!

Though there are lots of different themes you can work with(like this dollar tree pumpkin wreath), I think the best place to start is with these DIY spooky black wreath ideas. Here is what you’ll need.

Haunted mansion wreath idea

Haunted Mansion By grimwreath

Materials You’ll Need:

Don’t worry; if you have your own ideas that don’t involve all of these materials, then you can absolutely leave some of them off. This is your craft, I am just guiding you a bit!

  • Foam wreath form (you can choose the size you prefer)
  • Black feather boas
  • Black ribbon or twine
  • Black faux flowers or leaves (optional)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Small plastic spiders (optional)
  • Black spray paint (optional)
  • Scissors


I always say that the crafting session begins before you even touch your materials. You have to set the scene! One of my favorite ways to set my space is by light a candle, setting everything out, and putting on a podcast or an audio book.

Trust me, little things like this tend to truly transform your space into something magical. It turns into self-care, instead of just mindlessly doing something.

Snake wreath idea

Snake Wreath Idea By _hannahbrianne_

Step 1: Wrap the Wreath Form

Okay, now that you have set your space, you can start your craft by wrapping the foam wreath form with black feather boas. Secure the ends with hot glue as you go, making sure the entire form is covered. This will create the base of your spooky wreath.

The base is essentially the foundation of which you build upon. From here, you get to start being more creative.

Step 2: Add the Ribbon or Twine

To hang your wreath, cut a piece of black ribbon or twine to your desired length. Create a loop and attach it to the top of your wreath using hot glue or saftey pins. You could also just as easily tie it together, just make sure it’s securely fastened; this will be used for hanging.

The reason this is step two is because I like to get it out of the way. From here on our you get to focus solely on style and on structure.

Step 3: Optional Floral Accents

If you’d like to add some contrast to your black wreath, consider attaching black faux flowers or leaves. I love the look of black flowers, especially around this time of year. I am not kidding, you are going to go nuts when you see it all come together.

To secure them, hot glue them sporadically around the wreath for a more intricate and elegant look. You could also just choose one area to cover and make a focal point.

Grey and dark flowers with grapevine

Grey and Black Floral By kip.creations

Step 4: Create a Haunting Touch

For an extra eerie effect, spray-paint small plastic spiders with black paint (if they’re not already black). Once dry, hot glue these spiders onto your wreath in random spots. This subtle addition can really enhance the spooky atmosphere.

Remember, if you have anyone in your life with a phobia of spiders…maybe hold off. I am still working on recovering things with my sister.

Step 5: Final Touches

This is a super important step. Give your wreath a final inspection, ensuring everything is securely attached and that the hanging loop is in place. I will sometimes pick up my wreath and give it a little shake, to see if anything pops off.

You can adjust this as needed to make sure it’s as solid and unmoving as possible.

Step 6: Hang and Enjoy

Now that your DIY spooky black wreath is complete, it’s time to display it! Hang it on your front door, above your fireplace, or anywhere you want to add a touch of Halloween mystery. Feel free to get creative with additional decorations like cobwebs or eerie lighting. Create the space!

Dark skull wreath idea

I hope that you are feeling as excited about this fall season as I am. For some reason, it just feels extra special this year. If you are feeling a lack of that excited or pizazz, then I have a solution for you: scheduled fun!

As adults, it can be so hard to find time to do every fun fall thing we want. But if you carve out some time to do themed activities, I know for certain that you are going to enjoy this season to the max.

I recommend adding more seasonal crafts like this one into your month! How about after this, you plan to make these cool skull wreath ideas? They are the next logical step.