Inside: Top horse head wreaths you can buy & a simple DIY. 

Horses mean so much to me. Ever since I was a little girl, they’ve been my favorite animal. Anytime I ever see them, I have an instant smile on my face. When you love something as much as I love horses, you’re not surprised when your decor starts to reflect what you are passionate about.

So yes, as you probably read from the title, you clicked on… I have found some of the most beautiful horse head wreath ideas that I just HAD to show you. These are for any occasion, so no matter what time of year you are reading this…I know you will find one you love.

Photo of horse themed wreath on barn door

I also wanted to show you how to create a horse head wreath if there are some of you reading this with the, “I can probably make that for cheaper” gene. It’s a good gene to have, I feel like I am a jack of all trades now! So stay tuned for that.

Horse Head Wreaths

I could not be more excited to show you these horse head wreaths. I remember the first one I ever saw; I was walking up to my friend’s house during Christmas, and she had a festive one on her front door. That was the year we had our Christmas door decorating contest, and that was the moment I knew she won.

1. Pine Needle Holiday Wreath

2. Fuzzy Horse Themed Decor

3. Horse with Paizley Decor

4. Pine Horse Idea

5. Green Horse Themed Decor

6. Horse Silhouette Idea

7. Spray Painted Horse Idea

8. Metal Horse with Flowers

9. Brown Horse Decor Idea

3 different examples of horse head wreaths

Beautiful Horse Head Wreaths

I know that these can be on the spendier side, but when you know how much goes into planning and creating them…you realize it’s totally worth it! But if you do have the time and energy to create your own, then use these examples below as inspiration!

10. Rose Horse Decor Idea

11. Yellow Flower Wreath Idea

12. Boxwood Horse Decor

13. Holiday Themed Decor Idea

14. Delicate Horse Decor Idea

15. Horse in Purple and Gold

16. Dark Horse Idea

17. White Snow Themed Wreath

18. Gold Sunflower Themed Wreath

19. Wooden Wreath Idea

20. Grapevine Wreath

21. Black Horse Decor Idea

photo of place horse themed decor

Horse Head Wreaths DIY

Now I can get into the extra fun part! I am always up for some arts and crafts, especially when the end result is something I get to decorate my home with. Let’s jump into it.

Materials you’ll need:

  • Horse head-shaped wreath frame (available at craft stores or online)
  • Artificial flowers and greenery of your choice (silk or foam flowers work well)
  • Floral wire or zip ties
  • Wire cutters
  • Ribbon or twine (for hanging)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks

How to Make Horse Head Wreaths Step By Step

Once you get everything you need, lay it out all on your crafting table or space. Make sure everything is ready to be used and easy to grab. Then, put on some music or your favorite podcast and get started!

Step 1: Prep the Frame

Step one starts off easy; prep the horse head frame. I like my wreaths to be green and fresh looking. So if your horse head frame is not pre-covered in foliage or moss, you can wrap it with artificial greenery, this is not only for looking good but it’s practical too. It makes it a better surface for attaching the flowers and decorations!

Use floral wire or zip ties to secure the greenery to the frame. Cover the entire frame or leave some areas open, depending on your design preference.

Step 2: Prep Your Flowers

Next up, you are going to prepare your artificial flowers. To start, trim the stems of the artificial flowers using wire cutters to make them easier to work with. Leave about 2-3 inches of stem to attach them to the wreath frame.

I have tried and failed many times to use shorter stems, so take it from me.

horse head wreath

Step 3: Arrange Your Flowers

Now you are going to want to arrange the flowers. Start arranging the flowers and greenery on the horse head frame to create the desired design. You can opt for a more natural look with a mix of flowers and greenery, or you can go for a more colorful and vibrant design with various flower types.

You have all the creative freedom here, so make sure that this is something that matches your vibe.

Step 4: Attach The Flowers

This step is where the action happens. You will be attaching the flowers! Using floral wire or hot glue, secure the artificial flowers and greenery to the horse head frame. If you’re using a hot glue gun, be cautious not to burn yourself and work in small sections to prevent the glue from drying too quickly.

At this point, with how often I make different wreaths my fingertips are tougher than metal!

Step 5: Fill In The Gaps

This is an important step. Once you’ve attached the main flowers, check for any gaps in the arrangement. Fill these gaps with smaller flowers or additional greenery to create a fuller and more cohesive look. This really pays off in the end when your wreath looks like a professional did it and not a dollar-store crafter!

Step 6: Let It Dry

Listen to me, for the love of all that is good…you have to let it dry. Allow the wreath to dry completely before handling it or hanging it up. This will ensure that the flowers are securely attached and that you won’t wind up like me: A person with their new wreath in SHAMBLES.

Step 7: Attach a Loop

If you want to hang it(which I am sure you do), then you need to flip the wreath over and attach a loop of ribbon or twine to the backside of the horse head frame. This loop will be used to hang the wreath, so make sure it’s securely attached.

I use a similar technique with my mesh wreath ideas.

Step 8: Hang It Up and Be Proud

Hang and display Find a suitable place to hang your horse head wreath and display it with pride. It could be on your front door, a wall, or anywhere you want to add an equestrian touch to your decor. When it’s all hung, take a step back and be proud of all that you accomplished!

So whether you decided to buy your horse head wreath or if you created one yourself, I hope that you enjoyed this article and that it has left you with more horse head wreaths knowledge than it found you with.

Horses are seriously majestic creatures, and they never fail to put a smile of my face and fill my heart with wonder. These horse head wreaths are bound to bring you a sense of happiness that you didn’t have before!

Now, if you love horses and would like to represent them in a less in-your-face way, then may I suggest these wheat wreath ideas.