Inside: When your room needs that perfect finishing touch, one of these mid century modern rug ideas might be exactly what you need to put down. 

One of my favorite parts about redecorating a space is when it’s time to choose a rug. In my opinion, nothing has the ability to pull a room together in the way that a good rug can.

They can make the space feel larger, warmer, friendlier, and many other different ways all depending on the style and goal you have in mind.

One genre of rug that sticks out to me is the Mid Century Modern Style rug.

Mid Century Modern Rug

This kind of rug design is just so fresh and unique compared to other kinds, and those are qualities that I look for when decorating my space because my goal is to always try to express my personality through the room that I am decorating. That way I will always feel happy and at ease in my space!

At this point, you may be wondering, what exactly is the mid-century modern style and where did it come from? Let’s discuss this!

What is the Mid Century Modern Style?

The name is pretty straightforward. This is the style that was booming during the 20th century. Many of the themes that go into it are simplicity, functionality, smooth linework, and abstract art. It does not have to have all of these qualities, but many are present in the pieces that fall under this genre.

It is said that this style was started during the post world war II environment. Many new ways of thinking were born during this time, and people wanted fresh starts and to grow away from the past. It also helped that during this period of time, mass production of products came into play as well as many technological advances.

So with these helpful tools, people want to create a more positive environment for the future.

Though today we are going to be focussing on rugs, this style had many more things under its category. Such as chairs, couches, tables, and other furniture. All of which have a modern spin that really can create such a magical living space.

I’ve created a list of 41 of the cutest mid-century modern rugs that I could find. So if you are on the hunt for a brand new rug then you are in the right place, my friend!

Choosing one can be hard when you know there are so many out there and don’t want to miss out on the one that was meant for you. This can be easy to do when you only click on the first or second rug and call it a day.

It takes time and a little bit of effort to find the one for you, but I promise that it is well worth it to have a room that just speaks to you from the floor up.

Mid Century Modern Rugs

For this first list, I thought I would put together a bunch of different varieties of rugs for you to look through. This way you get a good feel for what it is you like. Choosing a rug can be hard so I recommend looking through as many of these as you can before making a decision.

Remember not to pick anything that doesn’t make you giddy with excitement. Because yes, a rug can totally do that. I know from experience!

1. Marbled Rug with Gold Trim

2. Moroccan Area Rug

3. Colorful Abstract Area Rug

4. Vintage Persian Style Rug

5. Cool Abstract Rug

6. Retro Wave Rug

7. Swatch Style Rug

8. Swift Design in Blue and Grey

9. Cute Gold Rug with Blue Accents

10. Warm Area Rug

11. Epic Abstract Modern Rug

12. Colorful Abstract Circular Rug

13. Abstract Lines with Arches

14. Sun Rug with Cute Arches

15. Colorful Chevron Carpet

Simple Mid Century Modern Rugs

Simple Mid Century Modern Area Rugs

If simple rugs are more your style then you HAVE to check out this next list. These are simple designs that pack a punch. I’d be surprised if you didn’t want to buy one of these bad boys!

16. Clean White Rug with Hexagons

17. Clean Abstract Art Rug

18. Simple Lined Rainbow Rug

19. Light Green Contemporary Rug

20.Colorful Area Rug

21. Cream and Black Chevron Design

22. Geode Design

23. Trellis Wool Rug

24. Leaf Area Rug

25. Tassel Shag Rug with Soft Texture

26. Simple Round Rug

27. White and Black Lined Rug

28. Colored Squares

29. Triangle Jigsaw Rug

30.Berber Lined Carpet

Geometric modern rugs

Rugs with Geometric Designs

One of my favorite modern designs that I’ve been seeing around lately is geometric. This style makes heavy use of shapes and angles in fun and aesthetically pleasing ways. If you are a math geek, or you are into sacred geometry then these are the rugs for you. Heck, these are the rugs for anybody. They are just that cool!

31 Colorful Shapes Fitting Together

32. Lattice Trellis Design

33.Geometric Shaped in Soft Colors

34. Yellow and Grey Lined Rug

35. Brightly Colored Shapes

36. Honeycomb Reversible Rug

37. Blue Mustard and Gold Rug

38. Vibrant Geometric Shapes

39. Round Chevron

40. Abstract Futuristic Rug

41. Mixed Patterned Style

And there you have it! 41 of the cutest mid-century modern rugs. I know that you must have found 1(or 12) that called out to you. I know I did! Now if only I had some more space to put them in. Would it be a smart investment to buy a larger house just to have more room for these cute rugs? Asking for a friend.

Mid Century Modern Rug Ideas

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