Inside: Skull wreath ideas to transform your home for Halloween.

I am just going to say it. IT’S HALLOWEEN TIME!

So it’s time to prepare our decorations. I recently decided to upgrade my old Halloween wreath, so I started to look for some new ideas.

If you clicked on this article, I am guessing you are interested in Skull wreaths. Me too! Obviously… I am writing about them. I wanted to share my findings with you because they are pretty amazing. I know they will make lovely additions to your home and to your Halloween decoration collection.

Spooky Skull Wreath Ideas for Halloween Time

So take a look through these to see which ones you like best. Oh, and while you do so, consider the ideas that you like and the ones you don’t. Because if you don’t find the exact ideas that you are looking for, you can always make your wreath and include it. That is the beauty of crafting; you get exactly what you want.

Skull Wreath Ideas

This first list is full of a variety of different styles. I wanted to give you this mix so that way you can get a good feel for the different kinds of styles that are out there. Spoiler alert: There are a ton. I think that you will love at least a few of these ideas, but you won’t know until you look.

1. Cute Voodoo-Themed Skull Decor – I love this voodoo themed wreath, because it add two spooky things into one cute wreath.

2. Full Skeleton Wreath with Friends – When there are more skeletons than one, there will be twice the fun! Wow…I just came up with that. I should be a poet.

3. Pink Skeleton Wreath with Cool Ribbons – Who said that pink couldn’t be a scary color? This wreath is just too cool. I love this shade.

4. Orange Ribbons with Spooky Decorations – Orange is a classic Halloween color, so it goes along with this skeleton perfectly. See what I mean.

5. Black Wreath with Skeleton In Center – I love this black wreath. i feel like we don’t see enough black wreaths.

6. Skeleton Wearing a Top Hat – After you see a skeleton with a top hat…it is game over for you. You will require every skeleton decoration you own to have a top hat.

7. Dark Spooky Themed Wreath – If you want something a little more scary, you might have to take a look at this idea.

8. Soft Boho Chic Scary Wreath – If the rest of your decor is boho chic, then this wreath will fit right it. Take a look and see how you like it.

9. Jack Skellington Wreath – Jack is an iconic Halloween character. He even has his own mansion in Disneyland! I mean, sure…it’s the haunted mansion but still.

10. Cute Skeleton Sitting on Wreath – I love this cool skeleton guy. He is just hanging out waiting for Halloween like we all are.

11. Skull Wearing a Witch Hat – If you liked the top hat, then you will love the witch hat that is on this skull’s head.

Simple Skull Wreaths

Simple Skull Designs

Next up, we have some simple designs. If you found the ones above to be a bit too loud, then these should be more your speed. I think that everyone should have one on this list that they love. Remember to note the things you like and the things you don’t! You can add all the likable things together at the end to create your own wreath.

12. Funny Skeleton with Goth Fashion – I really think that this skeleton rocks this look. What do you think?

13. Black and White Checkered Wreath – This black and white checkered look reminds me of Beetlejuice. You have to see this idea.

14. Cute Peacock Wreath with Skull – Here is the spooky chic idea that you have been waiting for. Peacocks are super spooky…who has that many feathers?

15. Animal Skull Gothic Wreath – Here is a real animal skull to help break up the monotony of fake human skulls. Not that we want REAL human skulls…but you know what I mean.

16. Step Right Up Wreath – Step right up is a classic circus line. This is a spooky circus wreath…love it.

17. Skeleton Couple Got Married – How cute is this couple? They did not take the line, “til death do we part” literally. Thank goodness for that. They are too much.

18. Big Human Skull Themed – I love the sheer size of this wreath. it has everything a girl could want for her Halloween decoration.

19. Skull with Green Ribbons – I defiantly need to include the color green with my spooky skull wreath. Check out this idea to see why it is such a necessity.

20. Jack Skellington Wreath with Hands – I love this because it looks like he is standing behind the wreath looking through. It adds depth!

21. Full Jack Skellington Wreath – This one has legs…I didn’t even know wreaths COULD have legs. But this one does…it is beating the odds.

22. Cute Skeleton Sitting with Bats – Last up, we have this adorable wreath that includes a skeleton with cute little bats. I especially love how they suspended the bats with clear string, so it looks like they are floating. Too cool!

Spooky Skull Designs

Spooky Skull Wreaths

Lastly, we have some spooky skull wreath ideas. This may seem a bit redundant because all skulls are pretty spooky…but these are next level. See what I mean by looking through this last list. I especially like number 28; the tophat is a classy touch to this adorable wreath.

23. Upper Half of a Skeleton – This wreath has a half of a skeleton…this is the kind of extra that I strive to be.

24. Skeleton Hanging Out On Wreath – I love this skeleton because he is just living his best little life.

25. Candy Corn Skull Themed – Everyone knows that candy corn is the best Halloween candy. No I am not kidding.

26. Skull and Bones Halloween Wreath –  I am deeply obsessed with wreaths.

27. Light Pink Skull-Themed Wreath – Look at this light pink wreath…have you ever seen anything quite this cute?

28. Cute Skull with Plaid Top Hat – I told you…the top hat will get you.

29. Skull with Orange Bow – I think that orange bows are a must.

30. Red Flowers with Skull  – This wreath has a very romantic goth feel to it, don’t you agree?

31. Romantic Skull-Themed Decor – I love this one because of how cute it is. Take a look and see for yourself.

32. White Skull with Pink and White flowers – I really like the addition of pink with skull wreaths…if you couldn’t already tell.

33. Skull and Moss Wreath – I have two words for you: Moss Wreath.

Skull Wreaths

So…what did you think? I have to HAND it to you; these great ideas are going to go to my HEAD. But alas, I had to give you guys a bone. Okay, I am sorry, I could continue to make skeleton puns all night, so I will just stop there.

I hope you loved these skull wreath ideas, and I as loved finding them. I am having a hard time deciding which one I want, so I might just make my own. If you are interested in making your own wreath too, then you have to check out some of our tutorials. They are simple to follow along with and are loads of fun!

So take a look at those to keep this crafting party going.

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