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Boho Bathroom Decor

73 Chic Boho Bathroom Decor ideas & Accessories

Inside: 73 Chic Boho Bathroom Decor ideas + Accessories. Bohemian bathrooms are gaining lots of popularity within home decor. Bohemian decor is all about using natural elements to create an indoor oasis. Things like house plants and earthy tones can be used to bring an eclectic vibe to your home. You might have exotic textile towels […] Read more…

Boob Light Replacement

17 Boob Light Replacement Ideas

Inside: The Best Boob Light Replacement Ideas. Can we all agree that the ‘boob light’ is just a terrible choice? I mean, these lights offer nothing to a space. Yes, these lights are incredibly cheap but unfortunately, they are not fan favorites as made evident by the popular gag name “Boob Light”. It’s time to […] Read more…

Farmhouse Rug Ideas

63+ Farmhouse Rug Ideas For Every Room

Inside: 63 Farmhouse Rug Ideas Whether you are on the hunt for rustic farmhouse rugs or the perfect finishing touch for your modern farmhouse home, we have some inspiration for you. Finding the perfect rug isn’t easy, but if you’re looking for farmhouse rugs, you can make it easier by sticking to a neutral or […] Read more…

Blue Couch Living Room Ideas

Fun Blue Couch Living Room Ideas + Styles

Inside: Fun Blue Couch Living Room Ideas + Styles. While navy goes with many colors, remember that it clashes with some tones if not paired correctly. Typically, navy pairs well with light pinks, other shades of blue, yellow, burnt orange, and neutral tones. However, unless you like the maximalist style, introducing too many accent colors […] Read more…

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