Inside: Top ikea pegboard ideas that will blow your mind.

Have you ever heard of the Ikea pegboard? The official name for this beauty is Skadis, but I am not trying to show off here, so for the sake of everyone’s sanity, I will refer to it as a pegboard.

These boards are taking the world by storm, and I see why. They are not only cool looking, but they are highly functional as well. You can use them for storage, as a crafting tool, to make a photo collage, you name it, and this board has got you covered. I wanted to go over some of my favorite ways that people use peg boards in their homes.

Best Ikea Pegboard Ideas

Follow along with me as we go over these ideas. By the end of this, you are either going to run to Ikea to get yourself one of these, or you are going to revamp the one you already own with one of the ideas below. What will it be?

Best Ikea Pegboard Ideas

I like to start my lists out strong, so here are the best Ikea pegboard ideas. If you don’t love these, then keep on looking through the list until you find something that you do.

1.  Cute Little Pegboard Desk Decor –  I think that this list is going to be full of very similar ideas that are executed in very different ways. It is one board that is divided amongst the money. So let’s see the many different ways that they use.

2. Pastel Pegboard Ideas –  I am in love with this pastel pegboard. I think it’s so cool when people color code their boards this way because it takes away from the regular, lackluster white that it normally comes in.

3. Craft Pegboard Storage – When I get my pegboard, I use it for my crafting room. I don’t think there is a better tool that I can use to organize all of my crafting supplies. I have a ridiculous amount.

4. Sewing Table with Black and White Board –  if you are someone who enjoys sewing I think this is the pegboard for you. It is color-coded and made perfectly for your yarn and sewing tools.

5. White Board with Little Shelves –  it’s the little shelves for me. I think this is such a cute idea! Check it out and see for yourself.

6. Today I will Create! – The inspirational sign makes me feel even more motivated to get out and make my very own pegboard desk that I can use to organize my crafts.

7. Art Craft Room – How many craft rooms but I see until I keel over from jealousy.

8. Large Organizational Board –  I think this is one of my favorites because it’s so big! You can fit basically anything on this pegboard and call it a day. I’m gonna need one of these!

9. Colorful Peg Board Idea – There are two main ways that you can color code an IKEA pegboard. One of those is to divide the items that you’re storing it into their colors. Another is to paint the whole pegboard yourself.

10. Large Peg Board Station – When it comes to these peg boards, the bigger, the better. Don’t you agree?

11. Cute Organizational Work Board – I love this little work board. It is simple and super cute!

Brilliant Board Ideas

Brilliant Board Ideas

Next, I have some of the most brilliant board ideas that you will ever see. These people are innovative, lovely, and straight-up brilliant if you ask me. Take some of these ideas and make them your own; I think your workspace will thank you. Now check these out and see which ones you like!

12. Rainbow Organized Sewing Room

13. Unique Peg Board Idea

14. Peg Wall Idea

15. Metal Peg Board Idea

16. Peg Board with Pastel Decor

17. Crafty Board with Washi Tape

18. Huge Craft Wall Idea

19. Aesthetic Peg Board

20. Bright Colored Board Ideas

21. Light White Organized Desk

22. White Pencil Cups

Cutest Ikea Pegboard Ideas

Cutest Ikea Pegboard Ideas

Here we have some of the cutest Ikea pegboard ideas. I didn’t think they made them must better than in the lists above, but then I got to this list, and my mind was blown. You need to see these! I think by the end of this, you are going to have quite the fire under you to create an awesome workspace for yourself.

23. Adorable Clock Pegboard – When you are making a craft space, it’s important to have a clock somewhere visible. We have all been there before: You get all caught up in a project, and then all of a sudden, you remember you were supposed to leave an hour ago.

24. Painted Pegboard Idea – If you want to make this pegboard all yours, then why not paint your own design onto it? I know this is tempting.

25. Light Blue Peg Board Idea – I love this light blue peg board color. I think it looks even better in their garage. Sometimes, people don’t prefer the white pegboard. It’s in those moments that they can choose if they want to paint it or figure out another storage option.

26. Cute Board with Shelves – The best part about these peg boards is that they come with so many different attachments. You could do hooks for hanging things, and my personal favorite is that you can do shelves as well! This means you have so many more options for storage. And you can also make this more stylish by adding plants and other decor items.

27. Black Board Idea – I like the way this pegboard looks in black. It’s very unique. What do you think?

28. Rainbow Peg Board – Oh my gosh, I take back my previous statement. Rainbow is the way to go!

29. Light Rainbow Board – Another rainbow one I just had to include. Which one do you like more?

30. Pastel Pink Board – This pastel pink is seriously so cute. I know you are going to love this.

31. Sticker Roll Board – I get so excited when I see other people’s craft boards because it’s like getting a glimpse into their souls. It’s highly personalized and super cute.

32. Dark Green Pegboard – This dark green board has my heart. What about you?

33. Pegboard for Craft Room Idea – And to finish us off, I had to end the list with a craft room pegboard idea. I told you I am deeply obsessed with all things craft. And these pegboard ideas, I’ve just solidified that for me.

Ikea Pegboard Ideas


And there you have it, the best Ikea pegboard ideas. I hope you have a newfound understanding of what the pegboard is and the many ways that you can go about using it.

Sometimes, the best organizational tools are the unlikeliest of ones. That is how I feel about this pegboard. It is not something that you would expect, and yet, it just makes sense. If you are interested in learning about other storage tips, why not check out one of our other articles? So many tips, so little time.

I get so excited when it comes to the organization because I know that cleaning brings me great joy. Actually, it’s not the cleaning that brings me joy; it’s the clean house that does. So these pegboards could not have come into my life sooner.

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