Inside: Cute Drop Zone ideas that will organize your entryway.

I think we have all experienced it before: You get home after a rainy day and you go to put the groceries in the kitchen, only to turn around and find that you have tracked mud across your entire house.

How do you fix this problem? Well, you have to take your shoes off in your entryway. The problem with this is that you don’t want your entryway to feel cluttered and full, it’s the first thing you see when you enter your house! This is why you need a drop zone.

Cute Drop Zone Ideas To Organize Your Entryway.

Keep reading to learn all about what a drop zone is as well as to get some inspiration for creating your own in your entryway today. It is totally worth it!

What Is A Drop Zone?

This is a great question. According to this article, 

What is a drop zone in a house, you ask? In essence, it’s a dedicated area in your home that acts as a catch-all for your everyday items. “When everyone comes through the door, and you’ve got your hands full, you just want to unload everything. If there’s something right beside the door, then you can put everything away,” said Amanda Cummings, owner of Need It Neat.

You may also be wondering, ‘What do you put in a Drop Zone?’

You will put things that you will need on your way out the door. As you can imagine, this list is pretty personal. But some items that are universal are:

  • Shoes
  • Coats
  • Wallets
  • Keys
  • Umbrellas
  • Scarves

But you can really keep anything you want in this space. It’s meant for the organization, after all. So just keep that in mind as you use it to make your home feel more put together.

How do you create a Drop Zone?

To create a drop zone, you must dedicate your entryway to the organization. You can add a little bench, a shoe wrack, some coat hooks, and even some little baskets or cabinets to put things away into.

I think the non-negotiable items here would be the bench, shoe wrack, and coat hooks.

Is a Drop Zone the same as a Mud Room?

No, they are not, though they may be similar at the core of their being, a mud room and a drop zone are different. For your mud room, you will often have your washer and dryer, and even a sink. This is because you are using this area to clean up when someone or something is really dirty from outside.

A dropzone is at the entrance of your home and it is meant to be used as a place to store the things you need when you are outside of your home, like shoes, keys, and things like that.

How Do You Organize a Small Entrance?

You will see examples of how to do this in the drop zone ideas below, but here are some of my favorite ways that I have seen people organize their entryways:

  • Coat Hangers
  • Comfortable Bench(for taking off shoes)
  • Baskets for Items
  • Shoe Wrack or Mats

Okay, now we can get into the fun stuff!

Cute Bench Ideas To Organize Your Entryway.

Cute Bench Ideas To Organize Your Entryway

You are probably going to want your space to feel as cute as the rest of your home, so putting a little bit of effort into it is very important. Look below for creative inspiration!

1. Simple Green Drop Area – Okay, you seriously need to see this color of green. I am obsessed! I am normally a sage green girly, but after this, I think I have a new favorite. Notice how clean and neat this little section is, too, I love it!

2. Cute Large Drop Area – If the area that you are going to be working with is in a corner, then I think this is such a lovely example to use as a basis for your drop zone.

3. Chic Farmhouse Drop Area – The best part about the farmhouse decor style is how rustic and homely it feels. This example here will show you exactly what I mean. It’s all of that warm wood and nice tones. I am for it!

4. Light Blue Drop Area – I normally am not a fan of blue, but this has changed my mind. I think you will find throughout these drop zone ideas that one of your biggest tools is going to be painted. It can truly transform a space.

5. Large Wall of Hanging Hooks – A drop zone is literally the space where you drop all of your things when you first walk into a house; if you don’t have jacket hooks…what are you even doing?

6. Large Wooden Bench – I love this wooden bench because it adds a lot of warmth and nature to this space. Choosing the right kind of wood for your bench is so important when creating this space!

7. Bench with Cabinets – I think the best thing about this example is the fact that they included cabinets with their bench. The more space you have for the organization, the better.

8. White Bench with Floating Unique Shelf – I love floating shelves because they add organization and storage in a sleek and clean way. Plus, they just look adorable. You have a lot of room with the kind of shelves that you use, so make sure you find one that you like.

Mudroom bag drop with 3 different photos.

9. Drop Area with Wicker Baskets – Adding wicker baskets is a wonderful way to add a little texture to your space without making any big changes. Seriously, every little detail counts when you are decorating.

10. Light Green and White Area – This area feels like spring, with lights white and light green. Plus, if you look closely, that bench lifts up for added storage. I think it is a great idea for those winter months when your stuff gets messy.

11. Little Dresser By the Front Door – If you don’t have a built-in bench or setting area, then you need to add a little dresser like this one. It’s perfect for this space.

12. Wooden Imbedded Cabinet – If you don’t want the area where you enter your home to feel overcrowded, then I think you should consider getting an embedded drop zone area. This means that it is essentially an inlet in your wall instead of a protruding bench or coat hook area.

13. Long Drop Area – If you are lucky enough to have this much area at the entrance of your home, then I think a style like this is just perfect for you. I love the extra love bench and the use of storage.

14. Dark Green Drop Corner – This is a super simple drop zone idea. They painted the corner green and added a bunch of coat hooks. So when you walk into your home, you can easily hang all of your things up.

15. White Bench Idea – If you like a simple look and style, then you can never go wrong with white. It makes the room look larger and brighter, not to mention cleaner.

16. Nice Floor Tiles with Drop Area – These floor tiles are just absolutely beautiful, don’t you think? There are so many different ways you can style a section of your house when it looks this good.

17. Dark Sitting Inlet – I love the look of an inlet bench. You get to sit here while you untie your shoes, and it’s just so cozy. How could you ever not love this? I am truly obsessed!

drop zone ideas

And there you have it! I hope that you loved learning about drop zones and how they function. I found so many of these ideas to be helpful when I was creating my drop area.

If you loved these ideas, then you may be interested in some other helpful organization hacks for your house. These will help to create a space that you are proud of. Take a look!

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