Inside: Matchstick Holder Ideas + Why They Make Great Gifts.

Who loves lighting up a fabulous-smelling candle, maybe even a few whiles relaxing in the bath, or to make your space feel homey and inviting? I know I do! I will admit I probably have more candles than is necessary, like maybe one in every room.

If you’re anything like me, you may get distracted easily or misplace things often. 😊 Oops. So when it comes to lighting up all my candles, half the time I am searching for a lighter or going back to the other rooms to retrieve where I left it.

This is why I love to keep a jar of matches close to every candle. It’s so convenient to be able to just simply pick out a match and light whatever scent I like to burn in that space. But, finding a cute, stylish, and functional holder can sometimes be a challenge. So I was inspired to create these cute ceramic matchstick holders that are both fun and functional.

Plus these little cuties make the perfect gift for any occasion. Seriously, pair them with your favorite candle or a sweet handwritten note and you have a perfect surprise.

Matchstick Holder

What Makes a Good Matchstick Holder?

This might sound silly, but there is a HUGE difference between a good and a bad matchstick holder. Here are a few things I make sure to look for when choosing matchsticks.

Ceramic Matchstick Holder Review

  1. Do they strike easily: This may seem obvious, but it is more of a problem than you think. I mean it’s great if your matches look cute, but are they functional. I recently received a cute box of matches and I kid you not, every single match broke in half when I went to strike it. What the heck? Sure they were in the cutest little box but they served so purpose because they didn’t work. Finding a good quality match that withstands the lighting is the most important feature.
  2. Easily Accessible: One of my favorite features of our ceramic match holder is there is no fuss or fumble when going to grab a match. Seriously, all you have to do is pick one of the matches, flip it over, easily strike, and light your candles. There is no fumbling with a box or lifting a lid and knocking things over. It’s easy, functional, and bonus, cute!
  3. Reusable: It’s such a sad day when you have used up all your strikes on the paper and your matches just don’t light up with the same ease. That is why I always like to make sure you can buy parts individually, while still maintaining function. Here is an example: Our matchstick jars with striker on the bottom work great! I love our striker, it works perfectly for me every time and is so convenient. But what happens when that striker pad runs out? Well, luckily we sell extras! You can just simply replace the striker pad without having to buy a whole new jar.

Our Favorite Matchstick Holders + Ideas

Ceramic Match Holder with Striker: Starting off at number one is our ceramic match holder that comes with a striker on the bottom. This little jar of matches fits anywhere with its modern and stylish look. Coming in three different colors, pink, white, and black, they make the CUTEST gift or accent for your home.

We love decorating our space with these cuties because they can fit anywhere, it makes it so easy to light a candle in any room of our home. We totally have a matchstick jar in every room, especially the bathroom. Their colorful jars make it so that they can go along with any style of decor.

One of our favorite features about this cute piece is the included striker located on the bottom of the jar. This makes lighting your match super easy and functional. Bonus, the striker paper is even sold separately for even more lighting needs.

Match Holder with Striker

Vintage Matchstick Holder with Striker: There is such a charm about a cool vintage piece. I love to say that they make the perfect conversation pieces. Having that one cool thing in your home that holds a lot of character and history brings a quality of individuality and uniqueness to your space.  Vintage matchstick holders are the perfect example of a unique and fun decor item that also makes a great option for storing your matches.

DIY Matchstick Holder: Another option for storing your matches is creating your own holder. If you break it down all you need is matches, a jar, and striker paper. By picking out a simple jar, adding matches, and adhering the striker paper, you can have your own matchstick holder. You can choose any jar, shape or size, that fits your style and create a fun DIY. Here is our favorite striker paper for your DIY that lights up perfectly every time!

How to Use a Matchstick Holder

There are many ways to use these matchstick holders, you can give them as a gift, decorate your home, or simply keep them for full functionality.

Gift Ideas + Home Decor Matchsticks
Matchstick Gift Idea

Give as a Gift

Have you ever had trouble finding the perfect gift for someone? Yeah, me too! Here are a few fun ways we love to give our matchstick holder as a gift to the people we love.

  • Pair with your favorite candle
  • Add to a fun gift box filled with other goodies
  • Give with a cute frame, book, or candle for someone’s coffee table
  • Write a heartfelt note and give it to your friends

I love giving these on Mother’s Day, birthdays, ladies lunches, house warmings, for a new mom, as a get well soon, for graduation, or just because!

Decorate Your Space

Like I mentioned before, these little jars fit perfectly into any space of your home or office. Here are just a few of the places I love to use them best.

  • Bathroom – It’s great to keep a candle in your bathroom for obvious reasons. But also when you are wanting to take a nice relaxing bath, you can easily light your candles and enjoy the peace.
  • Kitchen – I always keep a candle on my kitchen counter so it’s so nice to have matches handy.
  • Coffee Table – Again, I keep a candle on the coffee table, and these jars pair perfectly next to a stack of books and a candle.
  • Near Fireplace – We have an old gas-burning fireplace, so it is always nice for us to keep a jar close by, to throw a match in, and light up the logs on those chilly days when we want to light up the fire and cozy up on the couch.

Our match jars come in various colors to fit your style.

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