Design Ideas

How to decorate Japandi style

33 Trendy Japandi Furniture Ideas

Inside : 33 Japandi Furniture Ideas To Make Your Home Trendy. Japandi style is a combination of calming, elegant elements of Japanese design with the simple and uncluttered elements of Scandinavian design. These two styles have great features on their own, that when they are brought together, it makes for clean, natural beauty. The Japandi […] Read more…

Mantel Decor

13 Must Have Tips for Mantel Decor with TV

Inside: How to handle your mantel decor with TV can be tricky, but we’ve got great ideas to make it blend in & stand out in the best ways possible.  Your mantel is the focal point of your living room. As such, having this space properly decorated in a way that reflects you and the […] Read more…

37+ Coffee and Wine Bar Ideas for Home

Inside : 37+ coffee and wine bar ideas for home, including wine and coffee bar design ideas. DIY home projects are some of the most enjoyable aspects of home ownership, whether you’ve just moved somewhere new or you want to revamp your spot. One of the best ways to spice up your space is by […] Read more…

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